Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 9 (Part 2)


Episode 9:

Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all. Sorry for the earliness, I wanted to upload part 2 soon…

Sorry about the mistakes in the last episode, I have read this twice and I’m sorry if you find any mistakes…

The episode starts with a Flashback, 22 years ago:
Laksh was 15 and Ragini was 12, both were best friends, Laksh and Ragini then got separated because Laksh had to go abroad to study, then it took a 7 year leap.

A grown up Raginis eyes are shown, she touches a flower and her lips are shown and they have a smile on them. “Today, Bambo is coming back after 7 years but how will I recognise him?” Ragini says to herself. She is shown walking and thinking in a White Salwar with purple leggings and purple stole pinned to her shoulder, she caresses the flower and looks down, all of a sudden someone is shown running that direction, the guy clashes into Ragini, Ragini slips but the guy holds her on time, Raginis face is shown, the guys face is also shown and he is revealed to be Laksh. A charm is heard, both share a 10 second eye-lock.

Laksh hurriedly says “S..sorry” he makes her stand and she looks at him,
Ragini (angrily): It’s Okay!!
Ragini then bends down and picks up the flowers, Laksh then turns around and sees some people shouting “Stop!! Get back here!” Ragini stands up and Laksh hides behind her, Ragini gets confused.
Ragini (confused): What’s going on?
Laksh: These guys are after me… I told them I don’t want to but they chased me all the way here.
Ragini: What?! Why?
Laksh: Because I refused to take their taxi.
Ragini: Over a taxi? Seriously?
Laksh: Haa, I told them I don’t, forget it but… No!
Ragini sighs,
Ragini: Bhai log, just leave him, you all can get better guy to ride…
The taxi drivers think, then they throw Lakshs suitcase and shoulder bag and walk back, Laksh comes in front of Ragini.
Laksh while picking up his luggage “What do you mean they can get a better guy? I’m also okay… But I can’t let them ride me”
Ragini: Okay
Ragini then starts walking,
“Kamaal hai, she didn’t even ask where do you want to go or are you lost or what! That’s why I hate some of India and their people!” Laksh says to himself, he then sees Ragini and goes after her,
Laksh: Exuse me?!
Ragini turns around,
Laksh: You haven’t told me your name…
Ragini: You don’t need to know…
Laksh: Woah, that’s a long name… Anyways You dntk, I shortened it because it was too long, can you help me reach a place?
Ragini huffs and turns around,
Laksh: Please YDNTK…
Ragini: My name isn’t YDN.. Whatever!
Laksh: What is it then?
Ragini: Where do you want to go?
Laksh: Where do you.. What again?
Ragini: The place you wanted to go to!
Laksh: Oh… I wanted to go to a Baadi…
Ragini: What?
Laksh takes out the address and walks up to her with his luggage, Ragini reads it and thinks “Oh no… This is where I live!”
Ragini then says “Sorry I don’t know”
Laksh “Oh… Okeh”
Ragini then feels bad and says “Actually, I think I know where it might be…”
Laksh: That’s great… Could you please take me?
Ragini nods and they start walking.
Ragini: Are you new here?
Laksh: Yes and No… Yes because after many years I came here and no because I was born here.
Ragini: Oh…
Laksh: What about you?
Ragini: Uh, I have always stayed here… In Kolkata.
Laksh: Oh, Okeh…
Ragini: So, do you have a relative in that Baadi?
Laksh: No… Well I’m going there to meet my Best friend.
Ragini: Wow… Who is he?
Laksh: It’s a…
Before Laksh could complete his words a car splashes mud on both,
Ragini: CHI!!! Was the driver blind?!
Laksh makes a face and wipes the mud off his mouth and eyes, Raginis half of the face is covered in mud along with her clothes while Lakshs face and jacket.
Laksh: Disgusting! Couldn’t they see while driving?! The main reason why I don’t like it here!

Then Ragini and Laksh reach the Baadi, Ragini angrily goes in and Laksh follows. Ragini knocks on the door and Daadi opens it,
Daadi: Laado?

