Nafrat se pyaar tak (part 1)


Hey guys here u go with my ss part 1

I know my two ffs have to be posted pkp will take some time as its maha episode and ishq hua yeh hua +Proma Mondal shuld post

Nafrat se pyaar tak

Part 1

A girl is in tears everyone r looking at her and gossiping laughing she ran away from there

The girl was holding a flower

The girl is swara

She is walking towards a boy and gave a rose to him

Boy: kya hein yeh swara

Swara: sanskaar i luv u

Yes the boy was sanskaar everyone were shocked

Swara: i donno how to propose the filmy style i know only my style which is this

Everyone laugh seeing them

Sanskaar gets angry

Sanky: huh tum jaisi ladki pehli baar propose kari mujhe…..u know what miss chashmish i was with u only for help in my studies as per the teachers orders…..and u behenji types propose me and u think i will say yes huh…..i nate u ab samjhi huh…..badi aayi propose karne wali…..bohot stylish line mar ti hein mere upar aur tum yuck look at urself

Saying that he leaves leaving her in tears

It was end of college day

Their college was over

Swara went to her room and burst out crying ragini saw her

Ragini: di…i told u na dont put expectations….ab dekho kya hua

Swara gets up and goes to the mirror and breaks her spects

Swara: sees in mirror meri yeh pehchaan se hi log mujhe nafrat karte hein na huh

-leap of three years

Sanskaar : ok…mr sharma ji haan ok ji i will call later aaj ghar shifting ho rahi hein na so lot of work okay bye

Ap: beta aao help karo

Sanskaar : haan ma

They shift to a new house

Sanskaar: i am sorry ma chota hein pls adjust company loss mein hein na only for 3 months or so

Ap: its ok beta we can adjust

Time forward: evening

Ap is making tea for everyone

Ap: sanskaar beta laksh beta

They come

Ap: woh shakkar nahin hein padosionse laana

Laksh: par hum dono kyun

Ap: padosionse dosti karo jao

Sanlak: theek hain

They go its swararag’s house

Shoumi opens and tells them to come they go in

Mean while sanky gets a call so he goes on terrace

Swara was taking the clothes after they dried

They were moving back and they dashed each other

Sanky caught swara

They had an eyelock

Swara broke it: thanks did we meet before

Sankh was lost in her

Sanky: kya…oh haa i mean no i dont think so

Swara: ok…she goes down

Sanky finishes his call and goes

Meanwhile laksh sees swara and gets mesmerized

Then sanky comes down they take sugar and go

The whole day sanky thinks about swara same with laksh

End of the part

Hope u liked it guys

What do u say i shuld keep this as a ss or ff

Credit: pravu

Credit to: Pravalika

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  1. Awesome yaar and plzzzzz make it as ff

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    Awesome update dear…????

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  11. what yaar I know it is swasan ff but u all writter are doing same first you making love triangle between swalaksan then pair is swasan. but please keep pair as swalak.
    don’t thinks I scold u its only a request. because it looks similar story

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  13. superb.I knw it’s swasan fiction. no luv triangel between swara,san,lak.only my swasan…….

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