Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 5


Episode 5:

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22 years before (Flashback):
The episode continues from Ragini crying, she had not stepped out of the room due to fear. Images of Nardiya kept on flashing in her mind.

Then a guy stands outside the gates and looks at the mansion, “I will never forgive you Rudra! Whatever you did to my sister… I will never ever forgive you!” The guy utters. Then they guy turns around and his face is revealed and it’s Laksh, he is looking very angry.

Ragini wakes up and finds some clothes near her with a note, she picks the note up and it says ‘Get ready… We need to go to a wedding!’ Ragini then puts the note down and tears roll down her cheeks, “What happened…? Why did I marry him? Why was I stupid?” Ragini cries.

Rudra is wearing a suit and is waiting outside for her, he looks at the watch, Mamu also comes ready, “Where is she?!” Rudra shouts, he was about to go but Ragini comes out wearing a purple saree with gold blouse, her hair is tied up and she is wearing diamond earrings and necklace and is fixing her saree, Rudra couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Shall we go?” Mamu said and heads out, Ragini also heads out, Rudra comes to sense and goes out.

They reach the wedding venue, Rudra steps out and is greeted by many people, he was also taken by his friends, Mamu also talked to the people he knows, Ragini was left alone and was feeling uncomfortable, she thinks “I wish Nardiya was here…” She manages to stop the tears and turns around, there she sees Laksh flirting with girls and shakes her head, just then he notices her and she turns around, Laksh then walks up to her, “Hey Miss…” Laksh says but gets interrupted by Ragini as she says “What if I’m a Mrs?” Laksh doesn’t say anything. “You look beautiful today…” Laksh says while scanning Ragini from head to the end of the saree. “Excuse me! Are you checking me out?!” Ragini says angrily. Rudra notices that and gets angry, he then excises his friends and walks there but stops to see what they are talking about, “Listen… I can get my husband here and…” Ragini says but gets interrupted by Laksh, “Oh… So you’re actually married? Like I’m going to believe that…” Laksh smiles. “I am married! And stop checking me out! And for your information I love my husband!” Ragini says angrily and glares at Laksh. “Yeah yeah… Sure… No Mangalsutra or Sindoor…?” Laksh says and looks away for a bit.
“That’s because he said I look beautiful without them and that I don’t need to show off telling everyone I’m married! He’s here and I can show you… He’s very strong, better looking than you, he cares about me and if anyone even talks to me then he gets angry because he loves me!” Ragini says while pointing her finger and Laksh, Rudra looks on.
Laksh then looks at her and says “Go on then… Show me who your so called husband is…” Rudra then goes a little back and turns to one person and pretends to talk to him, then Ragini looks around and finds him, “He’s there!” Ragini said and points at Rudra. Laksh looks there and gets shocked. He then looks back at her, Rudra takes a drink and walks to where he was standing and looks on.

Laksh couldn’t believe what he heard or saw, “Him?!” Laksh says shocked, Ragini nods, “How can you marry him…? Do you even know what he does?! You ruined your life!” Laksh says and Rudra gets angry, Ragini gets angry and points her index finger at Laksh and says “How dare you!” Both Rudra and Laksh look at her, Ragini continues “How dare you say that about my husband?! I cannot listen to anything against him! And mind your tongue!” Laksh then touches her shoulders and says “But… He’s not the right guy for you… The whole city knows his deeds… You’re going to go a widow and…” Rudra was about to come when Ragini slaps him, Laksh gets shocked, all look there, “How dare you touch me?!” Ragini shouts,
“How dare you say that about my husband?! Who are you to say that he’s not the right guy?! It was my choice and I married him!! As for your information, I’m very happy! No matter however he is, he’s my husband and I love my husband!!” Rudra gets touched by her words
Ragini then walks up to Rudra and Laksh looks on, “If anyone and I mean anyone comes to me and says anything bad about my husband then I will not tolerate it!” Ragini says while looking at everyone, Mamu smiles, Rudra is shocked, “Chaliye Rudra… No need to stay here with these people!” Ragini says and holds Rudras hand, Laksh sees Ragini and Rudras hand and looks on. Ragini then leaves with Rudra and Mamu follows on, all get shocked and look at Laksh who leaves angrily.

Rudra is driving the car, Ragini is sitting on the back seat, there is s silence, Raginis words echo in Rudras head, Mamu then breaks the silence.
Mamu: Ragini… Whatever you said…
Ragini: No Mamu, as a wife it was my duty to stick up for my husband…
Ragini lets out a smile and looks down, Rudra doesn’t say anything, they reach the house, Ragini gets out and goes inside. Mamu looks at Rudra who also leaves,
Mamu: I believe she can change him…
Mamu smiles and walks away.

Ragini is wearing a white Salwar and is sleeping, Rudra walks in, he then sits near her and smiles, Ragini sensed someone and opens her eyes, she sits up shockingly and moves back, “Don’t be scared…” Rudra says but Ragini looks down and is worried. “I’ll leave…” Rudra says and stands up. He then goes. Ragini looks on.

Rudra is in his room thinking, he then thinks “I need her to be open to me…” After a while he falls asleep.

