Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) episode 7


Episode 7:

Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all. Sorry for the lateness, my internet was messing about ?
22 years later:

The episode starts with Laksh hiding his face with his jacket in the car, Laksh also bends down, DP is sitting at the front, next to the driver, Adarsh is at the back and sees Laksh, “What are you doing Laksh? Sit properly” Adarsh says while shaking his head, DP sees Laksh and then turns back, Laksh looks at DP, “How can I? He made me not worthy of showing my face to anyone… He’s going like that and… I don’t want people to know Lucky is in this car” Laksh says but DP ignores him, “I’m telling him get changed but no… He seems to show everyone no wonder he sat first at the front seat” Laksh said and rolls his eyes and looks away.
Adarsh then says “Laksh…”

Scene shifts to the other car,
Sujata looks at AP and then Parineeta,
“Nah…JiJi tell me one thing, ke Bhaisa sachi mein aise javenge? Lekin log ke kahinge? Bhaisa ne Besharam kahenge aur humari besti Ho jaye gi…” Sujata says worriedly.
(Is Bhaisa really going like that? But what will the people say? They will call Bhaisa Besharam and it we would be insulted)
“Chup kar Sujata!” RP says,
Sujata makes a face. AP looks in worried.

Laksh sees the airport and panics,
“Air…airport…Bhai, I… I can’t go” Laksh bends even more down, the driver takes a left turn, Laksh sees,
“Where are we going?” Laksh asks confusingly.
Adarsh also gets confused.
The driver then takes a right turn and reaches a place, DP gets out and opens the boot, Laksh and Adarsh look at the place,
“Oh, Farmhouse!” Both Adarsh and Laksh say.

DP takes his clothes out and goes inside but the doors locked.
“The keys are with Annapurna…” DP says. DP then washes his face with the pipe and goes to the outside shed and gets changed there, he comes out and says “Why did I touch his deodorant and spray? If I knew that would be manoos like him then I would never have touched it!” DP angrily leaves.

“Is he gone to have a bath or get changed?! And he says I take ages to get dressed…” Laksh sighs then DP comes in and sits in,
Laksh looks at him,
“Papa… Tell me one thing…” Laksh says and the driver starts driving.
“Why didn’t we stay in the farmhouse one day before? It was closer to the airport…” Laksh asks.
DP then gets angry and says “How would’ve we found you?! Would you find out that we’re in the farmhouse?!”
“Papa, there’s something called mobile phone… I could’ve called you…” Laksh says while looking at DP,
DP sighs and says “But how would you come here? By walking?!”
“By driving…” Laksh exclaims.
“Driving what?! If we took the cars then what would you drive? A horse?! And how would’ve you entered our house if we locked it and went?! And what if your phones battery died?!” DP shouts.
“Woah…woah, papa clam down, if you shout too much then you would get a heart attack…” Laksh explains.
DP glares at him and Adarsh shakes his head.

They reach the airport and get out, Laksh now gets out with a smile on his face, they board the flight, Laksh flirts with some air hostesses, DP gets angry,
DP shouts “LAKSH!!”
Laksh makes a sad face, “I have to go…” Laksh then sits in his seat. He looks around and sees AP and DP sitting together on the other end, then RP and Sujata behind them and smiles.
“Finally Lucky… You’re alone but where’s Adarsh Bhaiyya and Pari Bhabhi…?” Laksh says while looking around. Just then he feels something, a small smile appears on his face. Song starts playing in the BG.

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
(Laksh looks around and a girl is seen entering)
Dastakein dete hain dastakein (the girl is walking while holding her ticket)
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata (Laksh looks behind and the girl enters)
Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
(Lakhs is shocked to see that girl, that girl is revealed to be Ragini, she’s finding her seat)
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam (Laksh continues staring at her and smiles)
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh 
Haste haste marr jaaye hum (Laksh is mesmerised)

*the song finishes….

Laksh is continuesly looking at Ragini. Ragini finds her seat and is shocked to see Laksh,
“Oh no… What is he doing here?!” Ragini says to herself, she looks around and finds this cabin full. She looks at the seat number and then her ticket and gets upset and annoyed. She unwillingly sits down,
“Hi… You’re travelling to Hyderabad too?” Laksh asks,
Ragini nods yes, Laksh sits straight and looks outside the window.
“We’re still here? Haven’t they took off?” Laksh says.
Then the announcement is made, Ragini while putting her seat belt accidentally touches Lakshs hand, both of them feel a current and jerk their hands. Laksh looks at her and she looks at him,
“What was that?” Laksh asked,
Ragini doesn’t say anything and puts her seatbelt on.

The plane takes off….

Laksh hasn’t got his seatbelt on,
“Why haven’t you got your seatbelt on?” Ragini asks,
Laksh looks at her and says “I don’t know… Anyways I’m forced to go Hyderabad by Gabbar Singh that’s sitting there…”
Ragini looks there and tried searching for Gabbar,
“He’s not there…” Ragini says, she then looks at him,
Laksh laughs and says “I call my Papa Gabbar Singh…”
Ragini shakes her head and looks away,
“Gabbar Singh should’ve been your Papa… He would’ve bagged that role…” Laksh says and moves back, Ragini looks at him and glares at him.
“Don’t say anything about my Papa, okay!” Ragini says.
Laksh smiles,
“And for your information… There’s few pages missing from the diary, like the first few ones..” Ragini says and looks away.
Laksh gets thinking,
“What? Pages missing?” Laksh says while looking at her, she nods.
Laksh starts thinking.