(Note: Daadi and Ragini only live there, no Sumi, Shekhar, Swara and Daada, Daada had recently died)

Daadi: Laado, what happened?!
Laksh is shocked to hear Daadi say Laado,
Ragini: Daadi, don’t even ask, this stupid guy was driving while wearing a blindfold!
Daadi: Ke? And who is he (pointing at Laksh)
Laksh: Ji… Main… Rudra, Rudra Shekhawat.
Daadi: Rudra? And you’re here for…
Laksh: I’m here to meet…
Laksh hears a women shouting “Rasika!”
Laksh: Rasika… Yeah, I’m here to meet Rasika.
Daadi: Rasika?
Ragini also looks at him confusingly,
Ragini: So Rasika is your best friend?
Laksh: Yah… I missed her a lot.
Daadi and Ragini look at each other,
Daadi: Chore, tu teek toh hai Na? I mean you’re here for that Kalmuhi Raskia? She’s not a human but a Churail!
Laksh: Please Daadi, don’t say anything about Raskia…
Just then a cat comes in front of Laksh, Laksh looks at the cat weirdly,
Daadi: What? Aren’t you happy seeing Rasika?
Laksh: Where is she?
Cat: Meaowww…
Daadi: This is that Kalmuhi Rasika… (Pointing at the White cat)
Laksh gets shocked and Ragini laughs, Daadi shakes her head and Laksh gets embarrassed and fake laughs,
Laksh: Ha ha… I was joking…
Daadi: Nah Nah… You were missing and defending her… Do some more defending!
Laksh: Kya Daadi… You take everything seriously, my Moti Pari, at least let me in…
Daadi gets surprised and Ragini looks on,
Daadi: Laksh?
Laksh: Haa Moti Pari… I am your only Laksh.
Daadi smiles and Ragini looks on,
Daadi: Bahir Ke kar raha hai chora? Come inside.
Laksh comes inside with his suitcase,
Daadi: Ke hua Ragini? Didn’t you recognise him? It’s our Laksh… Bumbo ya Vambo, whatever you call him.

A smile appears on Raginis face and Lakshs face,
Laksh: So Moti Pari, our Laado lost a lot of weight Nai?
Daadi: Haa, after all you taunted her…
Ragini: Daadi, I’ll be back.
Ragini leaves.
Daadi: Laksh, you go get changed too… I’ll get some chai Paani for you.
Lakhs also goes.

Ragini is seen writing in her diary, she writes how she met Laksh today. She finished writing and closes her diary, she turns around and sees Laksh standing there,
Laksh: Laado… You haven’t even said Hi to me yet… And you didn’t even talk, are you okay?
Ragini: Haa, I’m okay, Anyways how have you been and why didn’t you tell me you were Bambo?
Laksh: I’ve been fine, you didn’t also tell me you were Laado.?!
Ragini smiles and says: Tumi Paagala! Come downstairs.
Ragini leaves and Laksh thinks what Tumi Paagla means.

Laksh comes downstairs and sees Daadi serving,
Daadi: Chore, come quick, the food will get cold.
Laksh comes and sits opposite Ragini, Ragini starts eating and Laksh waits for Daadi, Daadi sits down and they start eating,
Laksh: Tu..mi Paagla…
Daadi: Ke? Ke keh raha hai tu chore? Tumi… Ke?
Laksh: Even I don’t know Moti Paari… Laado said this to me.
Ragini giggles,
Ragini: When you find out, then respond back, okay?
Daadi: Tumi Vumi ko bhoolo, eat the food or it will get cold.
Laksh nods and eats.

Laksh was about to go when Daadi stops him and makes him stay for the night.

Ragini wakes up and goes to the temple, on the way back she meets Rudra,
Ragini: Sorry…
Ragini leaves and Rudra is mesmerised,
Rudra: I want this girl but no one should know!
Dhariya nods and goes, Rudra leaves too.

After a week Ragini and Laksh get close to each other, Daadi plans to get them two married. Rudra found out and fumed,
Rudra: Laksh! You are my brother but you… You always end up stealing my things!
Mamu: He’s your brother, you should treat him nicely…
Rudra: He crossed his limits! I won’t stop now!

One day RagLak were coming back from a place, the car breaks down and it starts raining, they find a hotel and stay there, there was only one room left so they decided to take it, they enter the room, Laksh turns the lights on and Ragini sits down. Laksh then shuts the door and sits down, the lights then go off and thunder and lightings are heard, Ragini gets scared and hugs Laksh.

