Hello everyone… thanks a lot for this love and support.. which makes me speechless.. I can’t express what I feel when reading you comments.. I am really happy each of your comments make me write more bring new ideas in my mind.. but time which is greater factor for me which keeps me away from all this.. k.. now I am stopping my Bak.. bak.. and will continue at the end..
The episode starts from Mehta mansion..
Aryan; Bhai.. I am going to do some arrangement…
Pu; aru.. I am also accompanying you…

Ar; purab.. kithana times I said you na. Don’t call me as Aru.. why are always weird names to everyone..
Pu; weird names..
Ar; yes.. just like Alu..
Purab laughs… actually that name suits her.. because she look like allu..
Ar; then why don’t you call your sweet heart by such names..
Pu; I will call her names when she is not around me.. because she will kill me if she heard that..
Ar; what’s her name then..
Pu; why are you asking the question now. As you knew na.. but for my self satisfaction I will tell that name.. bulbul.. short name bull.. laughs actually this name suits her na… she is always like bull.. in peak of anger no one can expect what she do.. some one past his shoulder.. purab turns to see.. it’s none other than purab.. a fake smile happens at purabs face..
Pu; actually he is just talking about bull.. as he fear about that.. it’s really dangerous hey na..

Purab look at Aryan who smiles Evily.. in a look that I will see you..
Bul; acha.. he feared bull right.. what about you purab? Bulbul moves her hands through his face..
Pu; in tensed voice.. actually I have no fear..
Bul; is it..
Pu, no I too fear that.. purab moves..
Pr; bulbul. Please leave him sometimes alone yaar. After your marriage he will be always with you na.. please give him freedom to enjoy his bachelor life..
Pu, ya pragya.. please understand your Salli akka friend..

Bul; k.. pragya then I have a doubt.. then why you don’t allow Bhai to have freedom at that time..
Pr; who told you that I didn’t gave freedom.. it is he who roam around me..
Abhi came.. hello ladies and gentle men what’s going on her..
Pu; we talk about Bhai.. he came..
Ab; that’s abhi..
Pu; haa… we knew that you will come as pragya is here na..
Ab; what you mean by that.. as I am always roam around my wife. Is it..
Pu; ya that’s it..
Ab; actually it’s your jealousy hey na.. as you can’t stay with bulbul like this.. placing his hands on pragyas shoulder…
Pu; oh god.. I have no jealousy yaar.. I feel happy if I too behaves like you then I will get mad by this girl..
Bul; purab you….

Purab place his one hand on bulbuls shoulder and bulbul is peak of anger.. purab place his hand on her chin..pu; bulbul.. I knew you are at peak of anger but I liked that.. because my bulbul look so cute at her anger.. her cheeks becomes rose.. her eyes become more energetic which pulls me closer to her.. bulbul started to blush.. someone is blushing now.. purab moves closer to her.. abhigya with Aryan coughs which makes purbul in sense.. but get shy..
Ar; so purab.. if your blushing over can we go…
Pu; aru.. now a days you are controlling and taughting me a lot..
Ar; ya because Iam free bird..
Pu; don’t worry you will also get trapped soon.. I am sure that the girl which made for you is dangerous.. he sang Michel jackson song.. all laughs. aryan get anger.. both enters car and goes.

They are moving through a narrow road… suddenly a car came from opposite side.. it’s really difficult for Aryan to go back because if he goes
He need go a long distance.. so he pressed horn so that.. indicates the opposite car to move backwards as there is gap.. but in opposite side too pressing horn..
Pu, it’s a lady who is driving car.. I think she is not expert that’s why. I will help her..
Ar: ya.. always you got melted na to help girls purab smiles.. he get down and move towards opposite car.. but till now too that car is pressing horn.. the horn sound disturbs Aryan a lot.. purab knocks on the glass.. the lady slowing moves glass down..Pu; hai.. may I help you..
Lady; For what?
Pu; I think you are not expert in driving that’s why you are not reverse..
Lady; hello Mr. Mind your language.. don’t you knew who I am I.. in my car there is no reverse gear.. so it’s better that you move backwards..
Pu; but. If we that so we need to go 500 metre backward..
Lady; if so do it..
Purab gets in his car..
Ar; what she said..
Pu; actually she is not ready to go backwards as her car doesn’t have reverse gear..
Ar; she is so arrogant and egoistic.. I will show her how to move back.. aryan starts his car and moves forward..
Pu; aru what are you doing.. he hits on her car.. and by that make it on side.. and he goes..
The girls comes out in peak of anger.. and yelled.. what the hell… uhh..
Pu; Aru.. what you have did..
Ar; just simple.. as she has no reverse gear I just helped her..
Pu: but..
Ar:purab.. stop this talk here.. she is so arrogant and egoistic.. and showing attitude to me..
Pu; but she looks cute and hot..
Ar:can I tell this to bulbul..
Pu:aru I have a doubt is you are my enemy in my previous birth..
Aryan smiles.
Lady reached her house… where her pappa is waiting for her..
The girl is out of anger..
Papa:saru.. what happened…

Saru:I told you paa don’t call me saru.. as I am sarnaya agarwal..
Papa: k sarnya what happened to car.. is any accident happens..
Saru; no… it’s not accident.. it’s a game..
Papa : game..
Saru; yes papa.. you knew na.. I always take life as a game. As in first round I got failed.. but in second round I will win
Papa; saranaya.. I couldn’t understand what you mean.. anyways get fresh. tomorrow we have a function so be here..
Saru, k papa..
She goes..
Episode ends..

Thanks maha.. priyanshi.. ( myna) actually I saw your name already… so don’t worry about that.. and I am too happy to get a sister like you as your comments really make me to feel your love dear… thanks lucky.. thanks Elinor.. yes dear.. it’s starts on your birthday.. and it’s going to end soon.. thanks ani.. no ani.. you have mistaken this new character is not to drag story but to end it fast.. yes priyu what you guessed was right.. as it’s his pair.. thanks Sangi.. I will try to make it fast.. thanks nasima.. thanks prathu.. no tank yaar.. I already kill her.. and wish to kill her in re all kkb too ???.. Emmy dear.. I have kept your heart safely which I stole from you.. nothing happened to it till now.. love you… thanks sugan di.. thanks minu.. thanks reshu.. thanks varsha.. thanks lakshmisiva.. sarnaya darlu.. sorry as I dedicate the new character to you.. but she is just opposite to your character.. sorry for that..

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