Rudra and Ragini come down, Rudra sees a guy sitting on the table and talking to Mamu, Rudra then sees Ragini, she ignores him and goes, Rudra was about to speak but gets distracted by that guy, he walks there and stands in front of him and is shocked. He sees Laksh sitting and eating, “So Laksh… Tell me, how’ve you been?” Mamu says and eats, Ragini brings more food and places it down, she gets shocked to see Laksh. “I’ve been fine Mamu, what about you? Don’t look old huh…” Laksh says and smiles, “Badmash! Still haven’t changed and I’m young” Mamu says and smiles, “Oho, impressing girls huh?” Laksh says and takes a bite, Mamu lets out a laugh. “What are you doing here?!” Rudra says rudely, “I came to my house! I don’t need anyone’s permission to stay in my house!” Laksh says Rudely and while looking down, “Tone!” Rudra shouts, “I’m in my tone… You’re crossing yours! Anyways don’t forget that half of this property is on my name Mr Rudra Shekhawat!” Laksh says, Rudra was about to come forward but Mamu stops him, Ragini gets confused, Laksh then angrily leaves after Rudra sits down, while leaving he says “I don’t eat with criminals!” This angered Rudra. “Ragini beta… He’s your Devar…” Mamu says and Ragini is stunned. “I’ll tell you… When Rudra was 15 and Laksh was 13 years old, they lost their parents and because of that Rudra had to take care of Laksh but due to some misunderstandings they got separated, but they’re brothers, Rudra loves him but Laksh hates Rudra…” Mamu explains and Ragini so shocked while Rudra looks down angrily.

Ragini then serves food to Mamu and Rudra, she also thinks “Laksh and Rudra are brothers? But Laksh hates him to the core, I need to unite them…”
End of flashback.

Ragini stops reading, “What happened?” Laksh said while looking at Ragini, “I’m tired” Ragini moans, “We don’t have time for that… Continue” Laksh says and looks at the diary, “Oh hello… Look outside, it’s dark and you have been here since last night! Go home!” Ragini says and rests back, “I can’t sleep until I find out the truth… I mean what’s inside it!” Laksh says and stares at the diary. “But I’m tired… And what’s interesting in this story?” Ragini says and stretches her legs out. “Give it to me, I’ll read it…” Laksh says and forwards his hand, “Why are you always after the diary?” Ragini says and hides it under her pillow. Laksh looks at her. She then lies on it and closes her eyes, “Ragini!” Laksh gets annoyed. She then falls asleep, the moon was shining on her face, Laksh looks at the window and sees the moon shining in the sky, he then looks at her, he then tries to put his hands under the pillow but can’t, so he stands up and puts blanket on her, he goes on the other side and lies opposite her and stares at her. “Now how will I find out the rest? Mamu lied to me!” Laksh thinks and then falls asleep.

The sun shines on Raginis face and she smiles, she then slowly opens her eyes and sees Laksh next to her and gets up shockingly, she makes a face and groans but falls back on her back, she turns her face and sees Laksh, (he was in the same position he slept) “What’s so special about that diary?” She says to herself. Laksh then stretches and puts his arm around Ragini, Ragini gets shocked, then all of a sudden both feel a current and Laksh jerks his hand away and wakes up. He then shakes his hand, Ragini sits up, Laksh then opens his eyes, “Current?” Ragini says to her self. Laksh notices Ragini and sits up, “Diary…” Laksh said while looking her pillow. Ragini takes it out and opens to the page she stopped reading. “So then I…”

After the breakfast, Rudra went out for some work, Mamu also left, Ragini was left alone with Laksh, so Ragini decided to stay in her room, she then hears a guitar playing and finds the tune catchy, a smile appears on her face, she opens her room door and heads out, she follows the tune, Ragini then sings along, “La lalla lalala la… Hm…” It happens to be Laksh who was playing the guitar, a smile appears on to his face when he hears Ragini,
Laksh: I heard this somewhere… But where?
Laksh tries to remember and he continues playing and Ragini continues humming and singing.

After a while Ragini reaches Laksh room, she could hear the guitar sound more louder and clearer. She sees him playing the guitar,
Ragini: This tune seems familiar…
Laksh sees her and stops, Ragini turns around and was about to when Laksh says “Laado…” Ragini gets shocked and turns around, Laksh stands up and smiles, “I knew you were Laado… Other than Laado, no one knows this tune…” Laksh says faintly, Ragini then walks in, “Bambo…?” Ragini says with tears in her eyes. (Ragini used to call him Bambo instead of Lucky to irritate him)
Laksh nods yes and Ragini runs and hugs him, she lets her tears out, Laksh hugs her back and closes his eyes, Laksh in his head “I can’t let you stay here now… I didn’t know you were Laado, and I came here with the intention to save you from Rudra. But now it has become my duty to protect you and save you from Rudra…”
Ragini breaks the hug and wipes her tears, he opens his eyes and looks at her, “It’s been 7 years since I last saw you Laado…” Laksh says while putting his hands in his pockets, “H…Haa, you went for higher studies and…” Ragini says while looking down.

