Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) episode 8 (Part 1)


Episode 8:
Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all. Sorry for the lateness, my internet was messing about ?

The episode begins with the guy holding Ragini, Laksh looks on,
Ragini composes her self,
Ragini looks down and says: Sorry…
Guy: No… It’s okay, you don’t need to say Sorry, its not your fault… (Looks at Laksh and glares at him)
Guy: By the way, my name is Randhir Ragvanshi…
Ragini: My name is Ragini…
Both Randhir and Ragini smile at each other,
Laksh breaks that smile by saying “And my name is Laksh…” Laksh then fake smiles at Randhir and Ragini shakes her head.
Laksh: Excuse me, I’ll be back…

Laksh leaves,
Ragini: Uh… Excuse me…
Ragini leaves and Randhir looks on,
(A tune plays…)

Laksh is walking down and Ragini is following him,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh turns around,
Laksh: What? Mamu needs to explain why he lied…
Ragini confused “Lied about what?”
Laksh: Nothing…
Suddenly the lightings go on and off, Laksh looks up and so does Ragini,
Laksh: What? In the morning the lights are going on and off? Even the lights are gone mad, they’re meant to do that at night to make it seem freaky…
Ragini: It’s not their fault, it’s all you…
Laksh: How is it me? Anyways where is that Buddha Mamu?
Ragini gets angry and says: You might be Buddha but don’t call my Mamu that! Talk with respect!
Laksh sighs and the clouds go darker, the wind blows stronger, the lightening makes sounds, the thunder does too, the sky goes dark, Laksh and Ragini look on, all look outside the window.

AP: What happened to the weather?
Sujata: JiJi… It was good a minuet ago…
DP: It must be that Manoos Laksh…
AP: Ji…
Sujata: Bhaisa… This is too much, how can it be Laksh? Look, he’s over there… (Pointing at Laksh) all look there.

Laksh shocked: What’s happening with the weather? What’s happening?
Ragini: I don’t know but I don’t feel good.
Ragini looks at Laksh’s hand and sees it glowing,
Ragini: Laksh… Your hand…
Laksh looks at his hands and gets shocked, DP and all look there and are stunned.
Raginis hands glow too, she looks at hers and gets shocked too.

Then a man is shown looking outside the window, his back is shown, the man angrily says “This is not a good sign! Laksh and Ragini… No! They can’t meet, if they meet then… They were meant to be separate this night! Last time she liked Laksh, then second time she liked Laksh but married Rudra, the third time I cannot let them unite! Ragini is MINE!!” The guy then bends down and turns into a snake. (A pungi or Bansuri tune plays…) the snake then starts moving.

Scene shifts to RagLak,
Laksh walks up to Ragini and sees her hands glowing.
Laksh: Why are out hands glowing?!
Ragini scared and nervous: I…I don’t know…
The snake reaches there and turns back into a man, his one eye is shown looking at them.
Man in his head: Today was the night that was revealed to unite them and remove the current… No, if this happens then Ragini would never be mine!
It goes into a flashback.

Ages ago… Like century’s before, like the time of kings, queens and princesses. There was once a king called Darshjeet (Played by Shekhar, from Swaragini) and Queen Shubhangi (Played by Janki, from Swaragini) Shubhangi was barren and couldn’t conceive, Darshjeet wanted a heir for the throne after him so he decided to get married again, he married a lady called Subhadra (Played by Sharmishta, from Swaragini) Darsh loved Subhadra and used to call her Sumi, then Sumi gave birth to a son and named him Manav, all celebrated but Shubhangi felt bad and cried a lot, she couldn’t conceive and prayed she could, then after 4 years Sumi gave birth to a daughter and named her Aaradhna (Swara, from Swaragini)

But one day Shubhangi was walking in the gardens and sat there for a while with her Daasis and some servants, she then heard a baby cry, she looks around and sees a baby in the basket hanging from a tree, she took the basket down and saw a baby girl inside the basket smiling at her, a smile appeared on Shubhangi’s face, she takes the baby out from the basket and hugs and kisses her.

Shubhangi told her soldiers to go and find out who’s daughter she is, they tried finding out but they didn’t find out who she was, Shubhangi then decides to adopt her and names her Kaurvaki Ragini,
She took her to the palace, Darshjeet rejected to own her but Shubhangi said “She’s my daughter and no one can change this fact now, if you don’t want to accept her then you don’t have to, she’s staying…” Shubhangi leaves and Darshjeet looks on.