(Yu hi re plays in the BG…)

Laakh Roka, Par Ruka Na
Ishq Yeh Sarsor Hai (Laksh feels something)
Apni Chahat Aur Kuchh Hai
Ishq Ki Kuchh Aur Hai
Tere Mere Bas Mein Kya Hai
Ho Raha Hai Jo Likha Hai
Is Lamhe Ki Khwaahishon Mein
Zindagani Ki Raza Hai (Ragini closes her eyes)

Yun Hi Re, Yun Hi Re Mile Rahein Hum
Tujhi Mein Tujhi Mein Rangey Rahe Hum
Yun Hi Re, Yun Hi Re Mile Rahein Hum
Tujhi Mein Tujhi Mein Rangey Rahe Hum (She breaks the hug)

Na Ganwara Tha Mujhe Jo
Dil Ko Woh Manzoor Hai (Laksh lights up the candles and looks at her)
Tujh Se Mil Ke Dil Yeh Jaan
Kis Nashe Mein Choor Hai
Oho Saath Mil Ke Dil Se Tere
Ho Gaya Hoon Ba-Khuda Main
Teri Gurbat Se Bhi Kaisi (Ragini looks down)
Reh Sakoongi Ab Juda
Tere Nigahon Ki Baho Main Rahungi
Chahate Hamesa Raaho Main Rahungi (Laksh walks up to her)

Yun Hi Re, Yun Hi Re Mile Rahein Hum (He moves her hair back)
Tujhi Mein Tujhi Mein Rangey Rahe Hum (He takes her to the bed)
Yun Hi Re, Yun Hi Re Mile Rahein Hum
Tujhi Mein Tujhi Mein Rangey Rahe Hum. (The candles are shown while they made love)

Ragini woke up and found her self alone, she looks around and worries, she gets changed and picks her bag up and goes out, she calls Laksh but he doesn’t pick up.
Ragini: Where is Laksh?
Ragini goes out and then sees Laksh outside getting the car repaired, she lets out a sigh and walks up to him,
Ragini: Laksh, where were you? I got so worried…
Laksh looks at her confusingly,
Laksh: Yeah…? And you are?
Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini: I’m Laado, remember…
Laksh: No… Do I know you?
Ragini: Laksh, you do, we spent a night together…
Laksh: Me and you? Never, I don’t remember that…
Ragini gets teary eyed,
Ragini: Laksh, you’re scaring me… Stop!
Laksh: Look, I don’t know you so don’t talk to me…
Laksh turns around, Ragini gets angry and taps Lakshs shoulder, he turns around and she slaps him,
Laksh looks on shocked,
Ragini: I can’t believe you!!! You’re so filthy and cheap! I thought you were different from the other guys but you… You’re just like them! You used me?! How dare you?!
Ragini angrily leaves, Laksh looks on, he then goes to a place and smirks, he gets a letter out and reads it loud “Ragini… Don’t panic, I’m gone for an important work, I will be back in two days, my sister called and she needed me, I hope you understand and call me, love you… From Bambo… You’re Laksh”
Laksh then laughs, he throws a letter and bends, then he turns into a snake, (Bansuri or Pungi tune plays)

Ragini is crying and walking, she remembers her night with Laksh and then him saying he doesn’t know her, the Naag watches her from behind a tree. Laksh, the real Laksh is seen getting beaten up by a goons, 1 month later Ragini finds out she’s pregnant, so does Daadi, Daadi then gets her married to avoid the shame and Laksh gets let out after a month Rudra and Ragini get married, 2 months later. Ragini tears the pages and touches her stomach,
Ragini: I will never forgive your father! Rudra accepted you as his child, Laksh is never your father and never will be!
Ragini cries.

Laksh reaches the Baadi injured, Daadi opens the door but shuts it on his face after telling him Ragini got married, Laksh is shattered.

Then what happens from the Rudra and Raginis marriage to RagLak getting shot, Laksh never new the child was his, he thought it was Rudras. The snake reached there and it was too late, snake guy angrily “Nahi!! Ragini was mine and always will be mine! I can’t let her die again!” The snake guy starts reading something.
End of Flashback.

Both RagLak wake up in a shock,
Laksh starts sweating and looks around and sees the Dr checking him and him in the bed with a blanket on him.
Laksh (without realising/ no sense): Where am I?
DP: I told you… Along with weird, your sons gone mad!!
AP looks at DP,
Laksh (weak and faintly): I’m not gone Pagal… You are! Because you called Pagal.
DP sakes his head and angrily says “Now you proved you’re useless and brainless!”
Sujata: Forget Bhaisa Chore… You tell me what happened…?
Laksh remembers,
Laksh: Uh… I don’t know, I had some flashbacks and…
DP: I told you he won’t easily leave us… He came back.
Laksh: I.. I wouldn’t leave so easily… Ragini! What about her?
AP: She’s fine, she is also resting.
Laksh remembers what he saw.

