Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 6


Episode 6:

Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all. Sorry I couldn’t reply back to your comments, I got caught up in some work.

22 years later:

After all that running Laksh reaches MM, he enters and goes down the stairs, “Ra…Ramy…get me s..some..water!..” Laksh says while catching his breath and leaning on the table. He then manages to catch some of his breath and looks around, he sees MM silence and he then sees suitcases near the sofa, “Suitcases? Are they planning to kick me out…?” Laksh says to himself, just then Ramu comes out and gives Laksh water, “Ramy… Tell me one thing… Why are there suitcases here? Is papa planning to leave?” Laksh says while whispering in Ramu’s ears, Ramu nods yes and Laksh gets surprised.

AP comes down and sees Laksh, “Where were you Laksh? We got so worried!” AP says while coming down, Laksh drinks the water and puts it down, “Maa… Why is papa leaving?” Laksh happily says but acts sad, “Because it’s important…” AP says, DP then comes down the stairs and Laksh looks at him, Sujata, RP, Parineeta and Aadarsh come out, Do gets surprised seeing Laksh, Laksh goes to DP and stands in front of the stairs, “Papa…why are you leaving? I mean how can you leave? Where will you go?” Laksh says while looking at DP, “Where have you been Laksh?! You went missing for two days! We searched everywhere for you!” DP shouts, “Papa, I was in the park, how comes you didn’t find me?” Laksh says while looking at him, “Vo…” Before DP could complete his words, Laksh interrupts and says “You didn’t even try but Papa… Why are leaving? I mean I didn’t come home for two days and you’re leaving?” DP looks at Laksh, Laksh looks back, “And you’re taking…” Laksh counts the suitcase and finishes by saying “10 suitcases?!” DP then shakes his head and glares at him and says “No! All of us are going!” Laksh gets shocked, “What?! So you’re not leaving?” Laksh says while getting surprised, “I’m not going to let your dreams come true easily! I know you were happy when you heard I was leaving… You must had Laddo’s bursting in your stomach!” DP exclaims and sees the time on his watch, “No… You misunderstood me… I was…” Laksh says and DP looks at him, “Anyways, I bet you had Laddo’s bursting in your stomach when I was not here, that’s why you were surprised seeing me…” Laksh says while looking at him, DP then thinks “Yes… I would be the first father that would call himself Lucky if a son like you is away…” Sujata then breaks his thoughts by saying “Bhaisa… We’re getting late, let’s go…”

“Where?” Laksh asks confusingly, “Hyderabad for a wedding…” AP says while smiling.
“Whose wedding? And did Papa agree?” Laksh asked.
“Haa Bhaisa agreed and its Bhaisa’s friends daughters wedding” Ram says.
“Papa has friends? Why are you lying Chachu? It’s not the right time to crack a joke because I’m tired…” Laksh asks while looking at DP,
Sujata giggles and RP looks at her,
DP gets angry and says “Yes! I have friends and it’s my Friend Shashank’s daughters wedding… I thought I would at least live a week with peace but it seems like you’re always there to ruin it!”
“Laksh…! Ji… Shall we go? We’re going to get late…” AP says, Laksh makes and innocent face.
DP then looks at the time and says “Yes… Let’s make arrangements to leave and Aadarsh… Book Laksh ticket… We thought you ran there before all of us…”
Adarsh nods and makes a call.

Laksh was about to go upstairs but DP stops him,
“You can come like this…there’s no need to take 10 years to get ready!”
DP says and Laksh looks on,
“Papa…you have to be joking… I’m going to stink and I look unattractive…” Laksh explains, but DP happens to not care.
The driver finishes putting the suitcases in the car,
“Chore… Go quickly pack your suitcase…” Sujata tells. Laksh nods and turns around but DP stops him and says “We already packed his suitcase!”
Laksh gets shocked. “What? You packed my suitcase?!” Laksh says in a shock, then to himself he says “Meaning, he must have packed it with junks… I hope he packed it with what I wear… Wait who packed it?”
“We thought he was crazy for a minuet… Because he left without his suitcases and clothes but we found out that he never left…” DP explains, DP thinks “And the biggest nightmare to see you come back…”
“So you didn’t search for me?” Laksh questions.
“We didn’t have time…” DP says.
“He doesn’t have time for me but has time for other stuff… What type of father is he? If I got kidnapped, he would dance out of happiness” Laksh mummers.
DP happens to hear a little bit and says “Throw a party…”
All get confused but Laksh understands and looks on. Laksh then imagines himself kidnapped and tortured while DP dancing and smiling after he finds out. DP dances on lets Nacho…. Laksh then comes out of the imaginary and gives DP the dirty look. Laksh in his head “Papa… Don’t get too happy, I won’t let you reach the stage to dance…” Laksh fake smiles and heads out, all head out expect from DP.