Shubhangi calls Kaurvaki by her other name, Ragini. Sumi was nice to Shubhangi and Ragini. When Ragini turned 4, Shubhangi gave birth to a son, Astika. Darshjeet gave more importance to ASTIKA and not Ragini.

15 years later:
Ragini was 19 years old, ASTIKA was 14, Aaradhna was 23, Manav was 27, Manav was married to Rasika, Rasika is 6 months pregnant.

Ragini was in her room crying while looking out, Shubhangi comes there and caresses her hair,
Shubhangi: What happened Ragini?
Ragini: Maa, why doesn’t Papa talk to me? Why does he neglect me?
Shubhangi gets teary eyed,
Shubhangi: It’s nothing like that Ragu, you see, your Papa is a Raja, he has a lot to handle and that’s why he doesn’t get time for all of us…
Ragini: But Maa, he gives time to Sumi Maa and Bhaiyya, Aaradhna and ASTIKA… What about me and you?
Shubhangi looks on, Ragini continues crying, Shubhangi then starts singing,
Shubhangi: Mein Jo Dil Liye Tere Pichhe Baghoon
Mein Jo Raat Mein Tere Liye Jaagoon


Kaise Bataaoon Tujhe
Thake Na Haru Kabhi
Par Tere Hoto Pe Jo
Dheku Main Khilti Hasi
Uske Siva Tum
Sukh Maine Jana Nahi Chaha Nahi
Gudiya Meri Gudiya Meri
Oh… Gudiya Meri

(From CAS, I added some changes ?)

She sees Ragini asleep and goes out and cries,
Shubhangi: Oh lord… Fill my daughters life with happiness, what I couldn’t have, give it to my daughter… Send someone who would love her for her not position…
End of flashback.

The guy gets shocked seeing Ragini and Lakshs hands touching each other, he was about to go when their touch froze everything, the get flashes in mind… The guy even freezes, Laksh and Ragini are confused and shocked (Yu hi re…tune plays)

Both Laksh and Ragini see the scene and get shocked, they see they’re in a olden day palace, they let go and everything comes back to normal,
Laksh: What was that?!
Ragini: I don’t know, the storm…
The guy comes close but Laksh touches Ragini again and they go back to that scene,
Ragini: What?!
Laksh: I want to see what this wants to show us!
Then the bells ring automatically in the temples.! They get flashes.

Flashback continues:
It was morning in the palace, Ragini wakes up and looks around, she smiles at the sun. Then she hears some crowds cheering and gets up and stands near a window, she sees two men’s, one of the men is shown and he looks strong, the other mans eyes are shown glaring,
“I’m going to win today, you didn’t do the right thing by teasing Lakshyaman…” The guy who’s two eyes were shown and is revealed to be Laksh, the other strong guy glares at him and laugh, “You’re talking? Muahahahahah!!” Laksh glares at him, “Oho, when you fall on the floor then you will be punctured as your pride will fall down!” Ragini kind of giggles,
People see and whisper,

People: Oh look, Rajkumari…
Laksh looks up and is dumbstruck, he sees Ragini smiling and gets mesmerised,
“Hayyy…” Laksh sighs and falls down, Ragini looks at him and then starts laughing, the announcement is made and Randika won (the stop guy) Ragini shakes her head while looking at Laksh while he’s lost in her beauty, jiyare… Plays on the BG….
Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar

Then Ragini moves away and people snap Laksh out, he stands up,
People: You made us loose!
The people angrily leave while Laksh says “She killed me” with a smile on his face.

Ragini gets dressed and is wearing (what Kaurvaki wears from CAS) she smiles and heads out, Shubhangi calls her from behind abs Ragini stops,
Ragini: Ji Maa…?
Shubhangi: Could you go to the garden…
Ragini: But it’s breakfast time…
Shubhangi: Please Beta…

Ragini: Okay Maa.
Ragini leaves towards the garden and Shubhangi smirks. Ragini reaches the garden and sees it empty,
Ragini: Why did Maa send me here?
Ragini walks forward and flowers fall in her, she looks up and smiles, Shubhangi, Aradhana and ASTIKA come out,
ASTIKA: Happy Birthday…
Ragini smiles,
Shubhangi: Ragu. We haven’t forgot this day… This was the day I found…
Shubhangi realises and says: I was blessed with you… This day was so lucky for me.
Ragini hugs Shubhangi,
Araadhna: Happy birthday Ragu…
Ragini smiles at her.