Scene shifts to Ragini panting, images and scences flash in her head, she looks on worriedly,
Ragini (in mind): What was all that? Me and Laksh… Rudra killed my mother? But why…? How can he but me and Laksh? What is this connection?
Ragini gets teary eyed. Nandita walks in, Ragini looks at her,
Nandita: Ragini… What happened Beta, are you okay?
Ragini: Haa… Maa, I just wanted to ask you something
Nandita sits besides her,
Nandita: Haa, ask.
Ragini: M…Maa, am I your real daughter?
Nandita gets shocked,
Nandita: Ragini…
Ragini: Please Maa, tell me.
Nandita: No… You’re not my biological daughter.
Ragini: But who’s am I?
Nandita: Rudra killed your mother, but you’re my daughter… I know I might not be your biological mother but I…
Ragini: I’m not complaining! Like you’re my Nandita Ma and I’m…
Nandita: MY Ragini…
Ragini and Nandita hug.
Nandita: Anyways, are you ready for the Sangeet/Mendhi?
Ragini: Haa, I feel better now.
Nandita: Okay, get ready and come down.
Ragini smiles and nods while Nandita leaves shutting the door.
Ragini gets up and changes into a Yellow, orangish Lengha choli with her stole pinned over her one shoulder to the other. (Like Arundhati from Bazigaar dressed in the first episode for her Haldi). Ragini has her hair open and down, she wears jewellery and heads out.

Scene shifts to Laksh,
AP: If you feel better then do come down…
Laksh: Okay Maa.
DP (to himself): I hope my respect doesn’t get ruined… Wherever he goes he brings bad luck. Oh God, make him unconscious for few more hours.
All the family leave, Laksh also gets changed in a blue sherwani with Pajama.

Ragini was walking and meets Randhir,
Randhir: Ragini Ji… You look stunning today.
Ragini (awkwardly): Thanks…
Randhir: Are you feeling better?
Ragini: Haa… Maa must be waiting for me, I’ll meet you there.
Ragini leaves and Randhir looks on with a smile on his face.
Randhir: Wow… Kya Adaa hai? She is so beautiful.
Randhir then leaves.

Ragini comes in and goes to near Nandita, Nandita is talking to AP, AP looks at Ragini and smiles. Laksh comes in and so does Randhir, Ragini looks there and sees Laksh, Laksh thinks “Me and Ragini…? But that Naag… Who is he? He’s everywhere… What’s all this?” Laksh then walks to Ragini,
Laksh: I want to talk to you.
Ragini: Me..?
AP: Laksh…
Laksh then grabs her hand and takes her, Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini: The current…?
Laksh also realises, Laksh takes her to the side,
Laksh: I’m also thinking about the past… I can’t believe that happened.
Ragini: Whenever Ragini and Laksh tried to become one, something always stops them…
Laksh: This time Ragini doesn’t even like Laksh but Laksh does.
Ragini looks at him: And this time they can never become one because whenever they do, they die and yeah, this Ragini doesn’t love you.
Randhir thinks: What are they saying?
Laksh: Haa, one sided likeness not love. But what if I can’t control my heart?
Ragini: Then stay away! Plus Rudra would kill you!
Laksh: But what hits me so hard is that Naag? Who is he? If he comes then would you go with him? What’s that Naags story?
Ragini: I don’t know… You can find it out but leave me!
Ragini then goes and Laksh looks on,
Laksh: Control your heart Laksh, it’s slipping… If it slips then she will break it but, why can’t we love each other… Hmm, do I need to do something?
Laksh thinks.