“I should’ve came before, but I came late…” Laksh sighs
Ragini looks up and him, Ragini then looks at his guitar,
“You brought a new one?” Ragini says.
“Yeah… My old one broke..” Laksh says while looking at his guitar.
“I never played guitar before…” Ragini says while smiling at the guitar. Laksh smiles and walks towards his guitar.
Ragini then says “I wish you came earlier…”
Laksh stops and looks down while his back is faced towards Ragini, then all of a sudden he brings a smile on to his face and turns around with the guitar.
“Ajj, I’ll teach you…” Laksh says and walks towards her.
Ragini then says “No… I…” Laksh doesn’t let her complete her sentence and hands the guitar to her. “Play what you know so far..” Laksh says and makes Ragini sit down and hold the guitars correct position. Ragini makes a face, “Try…” Laksh says while standing up with his arms folded and a smile. Ragini plays the strings and Laksh closes his ears, “Laado… My ears… What is this?!” Laksh said in a teasing tone. Ragini felt bad and she puts the guitar down and makes a grumpy face, “I don’t want to play it anymore!” Ragini shouts.
Laksh laughs and says “Laado, was joking…” Ragini still doesn’t look and has her arm folded, Laksh goes up to her and bends down,
“I was joking Laado…” Ragini doesn’t listen to him and looks at the other side, he moves to that side but she moves to the other again, then Laksh looses his balance and falls but pulls Ragini along. Ragini falls on top of Laksh, they have a second eyelock which Ragini breaks and gets up, Laksh also gets up, “You haven’t changed!” Ragini says while huffing, “If I’m going down then I’ll take you as well!” Laksh says as a joke… Ragini was about to go when he grabs her hand, “Leave me!” Ragini shouts, “Sorry Laado… Please forgive me… I was joking” Laksh says innocently. Someone was at the door and sneakily seeing them, after a while that someone moves and gets his phone out, he says “Hello Bhai…” The man says and it happens to be one of his men, Dhariya. Dhariya tells him everything he saw between Ragini and Laksh which angers Rudra, Rudra then shouts “Kill him!” Dhariya disconnects the call and calls his men.

Ragini turns around and sees Lakshs puppy face, “Okay fine… But I need to go cook for Rudra, he must be coming and then I need to iron his clothes for his meeting and then find his best watch and then polish his shoes…. I’ll catch you in a bit…” Ragini says and leaves with a smile on her face. Laksh looks on,
“Why is she doing so much for him? He gets angry, he killed Nardiya… I have a feeling it’s going to be you next… But I won’t let that happen!” Just then Dhariya and the goons come in and hit him, then they take him, Ragini happens to see and gets shocked,
“Where are they taking him…?” Ragini says worriedly, Ragini also follows on.

Rudra angrily says “Mamu! You said he was my brother but he’s my enemy and he will die!” Mamu sheets shocked, “What happened” Mamu says, “He’s my real brother still he hates me… He’s stealing my wife and them two are having an affair behind my back…” Rudra angrily says, Mamu gets shocked, Rudra then storms out and Mamu follows.
End of flashback.

Laksh looks on, Ragini turns the pages and says “It finished… She didn’t write the rest…” Laksh gets shocked and looks on,
Ragini then says “What must’ve happened next? I really want to know…”
“I’ll tell you…” A voice is heard, they get shocked to see Nandita at the door, Nandita locks the door and walks to them, “They killed them…” Nandita says while tears in her eyes, Nandita then tells what happen in episode 1. “They killed my brother!” Nandita shouts, RagLak get confused. “Maa… I don’t understand…” Ragini says,
Nandita wipes her tears and looks up, she says ” Laksh was my brother…” Laksh and Ragini get shocked, “He wasn’t my real brother but he accepted me and loved me more than his own sister… Rudra married me forcibly after killing Ragini and Laksh” Laksh looks at Ragini while she gets confused and shocked, “Ragini…?” Ragini says confusingly, “Is this diary Ragini’s and is Rudra, Papa?” Nandita looks at Laksh and he nods no but Nandita nods yes,
Nandita says “Haa, this diary is Ragini’s… Your Papas first wife…” Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini then says “But… Why am I named Ragini then? Do you have a picture of her?” Ragini says, Laksh sees the album and hides it, “No… We don’t but Ragini and Laksh were killed and that’s how their story ended, no need to dig up the past!” Nandita says and puts the tray down, Laksh picks his jacket up and faces the other way, Ragini is thinking and looks on, Laksh then hides the album in his Jacket and turns around, “I’ll leave…” Laksh says and Nandita nods okay. Laksh then heads out but comes back in, “Someone’s coming…” Laksh then hides behind the door, Dhariya comes in and says “Malkin… Malik is calling you…” Nandita nods and Dhariya leaves.

Laksh then secretly gets down from the balcony and runs, someone sees him and shouts to stop but runs as fast as he can, “Run Lucky Run… You don’t want to die in such a young age…” Laksh says and keeps running and the episode ends on him running.

Precap: Laksh comes back to MM and sees the family with suitcases, DP shocked and blast to happen….
Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry.

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