Nafrat se pyaar tak (2)

Yash was sitting at his office checking his mails in laptop..

A girl is shown entering the office.. all the staffs were wishing her.. She wavy hair floated on the wind.. she was wearing a short knee length red dress.. with a dark red lipstic..

She entres to Yash’s office.. Yash looks at her

Yash : Kiya .. tum yahan is waqat.. is everything fine.. Kiya : kyun hum yahan aa nahi sakhtae.. shayad tum bhool rahinho..kaal humare engagement hai.. aur hum bas toda waqat chahthe hai tumse.. Yash : I am too busy.. Kiya: Kuch nahi sunna mujhe.. agar tum mere sath nahi chalega to mein mom ko phone karleti hoon..

Just then yug enters the scene..

Yug : Bhai ko choddo bhabhi hum aathe hai aap ke saath..

Kiya : Uski koi zarrorat nahi .. pade gi..

Yash (annoyed) : Don’t you dare.. i told you that deal will only be mine.. If you want you can try but remember… you can never defat Yash Malhotra

Kiya looks at him confused..

Yug : Don’t get afraid.. its his bluetooth..

Kiya insists a lot and takes yash with him..

Yug : By god.. i hate her.. she’s such a gold digger.. I hope bhai get someone.. who will love him.. and not his money..

Yug gets a call

Yug : Haa..Maa.. aap fikar math kariye.. sab hogaya..

A cafe is shown yash and kiya as having coffee..

Kiya : Bahut kushi huyi ki tum aagayi.. tumhe patha hai.. mein ne nah… Humari honeymoon ki puri plannning karke rakki hai.. phele hum paris jayegi.. phir london.. It will be so much fun

Yash : Phele shaddhi toh.. hone de..

kiya : Tum bahut mazak kar rahi ho aaj kal..

She laughs out.. while yash passes a fake one Yash gets a call and excuses himself..

Kiya : I should have found another man.. who is mad on my love.. but this man.. all he loves is his business… Koi nahi kiya.. tujhe konsa isse pyaarwali shaddhi karne hai.. sab paisao ka khel hai..

Yash walks through the cooridor while talking to his phone.. a girl on black long top..

She was getting angry on some staffs..

Girl : Humne kaha tha na.. humae theen different sweet chahiyae.. aur ab last mintue mein kya karugi.. aaplogn na.. kamal karthae hai..

A staff gives her water.. she drinks a little of it and again starts… A waiter was bringing cake for someother coustomer.. But when the girl raises her hand and the cake falls down on a guy who was comming from the opposite side unfortunately it was Yash..

yash : What the hell…

Girl : I am so.. sorry sir.. i didn’t see you.. comming

She takes a few tissue paper and about to cken his shirt… He holds herchand tightly.. She looks at him with a shock..

Girl : Aap kar kya rahi hai.. Mr.??

Yash : You made me like a joker.. infront of all.. They are laughing at me..

He holds her more close… She tries to get out of his hands but couldn’t because.. it was so strong..

Yash : Ab log tumhare upar hassega..

He takes the left cake cream and spreads it all over her face … And leaves …

Girl : Stupid!!!!!


Yash’s room

yug : What are you thinking about bhai..

Yash : Nothing..

Yug : I know you are excited for tomarrow..

Yash : Aisa kuch nahi hai..

Yug : Par kuch toh hai..

Yash explains him everything

Yug(in mind) : Yaar.. yeh ladkhi toh bhai ki takkar ki hai..

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  1. Anuradha123

    Mind-blowing…. Fantastic episode… Very nice concept…

  2. Jasminerahul

    yash is going to get engaged to kiya who is after him only for money n he is not interested in him.oh.cake scene is so funny .hope she is going to be yash’s true love

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