Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RAGLAK) Episode 3 (Mahaepisode)

Episode 3:

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22 years later:
Mahaepisode – Kya mil payega Sab ko apne sawalon Ka jawaab? (Will everyone be able to find their answers?)

The episode continues with Laksh smiling, Mamu happens to be coming from the other side. Laksh walks towards the way Mamu is coming, Mamu looks in front and sees Laksh, Laksh scratches his head and smiles, Mamu couldn’t believe his eyes and widens them,
“L…Laksh…?” Mamu says in shock.

Adarsh and Parineeta get married.

Laksh then suddenly starts singing “Maine Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai
Kaun Hai Woh Anjaani
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Kya Use Main Keh Doon”
All look at him, DP looks on.
Laksh starts dancing and some people come and join him, he starts dancing and singing “( Maine Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai
Kaun Hai Woh Anjaani ) …(2)
Woh Hai Koi Kali Ya Koi Kiran
Ya Hai Koi Kahani
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Kya Use Main Keh Doon
Pretty Woman, Hey Pretty Woman
Dekho Dekho Na Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman
Dekhte Ho Na Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman….
DP shakes his head and glares at AP, DP then goes to Laksh and Laksh makes him dance by moving his hands but DP slaps him, all get shocked.

Laksh touches his face and then looks around. He realises it was his imagination and lets out a breath of relief.
Mamu turns around and sees Rudra sitting on the chairs and talking, he thinks to stop Laksh.
Laksh then stops, the girl walks towards Mamu.
Laksh: Ragini…
The girl turns around and it is revealed to be Ragini, she looks at him, Mamu hears and gets shocked, Laksh is also confused and Ragini shakes her head and turns back around, “Mamu Daadu… Come I’ll take you to eat” Ragini says, Mamu nods no, “What are you doing here?” Mamu says,
“I’m here for this wedding…” Ragini says looking innocently. Ragini then realises “Mamu Daadu…?” Ragini says while widening her eyes, Mamu nods, “Meaning Papa is here too…?” Ragini says looking worried and scared, she then sees Rudra and gets shocked, “Ragini… It’s better if you go from here before Paa sees you…” Ragini says to herself. Mamu nods and Ragini heads out, Laksh was about to go but Mamu comes in the way and Laksh looks on.

Adarsh and Parineeta take Rudras blessings and leave with DP, DP looks for Laksh, Mamu happens to have taken Laksh in a room and pushes the door to shut it,
Laksh: Who are you and why have you brought me here?
Mamu: Laksh…?
Laksh (confused): Yes…?
Mamu is then shocked and says “I can’t believe my eyes… You actually came back… I thought only Ragini but you too…” Laksh is confused. Mamu looks at him, “Don’t get too confused, I’ll tell you everything and you have to stay away from Ragini…!” Laksh is shocked and says “So her name was actually Ragini?” Mamu nods.
“What’s happening? Why are you telling me?” Laksh says while looking at Mamu, “So you can’t go near Ragini… And she can never love you or be yours!” Mamu says while Laksh is shocked. “You two were reincarnated, but can never be one…” Mamu says and looks to the side, “Laksh… What do you mean?” Laksh confusingly says.
Mamu then starts talking and it goes into a flashback……

A baby boy was born to two poor people, they decided to send him away as they couldn’t up-bring him, but little did they know that the baby brought luck for them, from poor, they went to middle class and decided to keep the baby and named him Laksh, after Laksh turned 10, they went rich and lived in a bunglow. They pampered Laksh too much but also had a daughter. When Laksh turned 16, they went millionaires but they died in an accident, only Laksh and his sister survived, then Laksh lost all his money and everything.

On the other hand in 1974, a girl was born, her father named her Ragini, Rudra got jealous as they used to pamper her a lot but Rudra still loved her a little, by the time Ragini turned 14 and Rudra was 17, their parents died in an accident. Therefore Rudra took care of Ragini and took care of all her demands and needs, he sent her London to study and handled the whole business in India, his father had named the property on Ragini and Rudras name.

