Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) Episode 10 Mahaepisode…Mahayudh…Kaise hoga is Kahani Ka Aanth?


Episode 10… Mahaepisode… Mahayudh.. Kaise ho ga is Kahani Ka Aanth??
Hello everyone it’s me Halima with another episode and the final one,
thank you so much for commenting and giving me a positive feedback… I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint you all. Sorry for the earliness, I wanted to upload the last Epsiode and part 3.
The episode starts with Naagin, Laksh and Ragini getting shocked to see the Naag (Rastikama),
Naag: Ragini… So this Naagin told you the truth?
Ragini looks at the Naagin who is glaring at the Naag, he looks at the Naagin and laughs.
Naagin: Why are you laughing Rastikama? Your end has come!
Naag laughs,
Naag: My end? And a weak Naagin like you?!
Naag continues laughing, he then looks at Laksh and Ragini,

Naag: This Naagin is saying that she can destroy me…
Ragini gets scared and moves a little back, Laksh looks on. The Naagin attacks the Naag which makes the Naag fall on the floor,
Naagin: Run!
RagLak and the Naagin start running, the Naag gets up and looks at the direction they’re running in,
Naag: Till when will you run from me Ragini? Today you will be mine, but I need to kill that Naagin and Laksh!!
The Naag starts walking in that direction.

Laksh while running: Why is he after us?
Naagin: He wants Ragini and you have to stop him!
Laksh: I’m not that strong to kill a Naag and I’m not crazy either! Have you seen him and me? Kaha vo aur Kaha mein?
Naagin: You two continue running, I’ll try to stop him.

The Naagin stops and Ragini turns around, Laksh continues running without looking back. The Naagin uses all her energy to stop him, Naagin tune plays…
Naagin: Oh God… Help me defeat this Naag, what have you decided for Rastikama… What is written in Laksh and Raginis destiny? Kya Ho ga is Kahani Ka Aanth?
Just then all of a sudden she falls on to the floor, she looks up and sees the Naag,
Naag: How many times would you forget…! A Naagin can never DEFEAT A NAAG!!!
The Naagin moves back,
Naag: Your time has come… I will kill you right here!
Naagin: B…but it’s against the rules of Naaglok… A Naag can’t kill a Naagin without a reason…
Naag laughs,
Naag: Do you think I care?!
Naagin: You will lose your powers!
Naag: I wouldn’t, I think you have forgot… I am Rastikama!

The Naagin was about to turn into a snake but Rastikama attacks her, she gets injured, the Naag then closes his eyes and reads something, the lightening comes and struck the Naagin,
Naagin: Aah!
Naag looks at the Naagin,
Naag: I didn’t kill you! The lightening did!
The Naag turns into a snake and leaves, the Naagin is in pain and is breathing her last.

Laksh is running and running, he gets tired and looks back, he doesn’t find Ragini and gets worried.
Laksh: Ragini!
Just then Ragini comes,
Ragini: I’m tired, I can’t run anymore.
Laksh: We have to… To avoid that Kala Naag, I hope the Naagin is fine.
Ragini: But Laksh…
Laksh grabs her hand and starts running, Ragini also starts running.
After 20 minuets of running RagLak stop at a place, Laksh looks around,
Laksh: What place is this?
Ragini: I don’t know…
Laksh: Let’s go back.
Laksh was about to leave when Ragini holds his hand, Laksh looks at her, Ragini then turns into the Naag/Rastikama and Laksh gets shocked, the Naag laughs.
Naag: Laksh… How can you forget I’m a ichchadhari Naag! I can take anyone’s form!
Laksh looks on,
Naag: You must be thinking why I brought you here… Well this is where I will end you and your naam and Nishaan! Do you know why?! Because it’s closer to the moon!!
Laksh looks up and sees the moon closer to them, he then gulps and looks at the Naag.
Naag: Today I will destroy you!
The Naag laughs.

Laksh thinks and pushes the Naag on the floor, the Naag falls and gets angry, he stands up and turns around and sees Laksh missing. He looks around.
Naag: Come out Laksh, till when will you hide?!
Laksh is shown sweating and hiding behind a tree that’s in front of Rastikama.

