Hllo sweeties.. thanks for your support dear… maha I accept you as friend don’t worry about it… but I am missing u priya… I knew you will be in busy with study… so sorry for this delay… yesterday I was little busy… and after getting time… by reading all ff my day got completed… sorry after this… i will not make you to wait for me.. let’s move to story
Office time got completed…. abhi and pragya get out of the cabin…
Abhi: fuggi.. can I drop you as your friend…
Pragya: smiles and k..
Both abhi and pragya reached pragyas house.. dadi who is already waiting for pragya gives a pleasant smile by seeing them
Pragya: dadi why are you standing here na…
Dadi: I am waiting for you as today you started a new job na.. I don’t knew how it would be.. so I am little bit tensed..
Abhi: dadi.. there is no need of tension that I am with her na…looks at pragya what I meant is she is working in our company na…
Abhi started to go..
Dadi: abhi why are leaving so fast… come and sit for sometime..
Abhi: k as your wish… they entered house..
Dadi: you both sit and talk.. I will get some coffee..
Abhi: dadi you sit here… fuggi go and get some special for us… pragya look at him.. fuggi why are you looking me in this way… go and fast… she goes in anger.. abhi smiles…
Dadi: fuggi?
Abhi: actually I make a name for her.. to your fighting daughter… dadi is she always like this..
Dadi: smiles… I don’t see her fighting this much with anyone.. and I don’t see her in company with someone like this…
Abhi understand what dadi is up to.. he didn’t respond for that.. he just tried to change topic..
Abhi: dadi how’s this place? Do you like this?
Dadi: are you trying to change the topic beta..
Abhi: dadi I will just get some water he goes… dadi smiles..
Dadi ( in mind) how much you both hide.. but I see the love you both have for each other…
Abhi on the way go kitchen ( in mind); this dadi is too powerful… and see pragya still in anger… he sees she telling something.. so he hides there..
Pragya: vo kadoos… how? He is ordering me to get some special na… he don’t knew who is this pragya… if dadi is not there then I will show him..
Suddenly abhi came close to her and says in her ears..
Abhi: so..
Then what you will show me..? Pragya get tensed…
Pragya just make some space between them…
Pragya: then… abhi is moving towards her.. as she put one step backwards… he put two steps forward…then.. she hits on wall.. ( muskurayi yeh waja tumho plays)
Abhi: then…
Pragya; I will… at that time.. milk started to rise and goes out… pragya goes and stop it and try to pretend that busy in making this..
Abhi smiles and goes… at the time he goes..
Pragya; oh god… I don’t think he will…
Dadi calls pragya.. aagayi dadi… she gives coffee to both.. they have it…
Abhi: dadi now I am leaving now.. thanks fuggi for your special coffee… he goes…
Dadi: how sweet he is na..
Pragya: dadi.. why are you praising him a lot…
Dadi: it just what you felt na..
Pragya: what are you saying dadi.. she leaves…
At night..
Both abhi and pragya were thinking about the whole day… the times they spend together… ( beegi beegi plays)
Suddenly pragyas phone bells showing kadoos. With lot of happiness she attended the call
Abhi : hey fuggi what are you doing now? Are you thinking about me right?
Pragya: what thinking about you? Not at all.. I have a lot of things think.. then why I think about you..
Abhi: ohoo really.. then k.. I just called you to invite you in my birthday function on tomorrow evening…
Pragya: I knew that… already purab has invited me for the same..
Abhi: purab.. I don’t knew that… is he came to your house to invite you..
Pragya: no he called me..
Abhi : fuggi are you thinking about me na?
Pragya: no abhishek I just think about purab…
Abhi: thinking about purab is different na.. as you consider him as your brother.. but thinking about me is.. not like that.. it is..
Pragya: what it is?
Abhi : just find the answer for this from Yourself… goodnight fuggi… sweet dreams.. he ends call..
Pragya: what…? What he mean? Finding answer from myself… is he meant that… he is my… she just tried to recollect at their moment…
Ya he is my love… he too feels for me..
Abhi on the other side..
Abhi : fuggi.. you Will get answer for this.. as you are my love.. you too have feeling for me.. as I just realised it from you..
Pragya; is that so?
Abhi : is that so?
They both smiles and lies on bed hugging a pillow with a cute smile.. and slept…
Next day…
Bulbul… aliya…. purab… came to abhis room…
They see abhi in bed wrapping under blanket..
They in loud voice… surprise… happy birthday Bhai… they don’t see any reaction.. so they just take the blanket… there is no abhi…
Bulbul: aliya where is this Bhai… where would he be?
Purab: usually we Will wake him up na.. on his birthday then what happened to this year… is he got anyone who is important than us?
Bulbul: purab.. don’t tell any words against my Bhai… he is not like you…
Purab: k meri maa… let’s see where he is…
Purab came to kitchen..
Sarla: why are you here?
Purab: maa did you see Bhai…
Sarla: he will be in his room
Aliya: no he is not..
Preethu: I think he is hiding somewhere…
Bulbul: maa..
Scene shifted towards pragyas house.. abhi is just near pragyas house…. he is waiting there more than an hour..
Abhi: oh god.. where is this stupid fuggi? Why she is not coming? How much time I should wait for her… already in my birthday my brother and sisters will wish me first… but this year I need to hear her wish first… fuggi please come fast… as abhi feels someone is going to open the door.. he just started to pretend like checking his bike…
It’s dadi who opened the door.. she take paper and milk and gets inside..
Abhi: Oh what a fate is mine yaar.. all day pragya do so.. I wait here for her but look what happened now.. she is not all in the scene.. there is no need of waiting her.. god don’t like that.. as he just gets up.. he heard pragyas sound..
Pragya: dadi I am going to gurudwara…
Abhi continue to correct his bike… as pragya came outside and after closing gate he sees abhi…
Pragya came in front of him.. but he didn’t notice her as a part of acting… pragya: abhishek… he raised his face to look at her..
Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.plays..
She is wearing a green Saree… she Is looking like an angel.. abhi admire her..
Pragya: abhishek.. he came to sense.. what are you doing here?
Abhi: oh pragya I didn’t notice you.. as my bike got complaint.. I just checking it…
Pragya; is it k
Abhi: not yet..
Pragya: where are going at this time..
Abhi: me… gurudwara..
Pragya; I am going to same place.. let us go by walk..
Abhi : of course… they both started to walk..
Abhi: pragya.. just wish me.. how much time.. I need to wait for that.. ( in mind)
Pragya: abhishek… I just forgot to tell you one thing..
Abhi: oh now you got na tell me fast..
Pragya: actually yesterday I forget to get signature from you…
Abhi: is that you mean?
Pragya: haa.. then what you mean?

