Nafrat se pyaar tak (part 3)


Guys am back with my ss

Well i am gonna announce if i am going to continue it as an ss or change it to an ff after this chap

Nafrat se pyaar tak
Part 3

Next day swaragini went to mm for lunch

Sanskaar was standing infront of the mirror for like an hour for the first time same with swara they never did that

Laksh was shocked to see sanky like this he thinks sanky likes ragini so smiled

Lucky: bhai uss ke liye na

Sanskaar: haan…nahin nahin

Laksh: its ok all the best

And he leaves before sanky says anything

Swara pgini r dressed really pretty

They both went to mm (here mm is not soo big)

Swara rings the doorbell sanky went to open it but as he touched the handke his heart started beating faster same with swara

He opened the door

He was totally mesmerized seeing her

She was looking very pretty

No one noticed ragini they were complementing swara

Ragini felt bad : pahem ahem i am also ghere

Sanky: sorry sis tu bhi bohot cute dikhrahi hein

Ragini: agar mein sis hoon toh shona bhi sis hogi na

Lucky was just lost in swara

Sanky: um…aisa nahin

Sanlak: shona come i will show u my room

Swara was stuck whom to go but she chose sanky giving the bahana he is big

Sanky was on ninth cloud

But swara chose him with the heart

Lucky felt bad

Ragini: waise lucky u can show me ur room mean while

Lucky : ok fine come

Sanky room

Sanky: waise shona how is our…i mean my room

Swara smiled but she said: bohot organised ho tum i like it

Sanky blushed

They started chit chatting

They were getting closet and closer

They were lost in their words

Swara: varun u r just like me good that i met u

Sanky: mee too shona i got my lady love

Swara was shocked he realised shat he said

To cover it

Sanky: shona look at ur expression lol i was kidding

Swara whispering: wish it was true

Sanky heard it: it is he murmered

Swara: kuch kaha varun

Sanky: nahin shona

Ap: beta aajao neeche khana tayar hein

They go down while going down swara trips on a stair but lucky catches her before sanky culd

She immidiately saw sanky who was jealous

So she got up

They went down

They had their lunch

Sanky kind of ignored her

Swara felt bad

At night
On terrace

Swara saw sanky

Swara: hi varun

Sanky ignored

She felt bad she had teary eyes

He noticed

Sanky: shona can i ask something

Swara: haan

Sanky: do u love anyone

Swara: yess and i realised today

Sanky thought she was talking about lucky but she was talking about sanky she realised as she was hurt when he ignored her

She was blushing hard

Sanky left in anger

Then swara understood that he misunderstood her

She tried calling him but he didnt lift

Shen he finnaly lifted swara was unware

Swara: varun i didnt mean lucky i meant u i love u pls dont ignore me

Sanky was soooo happy

End of the part

Thanks guys

Hope u liked it

Credit to: Pravalika

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