Ragini is shown reaching a place,
Ragini: This is my last option…
Ragini then goes inside the burnt and old place.
Ragini looks around, she manages to cross over the fallen pillars,
Ragini: Where can it be?
Ragini then sees something shining, she goes there but it’s covered with the pillars, she bends down but couldn’t reach it.
Ragini: God… Please help… The Naagin only suggested this option, I need to help Laksh before it’s too late.

It goes into a flashback when after the Naag leaves, Ragini comes out from behind the tree and goes up to the Naagin, the Naagin looks at her,
Naagin: What Ar…are you doing here?
Ragini: Are you okay…? I’ll call for some help…
Ragini was about to stand when the Naagin holds her hand.
Naagin: N…no, I… Am going to…die, I can’t… Su…survive…
The Naagin breathes,
Naagin: I… Have…. Very less… T..time… There is only… One option left…
Ragini looks at her, Naagin closes her eyes and touches Raginis forehead, Ragini closes her eyes and a glow is shown, the Naagin reads something and continues touching her head, after sometimes the glowing stops and Naagin takes her hand back.

Naagin: I… I have transferred my… Powers t…to you.
Ragini opens her eyes and looks at her,
Naagin: O…only a Naagin or a N..Naag can get the N..NaagMani… You… You need to… To bring it out… From the old and burnt temple… That’s… That’s the only option l..left to.. Save you and L…Laksh from Rastikama!
The Naagins breathing gets heavy, Ragini looks at her,
Naagin: G…get the NaagMani… And t..transfer it… To Laksh… My… All my powers… Will with… You… Till the…sun…sun rises!… Have less…time… Go! The… The will take you to the tem… Temple!
The Naagin breathes heavily and finally breathes her last.
Ragini gets shocked and looks on, the Naagin then disappears, Ragini thinks of her words and stands up, she wipes her tears

Ragini: I won’t waste anymore time…
Ragini looks around and starts following the fly.
End of Flahsback.

Ragini closes her eyes. The bells start ringing and Ragini looks on, then suddenly she remembers that the Naagin said powers.
Ragini: If I use the powers then would it help me reach the NaagMani?
Ragini looks at her hands.

Scene shifts to Laksh and Rastikama, Rastikama uses his powers and throws the fireballs at every corner.
Laksh: Help… Oh god, I never done this before but today is the first time I’m saying help me from him.
The fireball hits his directions, he gets shocked and moves, the Naag sees him and laughs, he uses his powers and pulls Laksh closer to him, Laksh flies there and falls on the floor. The Naag then uses his powers and picks him up, he throws him on the tree, Laksh gets injured, then the Naag throws him on the rocks, Laksh starts bleeding while the Naag laughs, he then smacks Laksh on the floor. Blood comes out from Lakshs, head, nose and mouth. The Naag continues laughing.

Scene shifts to Ragini, she forwards her hand nervously and manages to lift the pillar, she throws it to the side and sees the blue NaagMani shining. She smiles at it.
Ragini: It still hasn’t lost his beauty…
Ragini picks it up, then all of the place starts shaking. Laksh and the Naag also feel the shake, Ragini looks on and sees all the place breaking, she stands up,
Ragini: How will I get out?
Ragini thinks, then small rock falls on her shoulder and she is injured, the whole place breaks the outside is shown breaking and falling.

The earth stops shaking and the Naag looks at Laksh, he glares at him while Laksh is bleeding and is half unconscious.
Naag: Your end is coming… I will kill you!
Rastikama starts reading something and a big fireball is formed, he then aims it at Laksh but gets shocked, the fire ball disappears from his hand. Laksh opens his eyes and sees a golden snake sitting on his chest…
Naag: Who is this?!
The golden snake moves to the side, then it transforms into its human form. Both Rastikama and Laksh are shocked. The Golden snake was no other than Ragini. Ragini looks at Laksh, she then gets the NaagMani out and the Naag looks at it, she puts the NaagMani on Laksh head and puts her hand on top. Then a glowing is shown, the Naag is shocked, Ragini closes her eyes and reads something.

A flashback is shown that Ragini asks God to help her, she bends down and suddenly turns into a golden snake, she comes out and behind her the place was shown destroying.
End of Flashback.

