Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 4


Episode 4:

Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all.

22 years later:
The episode continues from Laksh looking at old Ragini’s picture, he sees her in a yellow saare smiling with open hair and he happens to see something else to, he was about to touch the photo when Mamu turns it around, “You know what happened and now you can go…” Mamu says and puts the photo back in the drawer. Lacks thinks “I want to believe Mamu but… But somethings stopping me… What?” Mamu looks at him and says “Will you stand here all day thinking or will you go?” Laksh then says “Haa I’m going but did the old Ragini live in this house?” Mamu then says “Used to…” Laksh then thinks and nods, “So who stays in her room?” Laksh said while looking at Mamu, Mamu lets out a sigh and says “Where Ragini sleeps now! Now you go and don’t come near Ragini!” “Haa Haa I’m going… Anyways I’m not fond of staying here for too long and that to with you…!” Laksh says while glaring at Mamu, Mamu glares at Laksh too. Then they hear a knock on the door, “Mamu… You’re breakfast…” Nandita shouts, Laksh then opens the door, Nandita continues staring at him. Laksh smiles at her, tears appear in her eyes, she then looks away and goes in. “Thank you beta…” Mamu says and starts eating. Nandita turns around and sees Laksh missing and gets worried.

Laksh is seen walking down and thinks which is Raginis room, Ragini is walking from the opposite direction and gets shocked and widens her eyes, “What is this stupid idiot doing? It’s not his dad’s house that he’s walking with his head up!” Ragini says and rushes to him, she then grabs his hand and takes him to a room and quickly locks the door. “What are you doing? Listen… I’m not that type of guy okay…I thought you were decent but…” Laksh says and Ragini turns around and glares at him, “Oh hello… I’m not also that type of girl okay… And you’re decent?” Ragini says and rolls her yes, Laksh looks at her, “What do you mean… I’m not decent?” Ragini doesn’t say anything and looks on the other side, “So that’s a yes?” Ragini still doesn’t respond to Laksh, Laksh then moves closer, she looks there, Laksh comes even more closer to her, “Listen… I only brought you here for your safety… And…” Ragini couldn’t complete her sentence as Laksh had come closer to her and held her by her waist, Laksh again says “So I’m not decent?” Ragini doesn’t say anything and looks at him.

Rudra is shown walking, RagLak share an eye-lock for few seconds, Laksh then leans in and whispers “I’m not decent?” Ragini closes her eyes, she then realises and pushes him with all her energy and he falls on the floor, “Stay in your limits okay! And now you have shown me how decent you are!” Ragini shouts angrily, “Rag…” Laksh couldn’t complete the sentence as Rudra happens to hear and knocks on her door, Ragini and Laksh get worried.
Ragini worriedly says “K…kaun?”
“It’s me! What’s happening in there?!” Rudra says, Ragini gets scared and gulps, “Kuch…Kuch Nahi Papa… I was just…” Before Ragini could complete her sentence, Rudra shouts “Open the door!!” Ragini moves shockingly towards the door, she opens it and sees Rudra glaring at her, “Move out of the way!” Rudra says strictly. Ragini moves and looks on worried… She then gets surprised to see Laksh missing, she also searches, Rudra nods and turns around, she quickly goes back to normal and lets out a smile, “Why were you shouting and what fell?!”
Ragini then says “Papa… I fell and I was shouting at my self…” Rudra then shakes his head and leaves. Ragini lets out a sigh.

Laksh who was in the cupboard also came out and let out a sigh, Ragini shuts the door and turns around, “Because of you we nearly got caught!” Ragini says and huffs. Laksh takes his other foot out but feels something, he then turns to the cupboard and bends down,
“What are you doing now?!” Ragini says, Laksh finds something weird in the bottom of the cupboard, Ragini walks there. “What are you doing?” Ragini says, Laksh then manages to pick the bottom part up and find a photo album and a diary, Ragini also gets surprised. “Diary?” Both RagLak say. Laksh takes the photo album out and the diary. Ragini snatches it out of his hand and Laksh looks on. Laksh then stands up, “I found the diary… So let me read it!” Laksh says while forwarding his hand. “Well now I will read it… And plus you found this from here… My room!” Ragini says and opens it, she reads the first page aloud “Dear Diary, today is my wedding day…” Ragini stops and looks at Laksh, Laksh also looks on. Then Ragini sits down on the bed, Laksh also sits down, “This is going to be a long story because it is full…” Ragini says while touching the book.
“Let me read it…” Laksh says while looking at Ragini, “You can hear… You don’t need to see!” Ragini says and opens it to the first page, Laksh makes a face and glares at her.

Ragini starts reading “Dear Diary,
Today is my wedding day, I’m so nervous and I never met that guy before….
It goes into a flashback,
Ragini is getting dressed and is dressed up as a bride. She looks at the mirror and is standing nervous,
She says “Oh God… Help me, today is my wedding day, I haven’t met the guy, but I trust my Daadi Maa completely…” Just then she hears a knock on the door, “Ladoo, hurry, the grooms waiting!” Someone shouted, Ragini opened the door and saw Daadi looking at her angrily, “Pull your Ghunghat down and come!” Daadi said aggressively, this made Ragini sad and she pulled her ghunghat down and headed down with Daadi, Daadi suddenly smiled and put Ragini down near her groom. And the groom is revealed to be Rudra.