Laksh and his sister were homeless, then they found out that their father left them some money and with that money, Laksh and his sister moved to Canada.
End of flashback.

Mamu and Laksh hear a knock,
“Who is it?!” Mamu shouts, “Mamu… It’s me Rudra” Rudra says, Mamu gets shocked and whispers “Hide… Or go…” Laksh then says “Why..?” “Just do as I say! I won’t tell you the rest of the story…!” Mamu in serious tone. “When did you even start the story?” Laksh says making a face. He then goes under the bed, Mamu shakes his head and opens moves his wheelchair forward while spinning the wheels and leans to open the door and opens it. “Hat were you doing here Mamu? And why did it take you so long to open the door?” Rudra says looking suspicious.
Mamu then says “No… I came here to use the washroom and when you came, I was in the washroom and that’s why I took ages…”
Rudra nods and pushes Mamu’s wheel chair and takes him, Laksh comes out from behind the bed and stands up, “What is he trying to tell me?” Laksh says feeling confused and curious to know more.

Adarsh and Parineeta finish their rituals. Laksh comes in, “Where were you?” Sanskaar says sounding worried. “I thought someone kidnapped you… Anyways that happiness is also ruined!” DP says strictly and while looking at Laksh, Laksh makes a face and says “You’re just finding reasons to get rid of me… But my sweet Papa… I’m not leaving you and going” “Anyways who would I torture and trouble?” Laksh says to himself. “Look how much he loves you Bhaisa…” Sujata says while holding her pallu in front. “He’s saying it for his selfish needs!” DP says while glaring at Laksh. Laksh lets out a fake smile. All go to their rooms.

Laksh can’t go to sleep and is thinking about Mamu’s words.
“What must’ve happened next? I mean why am I interested in that fake and stupid story? Stupid Laksh, go to sleep!” Laksh says and taps his head.

A bunglow is shown, inside that bunglow a room is shown and inside that room a man is shown sleeping on the bed. Someone is shown climbing through the window and jump in, he goes near that man that was sleeping, the man gets disturbed because of the shadows and opens his eyes, he then sits up and quickly turns the light on. The man that was sleeping is revealed to be Mamu, “What are you doing here?!” Mamu says angrily. “I’m here to know the rest of the story… I couldn’t go to sleep because your words were haunting me!” Laksh says. The someone who climbed up and came in through the window was Laksh. He takes his hoodie off and sits down.
“You could’ve waited till tomorrow! Why did you disturb my sleep?!” Mamu says while being annoyed.
“You shouldn’t have started telling me…” Laksh says. Mamu shakes his head, “Then listen in 1994…” Mamu starts speaking….

Laksh came back from Canada but his sister hadn’t because of her studies, he went to Mumbai and there was when he first met Ragini, both of them were there for their friends wedding.
Ragini was shown smiling and clapping, (it was the sangeet) Laksh was mesmerised, he couldn’t even move and drops his bag, all his friend see him and go up to him, but he seems lost, then finally Laksh comes to his senses and realises. “Who is she?” Laksh whispers to one of his friend.
“I don’t think you want to know her… She’s Rudras sister..” One of his friends say. “Who’s Rudra?” Laksh says, all his friends get surprised, “Don’t tell me you don’t know who Rudra is…?” One of his friend says, Laksh nods no. “Well she’s not coming to any of our hands…” One of his friend says.

Laksh goes to there and also starts dancing, all clap and smile, “Sorry… No boys allowed!” Some girls shout. Laksh doesn’t really care. Ragini looks on and whispers “Arina… Who is he?” Arina then says “I don’t know, he must be Rakeshs friend…but anyways let him dance, at least we got a proper dancer… Unlike you!” Ragini looks at her, “You’re trying to say I can’t dance?” Ragini says while raising her one eyebrow up. Arina nods yes. “Ragini… There’s a phone call for you…” A new voice is heard. Ragini stands up and goes to the telephone, “Hello?” Ragini says while putting the phone on her ear,
“Laado… How are you?” A voice is heard, a big smile appears on her face. “Bahi…!” Ragini says excitingly. “When are you coming back to Kolkata?” Rudra says, “Soon Bhai… I can’t wait to meet you…” Ragini says happily. “Okay, I need to go but come back soon!” Rudra says. “Okay Bhai” Ragini says and Rudra disconnects the call.