Laksh claps and the light turns off, he stand in the middle. All look on, the lights shine on Laksh.
Laksh: Ishq Hai…

Laksh: Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam (dancing while looking at Ragini)
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam … (2) (the other boys join him)

Laksh: Ghayal Kar De Mujhe Yaar Tere Paayal Ke Jhankar (Randhir looks on and Ragini ignores him)
Hey Soni Sone Teri Soni Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2) (Laksh dances and DP shakes his head)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai…. (Laksh dances with his crews, Ragini looks on)

Ragini: Ho Teri Mastaani Anjaani Bataon Ko Mera Salaam
Rangon Mein Doobi Doobi Raaton Ko Mera Slaaam (she comes near Laksh)
Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main (Ragini mouths)
Laksh: Soney Soney Aisse Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam (twirls Ragini)
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai…. (Both RagLak dance, Randhir joins them)

Ho Teri Hathhawitch Mehandi Ka Rang Khila Hain (the brides mother)
Tujhe Sapano Da Changa Mehboob Mila Hain
Meri Banno Pyaari Pyaari Sari Duniya Se Nyaari
Ise Doli Mein Tu Leja Doliyaan, Doliyaan… (The brides Mother does some moves)

Teri Meri Nazar Jo Mili Pehli Baar
Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Tujhse Pyaar
Dil Hai Kya Dil Hai Kya Jaan Bhi Tujhpe Nisaar (Dhariya gets shocked to see Ragini and Laksh Dancing)

Dhariya gets his gun out while they’re dancing. Dhariya starts shooting in the air, Dhariya phones Rudra all stop and get shocked, they start running, Laksh and Ragini get shocked.
Randhir: Ragini Ji, you’re not safe here. Let’s go.
Dhariya shoots and DP gets shot in the leg,
Laksh: Papa!!!
Laksh rushes to him,
Laksh: Papa are you okay.
DP (screams): Ahhh! Aahhh! You brought bad luck!! This time I got shot!
Laksh: Enough Papa! There’s no time to joke, let’s go!
Laksh makes DP stand, DP limps and tries to run fast.
Laksh: Papa… Calm down, you need a Dr…
DP: What do you mean calm down? Next minute you’re going to get shot and…
Laksh: And you can throw a party,
DP: Not a party, a grand party!
Laksh sighs and manages to get DP out, RP takes him to the Drs clinic. Before AP and Sujata can go out, the goons come and lock the doors. All are stuck inside Laksh and Ragini are also. Randhir gets shocked,
Randhir in mind: No… Nothing can happen to Ragini…
Dhariya is scanning the room,
Dhariya: Where is Laksh?!
Laksh comes from behind him,
Laksh: I’m here! Dhariya!
Dhariya turns around and glares at him, Nandita and Mamu look on shocked.
Dhariya points the gun at Laksh,
Laksh: Kya yaar? Without knowing anything you can’t shoot!
Dhariya: Now you will teach me?!
Laksh: Haa! Hukam!
Dhariya gets shocked,
Dhariya: Hukam?!
Dhariya then looks at Ragini.

Dhariya: Bhai must be coming! Y… You can talk to him!
All get confused. The goons start punching Laksh and Ragini looks on, Laksh thinks “If that Naag likes Ragini, then he will come”
AP shouts: Laksh!!!
Ragini comes forward, Nandita and Randhir get shocked,
Ragini: Enough!!!
All look at her and the goons stop,
Ragini: Leave him!
Dhariya: It was Bhais order…
Ragini: Leave him! This is my order!
Dhariya: Sorry, it’s Bhais order!
Ragini: And you know what he’s going to do, like last time kill us!
Dhariya, Nandita and Mamu get shocked while all look on confused.

Just then they hear a knock, the goon opens the door and Rudra enters. Randhir shakes his head, he moves back and stands near a corner. Rudra sees Laksh and fumes, he also gets shocked,
Rudra: You two… Again, here to ruin my respect!
Rudra walks up to Laksh and slaps him, Ragini looks on.
Ragini: Leave him!
Rudra looks at Ragini,
Rudra: Why?! Have you grown love for him?!
Ragini: No, but he didn’t do anything wrong! So you…
Rudra slaps Ragini, Laksh gets angry and moves forwards but the goons hold him, Ragini gets angry and looks up,
Ragini: Leave him!
Rudra looks at her and gets shocked, Ragini glares at him, she then remembers what he did.
Rudra forwards his hand and Dhariya puts the gun in his hand, all get shocked.
Rudra: Not this time!
Ragini comes in front of Laksh, Rudra looks on, Ragini then slaps Rudra across the face shocking everyone,
Rudra: How dare you?!
Ragini: Bas!!! (Pointing her index finger at him) not anymore Mr Rudra Shekhawat!!
Rudra: Ragini!!!
Ragini: What?! You can’t take action without knowing anything!
Rudra angrily loads the gun, Laksh looks on, Rudra the points the gun at Ragini, she is looking at him without fears in her eyes, Rudra was about to shoot when a Black snake appears in front of her and its massive. Ragini and Laksh get shocked along with everyone, the snake hisses and moves Rudra back, Rudra and his men move back,
Laksh: Nag?