Outside MM a jeep is shown, a guy is talking on the phone,
“Haa, we reached his house after following him and placed the bomb inside… We’re coming.” The guy disconnects the call and smirks looking at MM, he then asks the to start driving and drives off. All the family come out and see the cars ready to use,
“Wheres bahi?” Laksh asks.
“He’s gone Egypt for a bijnaz meeting…” Sujata says.
Laksh gets confused and then realises she meant business,
“It’s not Bijnaz… It’s business” RP tells.
“Haa Haa, vahi…” Sujata says.
Laksh sits in one car while the rest sit in the other,
“I’m alone in the car…” Laksh says with excitement.
Just then Adarsh comes in and sits down, Parineeta sits with AP and Sujata.
“Not alone then… But at least it’s not Papa…” Laksh says and lets out a sigh.
The first car drives off, then after two minuets the other car (the one Laksh is in) drives off too.

DP is seen inside MM spraying perfume and getting ready in his expensive suit, he then walks down the stairs.

AP then calls Laksh and he picks it up, “Beta, give it to your Papa… I need to talk to him…” AP says.
“Maa, he’s not here with me… He’s there right?” Laksh says confusingly.
AP gets confused and says “No.. He’s not here, he said he’s coming in the other car”
“But Maa, he is not here…” Laksh says while looking around in the car and only sees Adarsh, Adarsh signals him what happened.
“Stop joking Laksh…” AP says worriedly.
“I’m not lying Maa… There’s only Adarsh Bhai here.” Laksh says.
Laksh tells the driver to stop and make a U turn, Ram also tells the driver to go back to MM.
They reach outside MM, Laksh gets out of the car, so does Adarsh. DP is happy and walks out but doesn’t show it, he locks the door and suddenly everything explodes which shocks everyone.
“Paaaaaapa!!!!” Shouts Adarsh while forwarding his hand. It gets smokey, AP is shocked and tears start appearing and rolling down her eyes. Then Laksh and Adarsh see someone coming out, Sujata, AP, RP and Parineeta get out of the car. DP comes out with his face gone black due to the smoke and explosion, his head is cut and blood coming down, his clothes ripped and half on, his shoes with the whole front teared off, his glasses dangling from his right ear and the other piece falls and makes a breaking sound. ‘Maar Dala…o..Maar Dala’ plays in the BG with DPS state shown. DP coughs and one of his teeth falls out and on to the floor. All look on, there was silence.

“How did you survive that?” Laksh breaks the silence and looks at the scene and all look at him.
“If it was some other person then they would’ve died before the smoke even cleared… Thank god you let all the servants leave before us… Oh no, my bedroom, it’s gone!” Laksh says and then gets upset, DP looks on angrily.
“Bhaisa… I can’t see you in that state, what happened Bhaisa? You’re state is gone worse than a beggar…” Sujata says irked.
RP looks at and so does DP, Sujata fake laughs and says “I was joking…” Laksh couldn’t take and starts laughing out load,
“Papa, go get changed or are you planning to stand here as a display board…? Wait, you can’t cause our lovely house is gone..” Laksh says and giggles a little more.
“Enough! Papa was here about to die but got saved and you find it funny…?!” Adarsh shouts,
“Bhai I was…” Adarsh interrupts and says “You were joking?! You always joke Laksh, get practical once!…” Adarsh says.
“No use in explaining him, when he has no brain then why are you forcing facts or knowledge in?” DP says faintly but strictly.
Laksh get angry and fake smiles,
“What?” Laksh says act confused,
DP and Adarsh shake their heads.
“You see when dogs bark then no one knows why they bark… They’re just finding reasons to bark unnecessarily…Is that what you meant? Well I don’t bark so sorry I wouldn’t get that…” Laksh says with a fake smile.

“Let’s go…” DP says.
“Like this?!” Laksh says surprised and shocked.
DP heads towards the car,
“My image will be ruined, people will laugh at you and mock you, they would be like, have you seen DurgaPrasad Maheshwari, he’s so shameless, he went without having proper clothing and all…” Laksh shouts from behind while walking. All sit in the car, DP sits in the same car as Laksh and Adarsh. DP ignores Lakshs words. Then after they leave the police arrive and do investigation.

Precap: The Maheshwari family reach Hyderabad… Surprisingly, Laksh sees Ragini there with her Mom and…

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry.

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