Abhi curse himself : abhi.. do you think she will wish you.. it’s all fool yaar.. it’s better to stay on house.. they both reached gurudwara.. and prays.. they both get out..
Pragya: abhishek… just wait… pragya take some thread and take his Hand and ties on it.. she looks at him… happy birthday my dear kadoos… may god always make you to smile like idiot.. and make you all power to always fight with me as rakshas.. they both have a eyelock ( sanam re play)
Pragya: I knew you are waiting for my wish right… I also knew that your bike have no problem.. I see you on road looking at my house.. and your acting as dadi came to open the door.. I see your anxiety to hear a wish from you.. what all this mean abhishek?

Abhi: so you knew all this then still you are asking me the same question right… so you don’t knew the meaning right fuggi.. k then I will tell what I mean.. what I am up to.Pragya looks at him..
Abhi: I knew you knew these all things.. you are just asking me to confirm it right… I see all this in your eyes.. fuggi.. I love you.. I love u more than anything in this world… this love make me mad and crazy on you.. in these days I always think about u.. I feel jealousy when you are with someone.. when you spend more time with any others… I always wish to be with u.. spend my whole life with you… I wish to always fight with you.. because those time you look so beautiful than anything… I wish to hug u tightly and kiss you on your forehead… I wish to flow with you.. I wish to be a part of you.. I wish… that your chashma always look at me.. speaks at me.. I love you fuggi.. I love you a lot… ( tum hi ho plays).. pragya look at him… screen freezes on them..
Hope you all like this..sorry for delay..I will be with next part on time

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