Shubhangi: Maa, they must be waiting for us at the palace but how did you reach here before me?
Shubhangi: I took the back way and you took the long way… Anyways lets go.
They nod and head there, Ragini stops and turns around, she picks up two flowers and smiles, she finds the rest gone missing she walks ahead. She stops and thinks which way to go, she chooses the back way while the rat are gone from the front way.

Ragini is walking down and is admiring a flower, she then remembers her Darshjeet shouting at Ragini for coming late, she looks up and looks around,
Ragini: Arey, where am I? There was meant to be a palace here…
She sees dark woods, she then gets shocked hearing sounds,
Ragini: The Palace is left behind… I walked too ahead, but how?
She hears sound and they’re saying “Come… Free me! Come…” Ragini gets scared and turns around, suddenly someone shouts “Bho!” Ragini screams and closes her eyes, her heart is beating fast and she is sweating. She then hears someone laughing, she slowly opens her eyes and sees Lakshyaman aka Laksh laughing seeing her state, she raises her eyebrows and looks at him,
Laksh while laughing: Your face was worth watching!
Ragini gets angry,

Ragini: How dare you?! Do you even know who I am?
Laksh: Rajkumari…? I didn’t know they were that scared ? usually they say we’re brave and all…
Ragini: Tameez se! if I want then I would get you imprisoned!
Laksh stops laughing and Ragini gets sad,
Ragini: Haa, I’m a human too, I get scared like all of you…
Laksh smiles at her,

Laksh: Rajkumari… Don’t worry, I’ll make you reach home safely…
Ragini: No need, I’ll go!
Ragini starts walking but slips, Laksh catches her on time, (Raabta tune plays…) they share an eye-lock,
Laksh: Rajkumari… You look good while smiling… This sadness doesn’t suit you…
Ragini looks at him innocently, Laksh makes her stand, Ragini then hears those sounds again,
Ragini: There’s someone crying for help there…(pointing at the dark woods area)
Laksh: No one is there… It’s weird how only girls hear sound from there…. I don’t… Anyways Rajkumari, shall we?
Ragini nods and they start walking,
Laksh: So Rajkumari, tell me about you… I mean you’re different from all those princesses.
Ragini doesn’t say anything,
Laksh: Okay… Don’t you like talking?

Ragini: I do but… I never spoke to anyone like you before…
Laksh: Woah, Rajkumari, are you sure you’re a human? I mean you never met us before?
Ragini: No… A boy other than my brothers.
Laksh: Rajkumari… You’re so innocent, and there’s your palace…
(Pointing at the palace)
Ragini looks at smiles,

Ragini: Thank you…
Laksh smiles and Ragini walks ahead, she turns around and gives one flower to him,
Ragini: This is for helping me.
Ragini smiles and leaves Laksh looks on mesmerised and caresses the flower.

Ragini reaches the palace and Darshjeet shouts at her,
Darshjeet: Why did you come late?! You won’t get breakfast now!
Darshjeet leaves leaving Ragini teary eyed, Shubhangi and Sumi console her.

Laksh comes to his house (hut) he keeps the flower safe,
Laksh: Rajkumari gave this to me..
Mum: Haa, like she would even look at you, you must’ve stole it from the garden and lied Rajkumari gifted it.
Laksh is lost in Raginj.

Then gradually Laksh and Ragini start meeting in the garden, Laksh makes Ragini laugh and they become good friends, whenever Ragini meets Laksh, she doesn’t dress like a princess, then after few days Ragini dresses like a Daasi, she goes out with Laksh to explore what the world like outside the palace.
Laksh: Are you ready to meet my mum?
Ragini: Haa… I want to see your mum.
Laksh takes her to his house, he enters,

Mum: Who have you kidnapped now?
Laksh: I haven’t kidnapped anyone, she’s my friend Ragini…
(The world know her as a Rajkumari or Kaurvaki)
Ragini flods her hands and greets her, the mother gets impressed and starts talking with her.
Mum: I don’t know why you became his friend…
Ragini sees the flower and gets surprised,
Mum: This nalayak said Rajkumari gifted it to him and after that he wouldn’t let anyone touch it.
Ragini smiles at Laksh, Laksh smiles back, they share an eyelock while smiling at each other. Mum sees and she also nods and smiles.

After a while Laksh makes Ragini roam around the whole city, he then takes her to the garden near her palace,
Ragini: Thank you Laksh…
Laksh: It was my duty Rajkumari, I’m glad you have liked it…
Ragini: Today there is party, come join me…
Laksh: Me? No how can I…
Ragini: Please come, it an order!

