Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RAGLAK) Episode 1


Episode 1:

Laksh is seen getting beaten by goons, sticks, hockey sticks, chains and legs are being used to attack him, blood is dripping down from his nose, lips, head and from the top of his right eye. “LAKSH!!” A girl screams in slow motion. Laksh falls on the ground and slowly opens his eyes, he then sees her and smile but coughs blood. “Ra…Ragini?” Laksh says slowly as he closes his eyes, she runs towards him and taps his cheeks, the goons stop, a guy comes and pulls Ragini from her hair, “Aah!” Ragini shouts, the guy slaps her, “Pyaar karti hai tu usse?” The guy says while pointing at Laksh. Ragini tries to free herself but he pulls it tighter. “Bol!” The guy screams. Ragini nods no nervously, Laksh opens his eyes and sees the guy misbehaving either Ragini. “Ch…chod de us..usse” Laksh says while coughing and trying to get up. The guy gets angry and kicks Laksh, Ragini looks on shocked. “L…leave him, I’m… I’m…” Before Ragini could complete her sentence, the guy takes out the gun and points it towards Laksh which surprises Ragini and makes her widens her eyes.

“Bada Pyaar aa raha hai na?” Ragini nods no, the guy shoots and Ragini closes her eyes, “See him dying!” The guy shouts. Ragini nods no and tears fall down her eyes. The guy shoots Laksh again and says “Hear him die!” Ragini puts her hands on her ears and blocks them and still has her eyes open. The guy shoots again and says “Speak about him and his death!” Ragini puts her lips together. “You betrayed me and I will never forgive you!” The guy says and points the gun at her head, someone comes and shouts “Beta, she’s your…” But before he could complete his sentence, the guy pulls the trigger and shoots Ragini. While falling Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh, she then lands on his arms and breathes her last while looking at Laksh.

“Throw their bodies in the river!” The guy says and puts his gun in his back pockets, the goons are totally shocked, they can’t even move, the guy gets angry and shouts “Can’t you hear for once?!! Go throw their bodies!!” The goons hurriedly rush near them and lick their bodies up. “Beta… You’re about turn into a MLA and you did this? If someone finds out then…” An old man says who looks like he’s in his 40s -50s. “Mamu, don’t worry, know one will get a hint!” The guy leaves while saying this and shocks the old man.

The episode ends on the guys angry face and the old mans shocking face.

Precap: Haven’t decided yet but the intro of the guy and who is playing him.


Hi everyone, I’m back, I know all, of you must be thinking that’s she’s back with her boring story’s, lol, but I’m hoping you would comment to tell me how it is and I hope you like it…
Any ways I am writing another FF at the moment too, so I hope I don’t mix up and clash and update irregular and upset all of you…

Do comment if you have time… Also do read:

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I will also read more and if you have any then do mention in the comments so that I can read them, thank you.

I will soon write one on Ragsan, Swalak and Swasan but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 6th June, till then do comment, enjoy and take care.
Love you all?

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Nice start. Story seems interest.

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks Nitsha… I hope you continue liking…

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      ?? Is it bad? Good? Shocking? Boring?
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) (Halima's Bestie) You need to rock the world!!

    I am happy you’re writing another Raglak Fan-Fiction!! I love them so much aha!!! Also thank you so much for always adding my name on the top of the list :))) You’re my best friend anyways!! Also wish you a great Ramadan month ahead!!! I love you doll!! Now my name is you being my bestie aha


    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thank you soo much Nusz, I really appreciated it, I hope you have a blessed month of Ramadan… Love you too and no problem. ?

  3. Awesome
    Waiting for the next one……..

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks PP

  4. Awesome
    Wow dear
    Gave biggest shocked in first epi
    Hiw does ragini related to that guy
    Who shot raglak
    Can’t wait to read the next chapter

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks Sonya, sorry for giving you a shock but I’ll upload the next episode on the 6th June… Till then take care.

  5. Nice start plz continue

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks Sanchami…

  6. Very very very interesting dear and plz continue

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api ??)