Just then another creamy white snake comes and stands in front of Laksh shocking everyone again, the black snake and creamy snake look at each other.
People shout: Call the Sapera… Call the snake charmer!
The goons let go of Laksh and run, the black snake bites Rudra and all get shocked, (Snake tune plays) the wind starts blowing hard, the creamy snake turns around, the people open the door and start running, AP and Sujata were forced to go out. Rudra is on the floor dying, the black snake wraps around him and squeezes him, Ragini and Laksh look on. The creamy snake hisses and signals them to go out, RagLak go out, they reach outside the house and near the woods,
Ragini: What was that?!
Laksh: I knew the snake would come but two two? I didn’t know.
Ragini: But how?
Laksh: That Naag likes you and has waited for you…
Just then a creamy snake comes, they get shocked seeing the snake, the snake then transforms into a human and stands up, RagLak are shocked,
Laksh: Naagin?
The creamy snake is revealed to be a women, she is dressing how a Naagin dresses (How Shivanya used to dress)
The girl: Haa, I’m a Naagin…
Ragini: But..?
Naagin: I know you two are shocked seeing me but I’m here to protect you from evil… From that Naag!
Laksh: Who…?
Naagin turns around and her face is revealed,
Naagin: MahaNag Rastikama… He is the one whom no one can defeat…

It goes into a flashback, this Naagin is the daughter of Queen of Naglok, the Naagmani was with her and she can only give it to the right person, Rastikama was evil and wanted to rule the world with this Naagmani, he had defeated everyone but the Queen didn’t give the Naagmani to him because he wasn’t worth it, he was selfish.
Queen: You will never get this Naagmani!
Ras: Why?! I am going to get it…
Rastikama comes forward to take it but the Naagin gives him a shock which makes him move back,
Naagin: You will never get this Naagmani!
All of the Naglok use their powers together and lock him in box, he couldn’t break that and had been captured there for 500 years shouting for help, the box was then sent down. The Naagmani then was transferred in a child to keep it safe. And the baby was put in the Garden, then Rani Shubhangi found that baby and named her Ragini. He could get freed but only a woman can free him. Then one of Raginis Daasi was walking past, she hears him shouting and goes there to check, she then touches the box and it disappears, the Naag, Rastikama came out and bites the Daasi and took her form, he found out that’s the Naagmani is on the earth, he went to the palace and gets mesmerised by Raginis beauty and worked there as her Daasi. Then after Ragini died, the Naagmani disappeared in the temple.
End of flashback.

Naagin: That Naag is vicious, he’s here for Ragini and I’m here to protect you (Laksh) and Ragini. But I won’t be able to fight his power. A Naag is stronger than a Naagin. And a Naag can only kill a Naag with the ultimate power.
Ragini and Laksh look on,
Naagin: Laksh and you (Rahini) always die whenever you meet but you do reborn, your birth has been decided to destroy Rastikama!
Laksh and Ragini: What?
Naagin: Haa, each time you’re born but to destroy this Naag but you two fall in love and because of some reasons you don’t complete the task, the Naag only wants Ragini… After that Naag dies, you can live peacefully because he is the one who brings Rahukaal, his tapasya to gain Ragini is strong but we need to defeat him.

Just then the black Naag appears, Naagin, Ragini and Laksh look on,
Naagin uses her powers to attack him, he turns into a human and RagLak get shocked seeing him.
Ragini: Randhir…?
His face is revealed and he is Randhir, then flashbacks of Randhir are shown, him moving back and turning into a black snake is shown, Laksh glares at him and his evil smirking face is shown, he is wearing black dhoti…(how Astika dresses from Nagarjuna)

Precap: Part 3… Mahayudh between Laksh and Rastikama… Will Ragini save Laksh? What has the Naagin suggested…? Will RagLak unite? How will this story end??
Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry (Dead)
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

Shashank – Mazher Sayed
Avantika (Shashanks daughter) -Charlie Chauhan.