Laksh is feeling the energy coming to him, the Nagmani has been fully transferred to him, Ragini opens her eyes and looks at him, the Naag looks on shocked.
Ragini: I have this avatar since sunrise… You have to destroy him… Get up Laksh!
Laksh slowly starts getting up, the bells are heard in the background.
Ragini: Kill him Laksh…!
The Naag then throws fireballs at Laksh but Laksh stops it, the Naag gets shocked, Ragini stands up and moves back. Laksh angrily looks at the Naag, he throws the fireball back at the Naag but the Naag Ducks down. Laksh looks at his glowing hands, he then pushes them towards the Naag, all the power and current from Lakshs glowing hands is attacking the Naag. The Naag is shocked and is sweating, Laksh picks him up and throws him. The Naag stands up and tries to attack back but Laksh stops him and pushes him back with the energy and the Naag is flying in the air. Laksh closes his eyes and then pushes his hands forward which lets out the ultimate current, the Naag gets shocked, the current strucks the Naag and the Naag gets destroyed and vanishes the current is even heard. Laksh falls on his knees. Ragini goes up to him. Just then someone comes, it’s the Queen of Naaglok.
Queen: I didn’t believe my daughter when she said you could destroy Rastikama but now… I have seen it.

RagLak turn around, the Queen walks up to them,
Queen: Daro mat… I’m here to thank you… And take the Mani… You have proved that you’re capable of the Mani… But you’re not a Naag…
The Queen touches his head and closes her eyes, the Mani is transferring, finally she takes it and Laksh feels relaxed and closes his eyes, the light ball then turns into a blue gem/mani. The queen then looks at Ragini,
Queen: Thank you… And anyways your powers will go till the Sunrise which is in couple of minuets.
Ragini and the Queen look at the sky, they could see the sun visible.
Queen: I have to leave now… Thank you.
The Queen turns into a white and silver snake and leaves.

Ragini then looks at Laksh who has his eyes closed and is breathing heavily, she bends down, the sun then rises and she feels the energy being extracted, finally the powers are out and she feels weak, she touches her head and looks at Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh…?
Laksh opens his eyes and looks at her, Laksh stands up and so does Ragini. Both start leaving.

Morning at Shashanks house;
AP: Ji… What was that?
Sujata: JiJi… I saw a snake… And not only one… But two two!
RP: You’re gone crazy Sujata… Bhabhisa… I already knew Sujata is fully crazy but you…? Are you serious?
AP: My head hurts… I think it might be a dream but Ji… Was actually shot…
DP throws the newspaper on the bed,

DP: I couldn’t even enjoy a single wedding peacefully because of your nalayak son! Where is he?!
DP is shown sitting on the bed with a cast around his leg.

Just then Laksh comes in with bandage around his arm and plaster on his head.
AP: Laksh… What happened?
Laksh: Nothing Maa… When are we going…?
DP: What happened to you?! Usually you’re happy but today you seem lost!
Laksh: Yeah, I’m sad because you survived…
AP looks at Laksh while DP glares at him, RP giggles and Sujata is thinking about the snakes.
AP: Laksh! Anyways the wedding is tomorrow so we will leave after the wedding.
Laksh: Okay… But why are you sitting here? Come, let’s go and enjoy…!
DP: I don’t want to enjoy! Enjoying with you is like me inviting my own death!
Laksh looks at him, just then Nandita and Mamu enter,
Mamu: Sorry to disturb you…
AP: No… No need to say sorry… Did you have any work?
Nandita: Ji… Well, I have brought my daughters proposal… For your son… Laksh…?
A smile appears on APs face,
DP: What?!
Mamu: Haa, we would like our Ragini Beti to marry your Beta Laksh…?
Laksh smiles hearing that.
DP: I understand you’re daughters Layak… Susheel… Sanskaari… Beautiful and lovely but by marrying our son Laksh… She will have bad luck for the rest of her life.
AP looks at him and Laksh glares at him,
Nandita: Ji…? But as far as I know Laksh… He would protect and love our Ragini…
AP: You’re right… He will…
DP rolls his eyes and looks away,
Laksh to himself: Why is Papa ruining it for me? Kebab mein sari hui haddi!

Laksh then goes out while Nandita and Mamu talk to AP and DP. He sees Ragini standing opposite him, Ragini has her eyes down, Laksh walks up to her,
Laksh: Ragini… Trust me… I didn’t do anything… Your Mum came and asked… I didn’t…
Before Laksh could complete his sentence Ragini hugs him, Laksh gets shocked, he then also hugs her.

‘Kuch toh hain tujhse Raabta… Plays in the BG…’

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye

Ragini: I realised I have no one other than you… This rebirth was for us to unite… I… I love you Laksh… My heart slipped…
Laksh smiles.

