Hllo everyone… I am so happy by reading all of your comments… I didn’t except this much… I am really really happy that you all loved yesterday’s episode a lot… thanks a lot… you don’t knew how much pleasure that comments give me… so let’s go to our story….
Aliya: purab… you are really fall in love with pragya…
Purab: alu.. sorry aliya… I don’t knew what I feel for her… sometimes I feel she is my best friend.. sometimes as my sister… as my lover.. as my maa.. I don’t who is really for me.. but there is some connection between us.. between me and pragya..
Sarala hears this.. what pragya?

Aliya: haa maa.. bulbul ki dosth.. don’t you see her.. maa do you knew how she is.. she noticed sarala is not here..tears are coming from her eyes..
Purab: maa what happened to you?
Sarala nothing and goes… all goes to sleep.. sarla can’t sleep as the names pragya is still goes through her mind… she gets up and take a bag.. from a diary looks some photo and hugs it and cries…
It’s morning… abhi is getting ready ready…
Abhi: chashmish.. he sees pragya smiling near bed…
As he comes near to her.. she vanishes…

Abhi: chashmish.. u are really making me crazy on you… is this love? How many times I asked this same question to yourself abhi… chashmish… I will find answer for this question from yourself… he started to go…
Bulbul: bhaiyya where are you going?
Abhi: to office…
Abhinav comes… abhi…
Abhi: babba I am going to office today.. you may take rest for one day…
Abhinav: smiles and agreed.. as he thinks may be abhi is in tension by thinking if anything happened to him.. abhi goes… scene shifted to temple… ( gurudwara)
Pragya is in gurudwara… she is coming down.. while abhi is going through that way… he stops the bike…
Abhi: chashmish…
Pragya sees him.. unknowingly a smile raise at her face…
Abhi: chashmish… are you. Going to office… can I drop you?

Pragya: no… it’s k… I will..
Abhi: come on chashmish…
Pragya gets in bike… as she tried to sit… she placed her hand on abhis shoulder… both abhi and pragya feels some happiness at that moment.. it’s second time she is getting in his bike… but… abhi started his bike… while moving he is looking her through mirror.. pragya also feel it.. suddenly rain starts to fall heavily…
Abhi: chashmish.. lets continue after rain… abhi stop his bike and wait under some shed on the way..

Pragya is enjoying rain.. by putting her on rain… she smiling by it… abhi is watching and glaring on her.. ( sayyara tu plays)
Abhi: chashmish… why are you looking and playing at rain like a child..
Pragya: because I loved the rain.. do you knew in my childhood me and purab always playson rain..
Abhi: what purab?
Pragya remained silent… haa my brother…

Abhi: do you have brother…
Pragya: ya I have… but now he is not with me… he leaves me alone… pragya is crying…
Abhi: chashmish..
Pragya: do you how much I miss him.. when I see your purab.. I feels he is just like my brother.. no my brother itself..
Abhi smiles.. (oh god… so for pragya purab is her brother like… )pragya sees him smiling.. and get upset… abhi feels that what he did was wrong.. as she felt that he is laughing at her emotions..
Abhi: actually chashmish… why I smiles is that?
Pragya: I don’t ask you na..
Abhi: but I feels your eyes asking me this question… I think.. you and purab…
Pragya: me and purab…
Abhi came to knew what he is going to tell..
Abhi: you both are friends.. pragya smiles as she knew that what abhi really thought..
Pragya sees a tea shop there..
Pragya: abhishek… can we have a tea now?