Rudra wipes his hands as they were covered in blood, a guy is shown stabbed behind him. Rudra smirks and washes his hands, “Take him away and throw him!” Mamu comes and says. Then both Mamu and Rudra laugh.
End of Flashback.

“This is all I’m going to say now… How did you find my address!” Mamu says. “Not fair Mamu, I want to know now…” Laksh says, “I’m tired, I’ll tell you tomorrow.” Mamu says. “I want to know now, you can go to sleep later..” Laksh says looking curious. “I’m tired and I’m going to sleep!” Mamu says and switches the lights off and lies down. Laksh looks on. He then stands up, “Should I stay here or go?” Laksh thinks. He then goes out, “If I don’t go home then Mom would be worried and if I stay here then I will get caught… But only if they see me… Should I stay?” Laksh thinks and while thinking he bumps into someone. It happens to be Ragini. “Tum?!” Ragini says quietly. “You followed me all the way here also? What’s your problem…?” Ragini says and looks away. “Laksh, I’m not here to meet you!” Laksh says and also looks away. “Really? Then why are you here?” Ragini says and rolls her eyes, Laksh looks at her and says “I was here to meet Mamu..” Ragini looks at him confusingly, “Why Mamu?” Ragini says, just then they hear someone walking towards them. Laksh grabs Raginis hand and takes her in the room and shuts the door. It happens to be a store room, Laksh bends down, “What are you doing?” Ragini says while standing, “Shh..” Laksh says and pulls Ragini down, Ragini gets shocked, “What the…” Before Ragini could complete her sentence Laksh putting his index finger on her lips, she looks on. “Will you get me killed?!” Laksh whispers, just then both of them suddenly get a flash, Ragini ignores it and whispers “No… Why did you bring me here? This is my house and I can roam around wherever I want… No one can’t say anything!” Laksh moves his finger off her lips and smiles, “You’re cute…” He whispers, she gets shocked, “How dare you?” She whispers angrily. Ragini then stands up and goes, Laksh smiles and moves back. He then gets flashes and he closes his eyes, he then sees himself getting beaten up and Ragini shouting… He hurriedly opens his eyes and looks on. “I think I’m taking an interest in Mamus story too much… But why did I get this? What’s happening.” Laksh then stands up and heads out, he plans to stay and goes to Mamus room and locks the door, he sits on the couch and eventually falls asleep.

Laksh wakes up and sees Mamu still sleeping, he then hears a knock on the door, “Daadu Mamu… Have you woke up?” Ragini shouts, Mamu switches his sides,
“I’ve got your breakfast” Ragini says. “Come in beta…” Mamu says, “But the door is locked” Ragini says, Laksh stands up and opens the door, Ragini gets shocked seeing him. “What are you doing here?” Ragini says and comes in, “I’m here for a lunch, why?” Laksh says while letting out a fake smile, “What?” Ragini says, “I already told you, I am here to meet Mamu…!” Laksh says. “Ragini, today…” A new voice is heard, she looks up she looks up and is stunned she drops the plate, “Laksh…?” She says and a smile appears on his face with tears. She looks at Mamu and Mamu nods no, she then realises while both RagLak were confused. “Maa… Do you know him?” Ragini says while looking at her mum and Laksh. “N.. I think I was mistaken” Raginis mum, Nandita says. “You come, help me, I’ll make you another breakfast Mamu…” Nandita says and Mamu nods, Ragini rolls her eyes and leaves with Nandita. A servant comes and cleans the mess, Laksh closes the door.

“Now continue…” Laksh says while turning to Mamu, “Let me at least eat my breakfast…” Mamu says, “Enough making me wait… Start” Laksh says and sits down.
“Where did we stop?!” Mamu said while letting out a sigh. Laksh says “At the part when you says throw his body away…” Mamu thinks, “Which body?” Mamu says whilst thinking. “I don’t know… It was when the phone disconnected…” Laksh says while thinking. Mamu then remembers, “Haa, I remember now… So after that…” Mamu starts telling.

