Nafrat se pyaar tak – (1)

Meet the MALHOTRAS….

A corridor is shown.. a Man with googles and an bluetoth head phone in his ear….wearing a 3 peice black suit walks through it.. Few people are following him with some files…

suddenly a large crowd of media staffs covers him to ask questions.. His secratry asks them to ask questions one by one..

Media Person : Mr. Malhotra.. what do you think.. kya app ki new project sucess hogi….

The man is Mr.Malhotra he takes off his googles..

Mr.Malhotra : What.. do you think.. will it be a sucess!!

Media person : Its the same question.. which i have asked you sir

Mr. Malhotra : Don’t worry darling.. it will be.. as you all know.. Malhotras don’t play floop games so beshak it will be a sucees.. Ofcourse..

Media person : Sir.. log kahrahe hai.. ki aap is project ko hassil karne ke liye bade bade khel kheli hai..

Mr.Malhotra : Ofcourse.. i have.. and let the world know ki i am a good player..

Media person : Humne suna hai ki aap ki dad ek drunkard they.. and your brother is..

Mr.Malhotra( angryly) : Enough..!!! hum yaha pe business karne aayi hai.. so its better you keep it there..

He walks away with the same attitute.. and

A man follows him…

Man : Mr.Malhotra.!!

He looks backward

Man : Aaj is mediawalon se bhi kuch nahi kahan.. tumhe kya lagtha hai agar tum yeh bath kisise kahoga nahi toh… duniya ko patha nahi chalega… Socho.. agar tumhare chote bhai ko patha chalega toh kya hoga..

Mr.malhotra holds his collar..

Mr.Malhotra : Samajh kya rakha hai.. apne aap ko.. agar mere khilaf kissi ki awaz ude ga.. toh.. use mein dafna doongi.. so you better stay out of it..

Man : Aap mujhe warning derahi ho???

Mr.Malhotra : Nahi… i am just informing you..

He sits in his car.. while a few people comes and takes the man.. in there car..

Secretary : Sir.. now where do you wanna go..

Mr.malhotra : Ghar chalthey hai.. Mathur..

A big mansion is shown.. there is big garden infront of the house.. and a few cars are parked here and there.. it had a simole but modern yet laxurious entiror..

A lady waiting for Mr.malhotra in the door step..

Mr.malhotra gives his overcoat to another person..

She hugs the lady who was waiting for him..

Mr.malhotra : I am so sorry ma.. i got late

Maa : Its okay.. Chikku..

Mr.malhotra looks at his staffs who a smiles..

Mr.malhotra : stop laughing.. go and do your work..(they all goes he looks at his maa) Maa.. kitni baar kaha hai don’t call me chikku infront of everyone..

His mom takes him inside and serves tea for him.. She sees the new..

Maa : Ab.. sab jaga Mr.malhotra..Mr.malhotra.. I am so proud of you YASH..

(So guys Mr.malhotra =chikku =Yash mahotra)

Yash : I told you i will makw you proud..(he looks around) Humare chote nawab nazar nahi aaraha .. kaha hai.

Maa : Usse kya.. party college.. bas enjoyment

Yash : I will just call him..

A pool area is shown.. the whole place is a mess those who have attend the party is sleeping here and there.. Just then a man’s phone rings..

He takes the call..

He (sleepy) : Heeello….kaun..??

person otherside : Mein yash.. yug ka bhai..

He(shocked) : Ha… bhai kaho..kaha hai aap

Yash : Jaldi ghar aajo.. Yug..

Yug : Ha.. bhai abhi aaya..

Yug wakes up some of his friends and leaves..

Karan ; Darsh – Yug’s friend.

Inside Yug’s car..

Karan : Kya yaar.. yaha him aapne papa se bhi bahi darthae hai.. tu toh apne bhai se..

Yug : Yaar meri bhai mere liye apni dad se bhi zyada bade hai.. he’s like a god to me.. aur mein unhe har baat bhatha thi hoon

Darsh : Ha… ladkiyon ki baare mein bhi..

Yug : Pagal hai kya.. maar hi dalega mujhe..

Karan : Par talented toh hai.. iska pura parivaar

Yug : Matlab !!

Karan : Bade bhai business mein.. aur chote ladkhi pattane mein..


Yug enters the mansion with a bang.

Maa : Party katam hogayi..

Yug goes to his mom..

Yug : Mom.. woh.. i..

Maa : Tumhare bhaiyya aayi hai..

Yug : Call kiya that.. aab kaha hai..

Maa : Apne kamrae mein.

Yug : Mom.. yeh bhai bahut kaddozz hai.. i think you should give him a class… about not disturbing me.. while I am partying.. har baar woh aaten hai aur mujhe disturb karthe hai

A man comes on yug’s backside and gives a slap on his head.. He gets shocked and looks back.. He sees Yash..

Yug (hugs yash) : Bhai.. i missed you..

Yash : I heard that..

Yug : That was just for fun….

Maa : Aacha abb.. tum dono aayi hai toh.. mandir chale..

Yash : Oh.. stop it mom.. you know i don’t believe in all this.. agar apko jana hai take.. Yug with you…

Yug : No.. mom.. you know that don’t suit woth my attitude.. so ..

Mathur (yash’s sceratry) aarives.. Yash signs Yug and his maa to go. they goes

Mathur : Sir.. that Maheshwari’s .. they are not willing to give the place for our project..

Yash : Maheswari’s … they are facing loss right now.. aren’t they..

Mathur : Ofcourse.. they are and we have offered them best price.. but still..

Yash : Ab.. losses hai toh.. Humare advocate se milkar unke khilaff stay bhi kardo… Tab aakal aayegi unko …

Mathur : But sir..

Yash : Just do as i say !!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    yash mom scene was nice.yash yug relation is nice.yash is so serious but yug is so carefree

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