Naagin – Ishita Dutta
Nag/Rastikama/Randhir – Mrunal Jain

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry. I know it’s stupid and ridiculous…like Naag and that but sorry…? you’re free to say your opinion ?

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I will soon write one on Ragsan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 24th June or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling.
Love you all?

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hay halima today i read all ur epi’s they r just awesome dear…………. luved it dude

    1. Thanks Yashu…? I’m glad you loved it… Keep smiling ?

  2. Halima Api, it was outstanding simply superb! I have no words to describe or appreciate your writing! Love u Api!❤????

    1. Hey Kashfia… Thank you ? I’m very happy you called me your Api… I have another sister now…? Thank you, keep smiling and love you too ?
      Are you Zuha’s sister?? I’m glad you loved it.

      1. Kashfia (Zuha's sister)

        Yeah I am Zuha’s sister? I read ur QH FF but Apia (Zuha)told me to read this as well and I loved it

      2. Thanks Kashfia… I’m happy you loved it ?

  3. Amazing update Halima. The supernatural element to your story is so exciting and interesting. Once again I loved Laksh and DP. I also loved all the RagLak moments in the flashbacks and their dance. Glad that rudra guy is dead. And LOL at the rasika cat part ??. Can’t wait for the next update xx

    1. Thank you Fats…? I’m glad you liked it, thank you for finding my story entertaining, I’ll update soon if I finish writing it… Keep smiling ?

  4. omg! your thoughts,your story wahh amazing, really loved the whole plot

    it’s like a movie

    1. Thanks Lovely…? I’m glad you like the whole plot… Keep smiling ?

  5. Dafsi

    OMG do another wonderful epi and loved it, it was indeed an awesome epi lively and lovely

    1. Thank you Dafsi? I’m glad you like it… Keep smiling?

  6. It was amazing. Just waiting for next part.

    1. Thanks Ammu? I’ll upload if I finish early… Keep smiling ?

  7. Plz unite raglak nd ur ff is really awesome

    1. Thanks Sanchami…? Um, RagLak being United… Will be revealed in the next episode ? Till then keep smiling ?

  8. Akshata

    outstanding, love the way you handle this supernatural story.

    1. Thank you Akshata… I’m glad you like it, I thought I was loosing it… Keep smiling ?

  9. Awesome loved laksh and the rasika part ??and tbh loved all of it not a single part that I dnt like anyways always stay happy and blessed love u ??

    1. Thank you ? I’m glad you liked it… Love you too and keep smiling?

  10. Mindblowing 🙂 i loved it

    1. Thanks Emz Fasa ? I’m glad you loved it… Keep smiling?

  11. Oh god u are a fantasy writer halima appi. First l taught will be a simple recarnation story then it became two recarnation then twist of naam. Seriously how could u think so much.!!!!
    But a confusion . This ragini is old time raglak daughter so laksh is his father though recarnated one but he is na! So will not be odd if they love each other.??

    1. Thank you Amma…? I’m glad you’re liking it and yeah, it is weird Nai? Even I thought that too?? but keep smiling ?

  12. Superb yr.. There is so many things related to their past.. Hope they unite in this birth n kills that naag.. It’s very interesting dr

    1. Thank you Ruhani? I’m glad you’re liking it and the unite part… It will be revealed in the next episode… Keep smiling?

    1. Thanks Piya?
      Keep smiling?

  13. Fabulous

    1. Thanks S Priya?
      Keep smiling ?

  14. Outstanding episode dear

    1. Thanks Ammu ? I’m glad you like it, keep smiling?

  15. Sanam (Sania)

    awesome… plz ypdate qh btha….

    1. Thanks Sanam…? And I uploaded it…keep smiling ?

  16. Megha123

    AWW…sooperb realistic the twists &twirls u bring in the story r sooperb ????in one word unnay r really outstanding !!!

    1. Thanks Megha?? I’m glad you like it…
      Keep smiling?

  17. Nusz Khan

    Bali this episode was awesome aha.

    The supernatural idea was awesome, we can go dus aha xx but I am saying that to myself?? xx

    Anyways I really enjoyed episode please post the next episode asap xx.

    Love you and keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx tt

    1. Thank you Nuchi/ Dus? I’m glad you enjoyed this episode…? Love you too? Keep smiling ? the episode won’t be long…

      1. *next episode won’t be long…

        You see, I’m thinking about something too much… You know…. And I’m very upset about that…?

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