Nafrat se pyaar tak (part 2)


Nafrat se pyaar tak
Part 2

Next morning swara was up on the terrace even sanskaar was on terrcae he suddenly saw swara she was feeding the birds and watering the plants

She noticed him

Swara: hi

Sanskaar: hi btw i didnt ask ur name

Swara: s….

Shoumi calls her shona jaldi aana

Sanskaar: toh can i call u shona

Swara(smiles) : sure aur aapka naam

Sanskaar: varun ( guys his full name is varun sanskaar maheshwari swara knows that that guys name is sanskaar and i gor this idea from someones ff sorry i copied pls comment down whos is it)

Swara: nice name

Sanskaar automatically blushes

Swara was a bit shocked

Swara: ok bye maa is calling

Sanskaar: bye (in mind: tujhe hua kya hein kahi shona ko like toh nahin karta)

After sometime swara again comes in the terrace but this time lucky was there

He didnt disturb her he was just staring at her lovingly

Swara and he knew their names they got to know in first meeting

Laksh was lost in her when ragini comes up and sees him

She blushes

She says hi

Laksh doesnt reply

She feels sad

Then he notices her

Laksh: um…sorry hi

Sanksaar also comes up

And whispers toh isske liye aaya (assuming ragini)

Laksh: haa (assuming swara)

Swara was busy in her company’s work

Sanskaar : waise shona what do u do

Swara: i have my company and u

Sanskaar : mine is ….. Company

Swara: its in loss now na but it was the best company once

Raglak were not intrested so they chat

Sanky: i know he gets sad

Swara: i am sorry but any help feel free to ask me

Sanskaar: sure

Shoumi comes up and sees them talking

Shoumi: beta tum log humare ghar aaj dinner ke liye kyun nahin aate

Laksh: ji zaroor

Sanky : ji par ek condition par shona aur ragini ko bhi hum lunch ke liye bulayenge aur sunday family lunch

Shoumi smile and likes sanksaar she felt like she talked to his son: bilcul beta

Time forward
Dinner time

Sanlak come

Swara was in her room ragini was downstairs

Both sanlaks eyes were searching for swara

Shoumi: shona ko bulari hoon

Their faces lite up

Swara comes down

She says hello to sanky but laksh also replies

They start eating

Sanskaar says its really yum especially the dessert who made it

Shoumi: shona made it beta

Sanskaar: mm….thats why its tasty

Swara blushes

Laksh was a bit jealous

Aur yeh bendi sabzi is also awesome kine banaya shona ne?

Ragini blushing: nahin meine

Laksh gets dissapointed

Laksh: oh its good and bhai is right the dessert is awesome

Swara: thanks guys

Sanky: shona i want to discuss about the company can we

Swara: sure come lets go

Tehy go to terrace and dtart talking slowly the mood get romantic

Swara teases sanky in between so they run and sanky catches her but they slip and swara was on top of sanskaar

They were too close

Swara got up

Sankaar too got up

Sanskar: i am sorry

Swara : its ok

She was going but she tripped

But sanky caught her

They had a cute eyelock the moonlight made the mood more romantic

Laksh broke it

Laksh: shouted bhai come cown fast

He shouted fdom down they went down

They left

End of the part

Hope u guys liked it…..

Thank u

Credit: pravu

Hmm…am adding more swasan scenes and raglak is not right now guys it will take time and after five parts if i still get good response then this will become an ff


Credit to: Pravalika

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