Abhi: hllo… tea at now..
Pragya: if you don’t need stay here… I am going… pragya goes..
Abhi: chashmish.. I am also coming..
Pragya: bhaiyya two coffee.. is I am right?
Abhi: of course…
Pragya: don’t knew how much I like to coffee and hot samoosas at rainy time…
Abhi smiles by seeing her cuteness…

Abhi ( in mind) really cute she is? How crazy she is? She is really making
Me crazy on her.. I just feels to live my life just looking in to her eyes… I feels to share my every moments with her… her continuous bak.. bak.. her dancing hairs…
Pragya: abhishek… suddenly abhi came to sense.. where have you lost…?
Abhi : nothing and take coffee from her hand.. they both sit on the near by bench.. abhi is just looking at her … watching her ways… they both have tea by looking each other and by smiling…
Pragya:this is my first day.. first day itself I am going late.. what will uncle think…
Abhi: don’t worry as today.. uncle is not at office… I will be there… now your are with M.D. so no need to bother… she smiles…

Pragya ( in mind) how nice he is? While spending time with him.. I am just flying on air… I feels that I am the most happiest person In this world…
Abhi: chashmish… can I ask you one thing?
Pragya:ya sure as you are my friend now..
Abhi: friend?…
Pragya: ha friend just like bulbul… abhi feels some disappointment as he is just like bulbul for him.. but from his face pragya also came to knew it..
Pragya: and something more than bulbul..
Abhi: which means..
Pragya: which means nothing.. hey baba how much questions you ask?
Abhi: pragya… can I call u as fuggi…
Pragya: what fuggi….

Abhi: haa really… you just look like that.. pragya started to beat him.. but abhi ran.. they both become wet in rain… abhi sees pragya is just enjoying the rain… he watched her…
Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
You’re affectionate night
I am yellow star

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

These are blessings of God
That I meet you
I discovered how to live
After dying on you

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
You’re affectionate night
I am yellow star

O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
I will be yours
If you indicate once
Abhi hold her hands and make her stand on shed..
Abhi: fuggi… don’t play like child… you will get fever..
Pragya; isn’t it?
Rain stops…
Abhi: hllo madam.. if you finish your playing lets go now…
Both abhi and pragya enters office and engaged in works..
They both recollect the moments… and smiles..
Purab comes..

Purab: pragya… are you smiling…
Pragya: purab tum..
Purab : I just came to give food to Bhai…pragya for you also… maa has prepared for you…
Pragya: so sweet of you…
Purab: do you give to Bhai at time of lunch.. as that alu is waiting outside for me.. as tomorrow is bhais birthday so… we are planning some surprises for him..
Pragya: his birthday… k.. you leave.. I will give it to him…
Time passes.. it’s lunch time now..
Abhi went out of his cabin..
Pragya: abhishek.. this is your food.. as purab tell to give you..
Abhi: then for you?
Pragya: look…

Abhi: so let’s have the lunch together..
Pragya; no…
Abhi: what’s the problem.. as we are friends na..
Pragya: but.. having food with his staff.. what others will…?
Abhi: what other will? As abhi knew the answer he just need that to hear from pragya…
Pragya: k..
They both sit around a table.. pragya serves food for him… abhi is really enjoying it…
Abhi: fuggi… is your opinion about me changes…
Pragya: what opinion?
Abhi: that kadoos… rakshas…

Pragya: smiling.. haa little.. you are now sweet rakshas..
Abhi: oh I have got promotion from rakshas to sweet rakshas.. god is really great…
Pragya smiles.. they finished their lunch..
Abhi: fuggi… can I ask you?
Pragya: no need of permission…
Abhi: really what happens to your family… brother maa..
Tears from her eyes..
Abhi: sorry if I hurt you..
Pragya: it’s k… this pain in me.. is not by hearing your questions… I always have that pain in me… as after my babas death.. it’s too difficult for us live there as his business.. earnings

All goes to his partner’s.. as the house what we won is also become theirs… so we think to shift the place.. on that journey… I lose my maa.. purab and my brother or sister.. I don’t knew as she or he is my maas womb.. only me and dadi become safe… it’s my dadi who brought me up to this… I have no one other than my dadi… abhi tried to console her… she hugs him and cries..
Abhi: no.. now I am also with you… Prague looks at him..
Abhi: as your friend..
Pragya: smiles..

Episode ends…

Sorry I knew this is not that much good.. sorry I will try to do it better on next episode..

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