Laksh smiles and says okay, Laksh and Ragini then head inside, Ragini takes Laksh to her room,
Ragini: This is my room…
One of the Daasi gets angry, Ragini dismisses everyone, the Daasi leaves but secretly watches.
Laksh looks at Raginis room, Ragini takes out clothes for her, she then sees the clothes she brought for Darshjeet but he didn’t accept it, she gives it to Laksh and sends him out to get changed, she locks the door and gets changed.
She is wearing a red long dress that reaches to up to her ankle, she has net over her arms, neck and belly, she then wears less heavy jewellery and opens her hair, a smile appears on her face. She finishes getting dressed and hears a knock, she opens the door and sees Laksh and smiles seeing him blue sherwani coat with White Pajama but royalty stitched. Laksh gets mesmerised seeing her.
Ragini: Chalein?
Laksh nods and they head down.

They see many people there, Ragini is taken by her friends to meet her other friends, she looks at Laksh and Laksh looks at her.
Friend1: Ragini.. You sing so good… Why don’t you sing ?
Ragini: Nahi… I can’t.
Ragini then looks at Shekhar who is sitting down and talking to Manav and his friends.
F2: Omg, loads of princes came from different places but that ones handsome…(points at Laksh)
Ragini looks at Laksh and sees him alone… She then smiles. She goes up to him and grabs his hand and takes him in the middle, she signals the musicians to start playing. Lights go off and all look on.
(Raabta (Siyaah Raatein) plays)

The lights shine on RagLak and they’re looking at each other, Ragini smiles: Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (they start dancing)
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke (he twirls her)
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (they do some move)
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera (she touches his face and moves back, he holds her hand)

Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke (and twirls her)
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta (start doing some moves, Darshjeet looks on)
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

Ab Kya Hai Kehna, Humko Hai Rehna (some join them in the back)
Jannatein Bhula Ke Teri Baahon Mein Mein Panah Leke (she rest her head on his chest)
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (he twirls her while picking her up from her front side)

Sa Ni Pa Di Na Sa…

Laksh: Meharbaani Jaate Jaate Mujh Pe Kar Gaya (looks at her and smiles)
Guzarta Sa Lamha Ek Daaman Bhar Gaya
Tere Nazara Mila, Roshan Sitaara Mila (Twirls her)
Takdeer Ka Jaise Koi Ishaara Mila(pulls her closer)

Roothi Hui Khwaishon Mein Thodi Si Sulah Leke (she cups his face)
Aaya Tu Khamoshiyon Mein, Baaton Ki Chirah Leke
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera (she moves back and they do some moves)
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke (he picks her up and twirls her and they do some moves)
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta (she smiles and they do some moves)
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta (she moves side to side)
Ab Kya Hai Kehna, Humko Hai Rehna
Jannatein Bhula Ke Teri Baahon Mein Mein Panah Leke (she rests her head on his arms)
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke (he smiles at her)
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (he picks her up and twists her)

The music finish and the lights are normal, Shekhar is angry and all clap. Ragini looks at Laksh and smiles, the same Daasi fumes, the Daasi then goes out and hits the wall hardly.
Daasi: Attack is the only way!
She then sees some of the armies heading in and attacking. Daasi then bends down and turns into a snake and starts going.

At the hall they attack, Ragini and all get shocked, Laksh also does, Darshjeet signals his soldiers to attack, all get their swords out and attack, Ragini was about to get attacked when Laksh moves Ragini and holds the sword, he is fuming in anger and blood is running down his hand, Ragini gets shocked. All scream and shout. Finally the soldiers die, then the other King, Raja Jairaaj enters and laughs,

Jairaaj: What did you think Darshjeet… I would not attack?! Well what you did was worser! I’m letting them survive because I want your people to see you die!
Jairaaj looks at Laksh and smiles, Laksh looks down and is angry along with hurt.
Jairaaj: Shabash beta! You proved you’re my blood.
All get shocked, Ragini looks at Laksh and he doesn’t look at her,
Jairaaj: You actually done it… Well done.
Ragini gets teary eyed,
Ragini: What is he saying Laksh?

Jairaaj: Laksh is my Son… He is Samraat Jairaajs child, Mahayodha Yuvraaj Lakshyaman…! Who will probably be Samraat Lakshyaman!
Ragini shatters listening to this,
Ragini: So you… You used me?!
Laksh looks down,
Ragini: Look up and talk to me!
Jairaaj: Yes! All of this was a plan… Meeting you was a plan… Mixing the unconscious herb in food for soldiers was a plan… Everything was a plan to take revenge!
Tears fall out of Raginis eyes and she breaks down on the floor, she is in a shock. She remembers Laksh and her moments.
Laksh glares at Jairaaj,
Darshjeet: Look Shubhangi, she brought trouble for us! She’s always been bad luck!
Shubhangi breaks down listening to that.
Jairaaj: Whatever you did Darsh was not good! Because of your attack my wife and unborn child died! All my family burnt to death because you wanted to become Samraat! I only have Laksh as my heir! What you did was not fair!
Laksh looks at Ragini who had become a statue on the floor with tears flowing out. Laksh makes Ragini stand,
Laksh: Rajkumari….

