Nafrat se pyaar tak (part 4)

Hey guys i know i took years to post this part so u have the right to curse me but sorry

Recap: sanky gets to know swara loves him


Family lunch at baadi

Ap: namaste sharmishtha ji

Dp: namaste shekar ji

Shekar and mishiti: namaste

Swaragini take blessings of them and welcome them in

Swara keeps on trying to talk to sanky but he acts as if he is angry on her and starts ignoring her

Swara gets hurt sanky culd see how hurt she was he felt bad but continued

In hall
All the kids

Uttara: so swaragini u guys r amazing frenz?

Swara: of course

Ragini: friends (smiles)

They hug each other

Swara sits down lucky goes and sits beside her swara sees sanky who turns his face away

Swara acts as if she wanted to get something by that time ragini came amd sat in her place showing lucky something when swara came back she saw ragini and smiled and sat beside sanskaar

Laksh was upset

Swara: varun so….how is ur buisness

Sanskaar: uttara tum ne kuch kaha kya

Uttara: meine kuch nahin kaha but shona ne kaha waise why r u ignoring her

Swara: ya uttara he is

Sanskaar: why will i ignore

Swara: toh talk to me pls she gets teary eyes

Sanky gets up saying: umm…mein abhi aata hoon call aaraha hein

Swara sees that he wasnt getting any call and gets sad

Sanky goes

After lunch

Everyone r present in the hall

Lucky: umm…can i have ur attention guys aaj i want to say something as all r present this is the best time to confess

Ap: kya hein beta

Laksh walks to swara and bends with a rose

Laksh: shona will u marry me?

Swara gets hell shocked she sees sanky who was hurt

Lucky: dont worry i will ask every one after their acceptance only

Lucky gets up: maa papa r u fine with my decision

Ap and dp smile: bilcul beta and shona is the perfect bahu if u both love each other we r fine

Lucky: mishti aunty shekar uncle what about u

They also smile and accept

Lucky bends again: shona now ur answer is left

Swara sees shoumi signalling to say yes she had a huge smile on her face

Swara got confused but seeing her mother so happy she accepted

On the other ragini who was seeing all this was shocked ran to her room no one saw her

In ragini’s room

Ragini crying miserably : swara and laksh how culd u i love laksh

I love u laksh

Laksh why did u do this to me she keeps crying

Sanskaar was hurt he was shocked by swara’s answer

Lucky after her acceptance immidiately hugged her

Sanky couldnt bear it and went from there

Swara saw this and felt bad she gave an excuse and followed sanky

They were in the garden

Sanky was crying silently

Sanskaar saw her and wiped his tears she was about to go when he pinned her to the wall making her shocked

Swara : v…varun woh…

Sanskaar: sh…..i am not angry with u and i cant be but i am really hurt why did u say yes

Swara: what matters u…..(she wanted ro know the answer real bad)

Sanskaar: i cant tell now i will tell u tomorrow but now i can show it to u

Swara: k..kya

He first hugs her she hugs him back tightly and cries for the wrong decision she made yet she was confused if it was a friendly hug or a hug filled with love

Then he cupped her face and they had an intense eyelock

Sanskaar slowly was leaning to kiss her but suddenly

Ap (from inside): sanskaar beta….kaha ho jaldi aao yaha

Swara hears the name sanskaar and freezes

He was about to go when she held his hand

Swara: tumhara naam sanskaar hein?

Sanskaar: ya

Swara: par tumne toh varun kaha

Sanskaar: my full name is varun sanskaar maheswari he smiles

Swara gets hell shocked but she still had a doubt and didnt want that sanskaar to be this

Swara: tum kiss college mein padte the?

Sanskaar: kolkata college of engineering (bad at naming some random name i put sorry) hmm..ab hogaya tumhara questions let me go he smiles and goes away

Swara falls on the ground she shreds a tear and then starts crying……

End of the part

Hey guys finshed another part so swara got to know the identity of sanky what will she do? She even accepted lucky’s proposal which three people didnt like swara,sanky and ragini

What will happen next

Find out in my next part

Thank you…..

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I think you have to show some romance fake scene with Swalak, and some situation who will lead them with Ragini for Laksh and Sanskar for Sanskar! But you can make also Ragsan as a pair 😉 I like the two pairs! You have just to give Ragini much importance as Swara, this is just my request 😉

  2. i really don’t want swasam to be together plz maje swalak

  3. Oh plz dont change pair dr.
    Plz make it swasan….
    Plz clear evry MU.
    Nice part dr.

  4. Please let the be swasan nd raglak

  5. It’s good Bt pair up swasan…. Plzz

  6. Cute?But please some attention to Ragini too?

  7. Make it swasan plz

  8. Plzz don’t change pairs Swasan raglak r perfect

  9. Superb and make it swasan and raglak

  10. I want swalak because i think ragsan can makea good pair

  11. Guys let me clear the confusion its gonna be swasan and raglak only sorry swalak and ragsan fans and sorry i didnt give importance to ragini next part sure i will give her importance

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