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Laksh: I love you too Ragini… Since day one…
Ragini hugs him tighter.

Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta –

Then RagLak are shown getting married, all get happy, a little smile appears on DPs face. Laksh puts the Mangalsutra and Sindoor on Ragini… Then they take Pehres.
While marrying, Raabta tune plays…
*The wedding is over…*

Ragini and Laksh look at each other and smile, (Raabta tune continues playing) RagLak share an eye-while smiling at each other. Then the picture is taken.

The picture is then shown hanging on the wall, a women is standing in front of it, the women says “It’s been 6 years since our marriage”
The Woman is revealed and it’s none other than our Ragini in a gold blouse with pink saree and a Mangalsutra around her neck, she is also 6 months pregnant. A smile appears on her face after looking at the picture.
“Mamma!” A new voice is heard. Ragini turns around and sees a 5 year old girl,
Ragini (with a smile): Ishita…? Have you come back from school? Where is your Papa?
Ishita: Mamma… Papa is downstairs arguing with Daadu.
Ragini: Offo… They will never reform, you get changed, I’ll see what it’s about now.
Ishita nods and goes to the bathroom. Ragini goes out and hears Laksh and DP shouting.

DP: Pata Nahi vo kaun sa manoos time tha when you were born!!
Laksh: Papa… Don’t get too sad okay… You would get a direct heart attack.
DP: Then you would throw a party…?!
Laksh: A grand one!
DP and Laksh glare at each other.
AP: Laksh!
Ragini: Laksh… What is this?!
Ragini was about to put her one foot on the step when Laksh shouts “STOP!” Ragini moves her foot back. Laksh runs up there,
Laksh: How many times do I have to tell you that you’re not allowed to come down… Come lets go to the room.
Ragini: But Laksh…
Laksh takes Ragini, AP smiles,
AP: Laksh is so caring towards Ragini… I hope their happiness don’t get jinxed.

Laksh makes Ragini enter the room,
Laksh: Rajkumari… You should be resting.
Ragini: How can I when you make so much noise…?
Laksh holds his ears,
Laksh: Sorry…
Ragini smiles, Laksh also smiles at her,
Laksh: I don’t know what I would’ve done without you Ragini…
Laksh kisses Raginis forehead… (Rabtaa tune plays). Laksh then hugs her, Ishita comes out and coughs,
Ishita: Papa… You’re forgetting someone!
Laksh breaks the hug and Laksh picks Ishita up and kisses her forehead. Ishita puts her arm around Ragini, Ragini’s head is touching Ishitas one side while Laksh head on her other side.
(Raabta tune continues playing…)

After few months Ragini gives birth to a baby boy and they name him Vansh… A family photo is shown of Laksh, Ishita, a 4 year old Vansh and Ragini.

Rudra Shekhawat (the guy who shot RagLak) – Sudesh Berry (Dead)
Shailesh Shekhawat/ Mamu- Arun Bali
Nandita Rudra Shekhawat – Gungun Uprari

Shashank – Mazher Sayed
Avantika (Shashanks daughter) -Charlie Chauhan.

Queen of Naglok – Kishori Shahane
Naagin – Ishita Dutta
Naag/Rastikama/Randhir – Mrunal Jain

Ishita Laksh Maheshwari – Harshaali Malhotra

Vansh Laksh Maheshwari- Abram Khan

I think I made this episode boring and too long… Sorry. I know it’s stupid and ridiculous…like Naag and that but sorry…? you’re free to say your opinion ?

Do comment if you have time…

Um… I would like to say a a big thank you to all of you for supporting me from episode 1 till now, episode 10. I’m very glad you have been liking it?

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I will now write one on Ragsan and now that I have finished RagLak, then I will upload the first episode of the RagSan FF on the 25th June or later… I really hope you all would like it and I would be glad to see your comments there to support me… till then do comment, enjoy, take care and keep smiling.
Love you all? ❤️

Thank you once again for supporting me… And my FF has been nominated, thank you so much all of you for giving me that respect… And liking my FF… I will never forget this love from all of you… You all make me smile…? thank you?

I would be happy to see you on my RagSan FF, it would be called ‘Meri Dastaan (RagSan)’ I won’t force you to comment on it if you don’t want to but keep smiling and stay blessed ?❤️

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