      Thanks Ammu

  7. Nice strt

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Priya

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Rithika

  8. Awesome start. I think the guy is ragini’s brother. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Prateeksha, I’ll upload ok the 6th, till then take care?

  9. Superb yaar… watng for nxt part…want to see wht happened to raglak…love ragini love raglak

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Fairy

  10. Nice start

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks S Priya

  11. Funky vision

    You hobo your rubbish boo I seen better stop making FFs

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3) (Halima Api Rocks☺)

      Who are u 2 decide, who to write FFs and who to not! And one more thing for ur vision that if u are disliking one’s FF please don’t comment, if u can’t appreciate 1 then please don’t disheart them, do u have any idea how hard is to write a FF, I guess NO!! That is why u are saying like that, just keep yourself in one’s shoe!!!And if u have seen better than this so go and read them, no one needs ur favour???
      And Halima Api don’t take these bashing comments on ur heart these type of ppl don’t care for one’s feeling…U write very well and continue with it rather than reading some cheap comments????Ur story is outstanding and continue with it? And yes, I am eagerly waiting 4r the next part, hope u update soon??
      Take Care☺
      Keep ☺ (smiling)
      Love u loads????

      1. Whatever your name is …….. I’ve better suggest u to write a ff and my bestie zuha said … U have no idea of how hard it is to write an ff…. And u don’t have the right to say a person to write a ff or not !!!!!! It’s their wish and it will be better if u not post these types of stupid comments … And don’t discourage others ….. Halima api plz I request u not go get hurt by these stupid comments …. U are always best …. Love u

        Sunehri Mehta (~ halima, SuNuZuRah besties forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)

    2. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thank you so much Zuha, I really appreciated it… No one done that much for me, thank you… Love you too ?? thank you for calling me your Api, not even my real sister would do that, thank you for giving me respect… I will try to upload soon, you also take care and have a blessed month of Ramadan. ?

      1. Halima (Nusz's bestie?) (Zuha's Api ??) (Sunehri's Api??)

        Thanks Sunehri, you supported me, my sister doesn’t even give me that much respect, love you ??

    3. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

      Yo you get the hell out of here, or I will hunt you down piece of trash, halima is amazing, she’s my best friend!!! Her writing is amazing , if your so smart, then write a ff yourself~Nusz

      1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie/Sis?) (Zuha and Sunehri's Api ??)

        Thank you Nusz… Love you…?

  12. Seems a great ff…..please right next part asap

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks Diya… I wrote a little but will upload on the 6th till then take care.

  13. Iits good. But not that amzing

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      At least you like it… And read it

  14. I like it but not that amazig

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks Rm, at least you like it ?

  15. Awesome 🙂 yeah i read my most fav raglak ff pyar tune kya kiya by riya what tragetic end but will come soon with s2 🙂 i suggest you to read
    1)Red string of fate (ragsan) by azure
    2)manmarziyan destiny passion obsession by our mmzians fav writer Gauri 🙂 you must read this
    3)thd pain that continues

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Emz fasa, I will read them, thank you for commenting.

  16. Awesome and thank for nominating my ff eagerly waiting for the next epi

    1. Halima (Nusz's Bestie?) (Zuha's Api??)

      Thanks, no problem… Take care… I’ll upload on the 6th

  17. Awesome. Nice start of the story. Lot of suspense. Seems interesting. Can’t wait for the next part

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Akriti, I will upload on 6th and till then take care and keep smiling?

  18. Wow raglak !!!! That’s gr8 Api love u and u do care about others rubbish comments

    1. Halima (Nusz is my Bestie ?) (Zuha's Api??) (Sunehri's Api??)

      Thanks Sunehri…thank you for supporting me.

  19. OMG, don’t you get bored? Any ways it’s k but not standered.

    1. Lol, what can I do? This is all I have to keep me entertaining, it’s better than you, any ways it’s good you actually liked it… This is my brother… He doesn’t like my FFs… Lol. He only commented because I told him that there would be actions… Lol

  20. Super u r back

    1. Thanks Priya..

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