After a while Ragini rests back, DP sees Laksh and shakes his head.
DP to himself: He found better chances to flirt with a girl, bless that girl… I feel so sorry for her because she has to sit next to that brainless donkey!
AP looks at DP and says: Kya hua Ji?
DP strictly says: Nothing… That innocent girl is stuck with your useless son!
AP sees Ragini and Laksh.

Just then Laksh accidentally touches Ragini and both feel current, Ragini gets up and shouts “Aaah!!” Laksh shakes his hand, all look there, DP moves forward to see but some people stand up and look at them, DP, AP, RP and Sujata couldn’t see.
DP: What has your son done now?!
DP open his seatbelt and stands up, he walks forward to see.

“Why did you touch me?!” Ragini shouts and caresses her hand,
Laksh confusingly: What? I touched you and this happens?!
Ragini nods yes, Laksh nod no, then Ragini touches him and he feels the current and looks on.

All sit down and DP walks there, he sees them two looking at each other and shakes his head, he was about to go when the plane starts wobbling, DP looks on, he goes side to side, Laksh sees that and looks on, Ragini looks there,
Laksh: Offo, now Papa would do his drama in the flight also… Doesn’t he get tired?!
DP looses his balance and falls on the floor, the plane moves fast and an announcement is made to tighten their seat belts, AP gets worried, DP manages to stand up and all look at him, then the plane moves a little faster and DP can’t control his steps and goes forward Laksh laughs, Ragini looks at him,
DP then falls on the air hostess and Sujata stands to look,
Laksh: Chi… Even after getting married and having kids, he’s still romancing…
DP gets up and Air Hostess looks at him,
DP: Uh… Sorry…
AH: Why are you out of your seat sir?
All talk and say he was finding reasons to land on the air hostess, Laksh eyes widen,
Laksh: What?! Papa fell on the air hostess?!
DP looks at him and glares at him while AP gets sad. Laksh is still shocked. DP sits in his seat with the help of air hostess. Laksh then bursts out laughing and all look at him. Ragini shakes her head.

After a while the airplane is shown landing. Ragini stands up and all the people rush ahead, Ragini gets pushed and lands on Laksh, Laksh and Ragini feel a current, Ragini gets up quickly, Laksh thinks why they can feels that current. Then they come out of the airport, DP, AP, Sujata and RP sit in the taxi, Laksh comes out and sees them already in,
Laksh: What am I meant to go in?
DP: You can walk! Let’s go driver!
The taxi start leaving while Laksh chases it but falls down,
AP: Ji…
DP: Not today Annapurna!

Laksh stands up and dusts the dirt off his clothes,
Laksh (angrily): How can he do that? And where’s Adarsh Bhaiyya?
Just then Laksh gets a message from AP saying what hotel to come in. Laksh shakes his head and starts walking ahead with his luggage.
Ragini sits in the taxi and leaves with Mamu, Dhariya and Nandita.

After a while Laksh is seen in a taxi and the taxi stops, he is eating lollipop and sees DP,
Laksh: Papa…!
Laksh gets out and DP looks at him,
Laksh: I’m so tired Papa… Driver, he’s paying and give my luggage to him…
Laksh stretches and leaves, the driver takes the luggage and puts it near DP.
DP angrily says “He made me a servant! Next time my turn will come Laksh… Don’t worry and at that time I would laugh!”
DP pays the driver and goes inside the hotel.

Shashank comes there and takes Maheshwari family to his mansion, after a lot of convincing, DP agreed. They leave for Shashanks mansion.
Laksh arrives and takes his sunglasses off, he sees Ragini blindfolded and is playing with the children and gets surprised to see Nandita and Mamu too. Nandita takes Mamu,
Laksh leans near Shashank,
Laksh: Who’s that girl over there?
Shashank looks and so does DP,
DP: All you can see is girls! Can’t you see anything ahead that?!
Laksh: Papa… I was just asking…
Shashank laughs and says: She’s my wife’s cousins daughter.
Laksh then nods and gets out, Shashanks servants come and take the luggage, Laksh walks up to her, DP looks in and shakes his head, Ragini moves her hand and touches Laksh by accident. Laksh feels the shock and comes to senses as he was mesmerised.
Ragini: Laksh?!! You followed me here too?!
DP gets surprised as Ragini was wearing the blindfold and recognised Laksh. Ragini takes her blindfold off and glares at Laksh. “Oh hello… I didn’t follow you okay” Laksh says, Ragini raises her eyebrow and nods. “Sure..” She says. Shashank comes there and stands there and blocks Dhariyas view.
Shashank: Ragini… This is my best friends son… Laksh
Laksh: Uncle, tell me one thing, how did you and Papa become best friends?
Shashank: Long story… Can’t tell yet, I’ll tell you some other day…
Laksh nods and Dhariya leaves, Shashank also leaves.
Laksh gets thinking and says “That Buddha Mamu Ka Bachcha, he lied to me… I will sort him out!” Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: Mind your attitude okay! And he’s my Mamu Daadu… Talk with respect!
Laksh: What respect? That SALA Buddha is worser than papa, lied to me? Now I will show him!
Ragini: Listen… You can’t!
Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds him, she gets a shock and moves back, Laksh was about to catch her when she falls in someone else’s arms, that guy takes his black sunglasses off and looks at her, Ragini and him share an eyelock and Laksh looks on.

Precap: Laksh jealous of Ragini and that guy… Ragini and Laksh find out something new….

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari
Shashank – Mazher Sayed
Avantika (Shashanks daughter) -Charlie Chauhan.
Radha – Avantika Malik Khan

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry.

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Love you all?

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