Ragini slaps him across the face with anger. Laksh is pained and closes his eyes,
Jairaaj: Ey! How dare you slap my son! Go hold her captive!
Laksh puts his hand up and the soldier stops.
Ragini: How many more lies at at here to tell Laksh?! What else is planned?! Come, tell quick before I break down fully?!
Laksh looks at her and his eyes are red,
Ragini: What else is there Laksh?! Ragini puts her hands in front of her eyes,
Ragini: Please Laksh! Don’t fake your tears to use me again for YOUR PURPOSE!!!
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: What?! I shouldn’t have trusted anyone easily, I got my punishment for trusting a stranger!
Jairaaj takes the sword and heads towards Darshjeet, Ragini sees and gets shocked, Jairaaj stabs it in and Darshjeet closes his eyes,
Laksh: RAGINI!!!
Darshjeet opens his eyes and sees Ragini in front of him. Blood starts coming out from Raginis stomach, Laksh rushes to her, Jairaaj gets shocked and moves back, Ragibi breathes and takes Darshjeets sword, she forwards it to stab Jairaaj but Laksh comes in between and gets hurt. All get shocked,

Laksh falls in his knees, Ragini falls down too, both are in pain, Laksh looks at Ragini, Ragini ignores him and both breathe heavily while everyone else are in a shock.
Laksh: Ra…Ragini… love w…wasn’t f..fake!
Ragini looks at him and both share a painful eye lock, before dying Ragini hugged Laksh and Laksh hugged her back. (Raabta plays in the BG)
Ragini cries, both then breath their last and die…
Shubhangi: Ragini!!!
Darshjeet also feels hurt.
Jairaaj beaks down.

The snake transforms into a man but his face isn’t shown,
Man: No! How can my Ragini die! This can’t happen, my Ragini!
The man then does meditation for years and years to get Ragini back.
End of FB.

RagLak look at each other, Ragini feels the pain and touches her stomach. Laksh also get shocked.

Then another flash comes,
It goes into a flashback of 22 years before. As soon as Ragini was born, the guys Tapasiya was over, he sensed her and waited till she grew up.

Ragini and Laksh were childhood friends, they loved each other, then Ragini got pregnant with Laksh baby, Laksh went mission for a Month and then Daadi got fed up and decided to get Ragini married to Rudra, Ragini then cried in her room and ripped the first few pages as it had hers and Lakshs story. But it was revealed that Laksh was about to get married to her but his brother Rudra also loved Ragini but acted like he didn’t, so Rudra kiddnapped Laksh and let him out after 2 months and Laksh came to take revenge but was shocked to see Ragini Lakshs wife, Ragini acted like she didn’t know Laskh after meeting him at the party and to make Laksh feel guilty, she told everyone Rudra was her husband, the Man got ready and came but just then, due to some misunderstandings, Ragini and Laksh got shot but Ragini was 8 months pregnant, while the goons were burying Ragini and Lansh, Ragini’s baby came and started crying, they picked the baby up and took it away after burying RagLak. Rudra was about to kill her when Mamu stops him and adopts the baby as she was Ragini and Lakshs last symbol. He named her daughter Ragini and Nandita took care of her like her own child and Ragini is Raginis daughter but her Sure name is Rudra Shekhawat.

The snake got angry as RagLak died on the same night as they did last time, then there will be a current stopping them from meeting until they know the truth and that day would be the day they died earlier.
End of Flashback.

Both RagLak get shocked and faint.

Precap: RagLak wake up and music ceremony and Mendhi… DP to get shot… Naag to be revealed… Will Laksh unite with Ragini this birth too? How will Laksh manage to fight alone…

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari
Shashank – Mazher Sayed
Avantika (Shashanks daughter) -Charlie Chauhan.
Radha – Avantika Malik Khan

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry. I know it’s stupid and ridiculous…like Naag and that but sorry…? you’re free to say your opinion ?

Do comment if you have time…

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I will soon write one on Ragsan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 22nd June or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling.
Love you all?

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