Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 2


Episode 2:

Hello everyone it’s me Halima, thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all.

Also thank you so much Nusz, Zuha and Sunehri for supporting me, I swear no one else would’ve done that, not even my own ones, you also given me respect and my sister doesn’t even call me Api, thank you Zuha and Sunehri.
Love you three ??❤️?? and love you all ?

The story takes 22 year leap:

A mansion is shown beautifully decorated, inside that mansion two women are making arrangement, “Look carefully Sujata… Have we got all the list from the check list?” A lady says and her face is revealed and its AP. “Haa Haa Jiji, don’t worry, we have everything” Sujata says and takes the flower basket inside, AP stops a servant and says “Can you please check on Laksh?” The servant nods and leaves. DP, RP, Sanskaar come down the stairs looking dashing, “Where’s our groom?” Sujata says while coming out empty handed. Just then Adarsh comes down wearing reddish maroonish sherwani with Sehra. DP is wearing green sherwani with dark blue jacket on top, RP is wearing white sherwani and Sanskaar is wearing cream sherwani. DP looks at the time and shakes his head in a disappointment. “This boy is too much!” DP says feeling disappointed. Just then Laksh is shown rushing downstairs with comb in his hand and a bottle of deodorant. “Oh god, I’m dead for today…” Laksh is wearing pink sherwani and comes near them, Dp looks at what’s in his hands. “It seems like it’s his wedding! Useless!” DP says while glaring at Laksh, Laksh then says “Come on Papa, after all I’m the grooms brother and I have to look tip top!” “Unlike you who takes his rotten face and scares beautiful girls” Laksh says to himself but DP happens to hear and gets angry, DP then looks forward and says “We don’t have time for your useless things, let’s go!” They all head out. DP, RP, Uttra and Sujata and AP go in one car while Laksh and Sanskaar come in the other car behind them.

Laksh starts fixing his hair and spraying perfume. “Lucky… I’ll loose my car balance and we will have an accident!” Sanskaar says while coughing. “Sorry Bhai…” Laksh says while putting the deodorant away. “Beautiful girls…here I come…!” Lucky says while combing his hair, Sanskaar smiles and nods his head. Sanskaar stops the car with a sudden jerk, “What happened Bhai?” Laksh says while looking at Sanskaar, “I think there’s police checking…” Sanskaar says while looking out, Laksh looks forward and sees the police check post and the police searching DPs car. “I’ll laugh if they find a dead body in the boot” Laksh says while chuckling. “Speak positive, if that happens then Bade Papa will be in trouble” Sanskaar says while looking at Laksh. The police find a white bag and hold it up, Sanskaar and Laksh look on, “How can Papa be so ruthless? He chopped the body into pieces and shoved it in the bag?” Laksh says while looking at the white bag dangling from the constables hand. Sanskaar unbuckles his seat belt and heads there, DP also comes out. Laksh relaxes back and looks forward, he then looks at the place and all of a sudden he gets flashes. “Ragini..” The name echoes in his ears, Laksh gets disturbed, then images keep on flashing in his head, the a movement was flashed by Laksh, “Laksh!!” Is being heard again and again by Laksh, he gets disturbed and his head starts hurting, just then he looks up and sees Sanskaar heading here and the police letting DPs car go.

Sanskaar sits inside the car and buckles his seat belt on, “Are you okay Lucky?” Sanskaar says, “Yeah…I’m fine” Laksh says while holding his head with his fingers and pressing it, the constables check their cars, then the police talks to them through the window, “You’re Bade Papa is weird… I mean seriously?” The police man says, “Did I miss anything?” Laksh says confusingly. “Uh… I’ll tell you later” Sanskaar says while shaking his head. “You should tell him now… Anyways you can go..” The police man says and moves back, Sanskaar says “Thank you” and drives off.
Laksh looks at Sanskaar, “What did I miss?” Laksh says, Sanskaar lets out a sigh and starts telling Laksh, it goes into a flashback of when police was asking DP questions, Sanskaar reaches there, they look inside a bag and see a tiffin, they open it and see food in it, DP looks on. “What is this…?” The constables says while looking at the food.
DP looks down and says “It’s food” “We can also see that but…why is it hidden in the boot?” The policeman says. DP then struggles to speak, “Vo… I… I’m going to a wedding and… And this is food..I mean present for the bride..” All get shocked while DP looks on embarrassed. The constables shakes his heads, “People often give presents like diamonds and he gives food in a tiffin..” They pack it and put it in the bag. “Bade Papa… Don’t worry, you go I’ll talk to them…” Sanskaar says and DP walks with the bag. End of Flashback.

Laksh bursts out laughing and they reach the venue, Sanskaar smiles and parks the car. They get out, “Food for the bride” Laksh says and laughs again, “Don’t tease him, okay, bless him” Sanskaar says while locking the car door. They see DP and the family heading in and Laksh nods. Sanskaar and Laksh also head in.

Laksh looks around the place, “Behave decently and don’t insult me here this time!” DP says while whispering it to Laksh. “Don’t worry, it won’t be me this time..” Laksh says and controls his laugh, DP nods but realises Laksh said ‘not me this time’ and glares at him. Adarsh sits down in the Mandap. Parineeta also comes and sits down, the wedding rituals begin. Laksh is getting bored and looking around, he smiles and sees girls.

Just the a black car stops with a sudden jerk, a man steps out of it and walks in with two of his bodyguards. He is folding his hands and greeting everybody. Parineetas father gets glad and rushes there, “Arey, MLA Saab aap? I’m glad you made it..” Parineetas Father says, the MLA moves his hands and his face is shown, it is the same guy who had killed RagLak 22 years ago and has grown a beard and wears glasses. “Call me Rudra… Be formal” says the guy and he is revealed to be Rudra Shekhawat, the MLA. An old man enters on a wheelchair and he is revealed to be the same old man who is Rudras uncle (Mamu). Parineetas Father smiles and greets him, the man nods, “Mamu… What would you take?” Rudra says. Mamu nods no, “Arey, Shailesh Ji, take something..” Says Parineetas father but Shailesh/Mamu nods no. Mamu then looks away and Rudra walks with Parineetas Father.

Mamu is placed in front of the Mandap but a little back, Adarsh and Parineeta are seen taking Pehres while everyone are throwing flowers. Laksh is walking Mamus way but Mamu doesn’t look there as he is focusing on the wedding. Mamu then looks around and looks there but the waiter comes in between and blocks Mamus sight of seeing Laksh.

“Sir. Do you want any drink?” The waiter says while forwarding the tray, Laksh nods no and the waiter leaves, Laksh sees and Mamu is gone, Laksh continues walking. Laksh then sees a girl running in and couldn’t see her properly due to her speed. The girl stops and breaths, “You’re not late… Calm down and breath” the girl says to herself, Laksh sees the girl and she’s wearing red lengha with open hair and Jewellery with red ruby in the middle. He walks up to her, “Excuse me Miss…” Laksh says, the girl looks there and glares at him, “What if I’m a Mrs?” The girl says, then suddenly Laksh gets flashes and feels like he heard that before. “What do you want?” Says the girl rudely, “Uh… You dropped your earring while running…” Laksh says. The girl feels her ears and realises, she then snatches it off Laksh and walks off, Laksh is mesmerised and smiles.

Precap: Mamu sees Laksh… The girl is revealed… Mamu meets Laksh and the past is unlocked/ revealed… Maha episode….

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali

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I will soon write one on Ragsan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 8th June, till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling. Ramadan is here, I hope all of you have a blessed month of Ramadan?
Love you all?

Credit to: Halima (SuNusZuRahLima ?) A.M

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