Laksh tries to talk to Ragini but she avoids him, Laksh then starts liking Ragini and their friends wedding was over, Laksh and Ragini again meet in the aeroplane as they are traveling from the same flight, Ragini had to sit next to Laksh. “Finally, now I know we live in Kolkata…” Laksh says while smiling, Ragini ignores him, “I love you Ragini…” Echoes in Ragins ears as Laksh said it. She turns to him shockingly, “Are you crazy?!” Ragini said to him, she was angry and didn’t talk to him during the whole plane journey. Finally the plain landed. Ragini and Laksh got out of the airport, Ragini ran and hugged her brother Rudra, “Bhai, I missed you so much” Ragini said while smiling. Laksh takes his sunglasses off and looks at her. She then leaves with Rudra.

After few days Ragini and Laksh met again, Laksh tried to talk to her but she ignored him, “Ragini… Why are you ignoring me?” Laksh says while running after her, “Listen… I don’t know you… Won’t like you… Or ever love you so just get lost!” Ragini says and walks ahead. “But Laksh gave his heart to you…” Laksh walks behind her, she ignores him, “If you really have the courage then go to my brother and ask to marry me!” Ragini says and turns around. Laksh stops and thinks, “See. You don’t have the courage and you want to marry me?” Ragini says while letting a two second laugh, she then walks away.
After sometime Laksh was seen outside Raginis house, he shouts “Rudra!” All come out, Ragini sees from the balcony and gets shocked. Rudra comes out and looks at him, Laksh enters through the gate, “Rudra… I want to marry your sister…Ragini” Laksh said shocking both Ragini and Rudra. “How dare you? Who do you think you are?! You want to marry my sister? Have you seen your self?!” Rudra says angrily, “What the hell?! I told you that I DON’T LIKE YOU!!! But you never understand me… Just kill him!” Ragini shouts, Rudra then looks at Laksh and signals his men, his men starts beating him up, then they take him somewhere, Ragini is shocked. Rudra and Mamu go in. Ragini stops Mamu, “Where have they taken him?” Ragini says worriedly, “They took him to kill him where our usual place is…” Mamu says and Ragini gets shocked. “What?! I said it as a joke… Oh no…” Ragini says and starts running, Mamu gets worried. Ragini reaches there and shouts Laksh… (How they get killed…(episode 1) )
End of flashback.

Laksh is shocked and says “But she never loved him and…” Mamu nods, Laksh cannot get the story out of his mind, it keeps on flashing in his mind and he finally sees some clear images, “That night fell heavy on Ragini… Rudra thought she loved him too but without knowing anything he shot her. But look at the destiny’s game… He was blessed with Ragini again but as his daughter, he didn’t want his daughters name to be Ragini but I forced that name and now she looks exactly like our old Ragini but she’s different. Mamu takes a picture of Ragini and show some it to him, Laksh then gets surprised.

Precap: Whatever Mamu said was it true…? Laksh finds Raginis (old) diary… He reads it and is shocked… More mystery to unfold…

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

I think I made this episode boring… Sorry.

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I will soon write one on Ragsan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 10th June till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling. Ramadan is here, I hope all of you have a blessed month of Ramadan?
Love you all?

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  1. This one is really amazing. I usually don’t like reincarnation stories as l don’t believe in them. But this one is driving me crazy of curiosity.
    And another thing which l m fan in your stories is character of DP . He is so funny in all your stories.
    Ramzan mubarak to you.

    1. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

      Thanks Amna, even I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in the hereafter? I’m glad you’re liking it and DP is my favourite to mess around with…? I hope you continue liking DP….?

  2. It’s amazing halima… I loved it to the extreme.. Felt bad for raglak especially ragini she was shot for no reason… The new raglak nok-jok was too cute n laksh torturing Manu also… Plz update the nxt epi soon.. Can’t wait to knw abt ragini’s diary n her feelings… Its very interesting dr

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  5. raglak(fouz arshi)

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