After a while they get married…

Then they reached home, Mamu took Ragini to her room, Ragini was sitting on the bed waiting for Rudra to arrive. But by waiting and waiting, she eventually fell asleep and it was morning. She woke up and looked around but couldn’t find anyone near her, she touches her head and stands up, she thinks where Rudra is. She goes to the wardrobe and gets changed.
End of flashback.

“Why did you stop?” Laksh says while looking at Ragini, “I’m thirsty and I’ll read it later…” Ragini says, “Seriously, you and Mamu are exactly like each other!” Laksh says annoyed, Laksh then thinks “Mamu Iied to me… How many more lies did you tell Mamu?” “Oh hello… Everyone needs a break!” Ragini says and drinks water, “If you can’t then give it here!” Laksh says, Ragini then puts the glass down, “I’m reading it… Wait.. So I came out of…

Ragini came outside and looks around, she sees the house empty, she then sees the opposite room open and Rudra happens to come out of it, she is shocked, “He’s coming from there…? I’ve waited forever for him…?” Ragini says and hides, Rudra then closes the door and leaves, after Rudra leaves, Ragini goes to his room and opens the door, she then sees the room and realises that this is Rudras room. “Why do I have separate room to him?” Ragini wonders and closes the door, she then walks and clashes into someone, “Sorry.” Ragini said and looks up, “No it’s okay, anyway Bhabhi… Sorry, I couldn’t come to the wedding but now I finally met you” Nardiya, Rudras younger sister says. “No it’s okay… You don’t need to sorry, I’m also happy I met you here…” Ragini said and smiles at Nardiya, Nardiya gives a warm smile.

Then after a while, Ragini was cooking in the Kitchen, “I found it with very difficulty… Thanks to Nardiya…” Ragini said with a happy smile and finishes decorating the plate. She then takes it out and puts it on the table, Mamu, Nardiya and Rudra come and sit down, Rudra doesn’t look at her, Ragini feels bad, Mamu, Rudra and Nardiya start eating, “Wow… Awesome Bhabhi, finally I’m eating such an amazing food after many years…” Nardiya says while stuffing her face, “Nardiya is right… It is indeed awesome…” Mamu says and continues eating, Ragini was waiting for Rudra to compliment but he ignored her which made her feel hurt. Mamu kicks Rudras leg and Rudra looks at him, he then Signals Rudra, Rudra then unwillingly says “It’s good…” Those words might have not come out from his heart but those 2 words made Raginis smile appear back on to her lips.

Ragini then decided to go to the temple but was surprised when she saw two men follow her, she turns around and looks at them “Kya hai?!” Ragini angrily says, “Bhai Ka order hai… He told us to stay with you all the time…” Said one of the man that has long hair. Ragini then gets confused and hears the bells, she turns around and was about to get hit by someone’s bicycle but they manage to pull the brakes on time, she immediately closes her eyes. As soon as the guy looked up, everything went slow motion, the flowers falling was in slow motion, and the guy moving up was in slow motion. He smiled after seeing her face, then everything was back to normal, the guy continues smiling and staring at her. Ragini is wearing an orange Saree with white blouse. She has no Mangalsutra or Sindoor on.

Ragini slowly opens her eyes while the guy takes his glasses off, she sees the guy and raises one of her eyebrow up, she gets angry and shouts “Where you using your eyes?! What if it hit me?!” The guy smiles as to him Ragini is talking in slow motion. Ragini then claps her hand in front of his eyes and he moved back and realises, “Sorry..” The guy says hurriedly. “By the way I’m Laksh…” Forwards his hand, Ragini ignores it, the men come forward. Ragini turns around, “I want to go home!” Ragini says to the men, they nod and then the trio leave while Laksh look on.

Ragini is seen writing her diary.

Ragini wakes up and sees Nardiya in her room, “Nardiya… Is everything alright? I mean, you’re here so early…? Ragini worriedly utters. “Bhabhi… I want to go to a wedding, but Bhai isn’t letting me go… Bhabhi I like this guy who’s Bhais enemies son… Bhabhi I’m eloping today and getting married against Bahis wish!” A different voice is heard, then Nardiya drops on the floor and behind her was Rudra standing with a knife covered with blood, Ragini gets shocked and widens her eyes, she then sees Nardiyas back covered with blood and gets scared, Rudra had stabbed her. Rudra then comes forward and looks at Ragini who is in a shock and is scared. Rudra then points the knife on her neck and says “This is what happens to someone who goes against my wish! Even if it’s my sister!” Ragini is shocked and moves back, tears falls out of her eyes, “Ho… Achche Bachche don’t cry…” Rudra making an innocent voice, Ragini then bursts out crying, “Dhariya! Raja!” Rudra shouts and two men come in, it happens to be the same men who followed Ragini, they look at Nardiyas body and take it, Mamu reaches there and looks on. Rudra looks at Ragini who’s crying, he then hugs her forcibly, Ragini cries and he whispers “If you go against me then this might happen with you… Or maybe your Daadi…” Ragini is shocked and Rudra leaves after breaking the hug, Ragini continues crying and looks at Mamu, Mamu looks away feeling guilty.

Precap: Continue with the diary secrets… More secrets/twists to unfold…
Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

I think I made this episode boring… Sorry.

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I will soon write one on Ragsan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 12th June till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling.
Love you all?

Credit to: Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

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