Hello everyone. I knew I am little bit late.. but what to do I am busy with study and reading all your ff… actually I feel so happy by reading that it make me smile and reveal from all stress.. I am each ff.. but because of time limit.. I couldn’t comment on it.. so all the best for all writers and I am silent reader of all your writings… now let’s go to our story..

All are at hospital in front of ICU.. abhi and purab are walking tensedly… pragya is sitting on a bench and crying.. sarla and preethu are trying to console her.. abhinav is looking towards ICU.. aliya and bulbul comes running..
Ali: Bhai… what happened to my nikhil.. I want to see him.. I want to see him Bhai.. I can’t live without him.. abhi hugs aliya and try to console her.. she keeps on saying that I want to see him..
Bul: what is his condition now?

Pu; we don’t knew as no one tell anything… he is unconscious when we reached him here..
At that time doctor comes out.. abhi and aliya rushed to talk with doctor.
Ali; doctor how is my nikhil.. now.. can I see him..
Purab takes aliya with him..
Ali; let me talk with doctor..

Doc; abhi.. his condition is critical… the wound is so deep.. and he lost so many blood too.. we are trying out best.. but you need to arrange blood for him immediately.. as his blood group is rare.. we can’t get that from blood bank… you must do arrangement for that and hope for the best..
Abhinav: abhi his blood group is Ab negative.. and it’s very tough to found someone with same group.. abhi.. purab.. abhinav.. stated to try for blood.. all are tensed… pragya and bulbul too started to contact all their friends… at that time someone place a hand on abhis shoulder.. abhi turned and see.. it’s doctor..
Doc; abhi.. don’t worry we get blood donor..
Abhi smiles.. all says thanks to god..
Doc; it’s your luck to get him at this time.. and don’t worry nikhil will get well soon..
Ab: can I meet that donor.. I need to thank him..
Doc; yes he is in blood bank..
Doctor leaves.. abhi and purab goes to blood bank.. and get shocked by seeing the donor.. it was none other than Aryan takur.. nikhils brother. Aryan sees them and smiles..

Ar; I knew you both have get shocked by seeing me right.. it’s me who make his life in danger and it’s me who is saving him too.. abhirab remain silent… I lose in this game.. in front of all your love.. till now I thought that all relationships are fake. They are just in words only.. that is what my life taught me.. I. Have only mother as my own.. she loves me a lot.. but she hates me too.. when she goes away by leaving me alone.. I have no one to care me love me.. it was during this time my papa.. takur came into my life.. proving that he is my father… the father which I don’t ever seen 21 years of my life.. I support him… as I have no one… but I don’t love him too… because he is the reason that my mother hates me.. as I am the son of him.. I stay with him to get all his money and powers.. and I didn’t value any relationship… but you all make me to understand the meaning of relation.. I knew purab and you.. can I call you as Bhai.. have no blood relations.. but you both will support each other and nikhil who is the son of your enemy too but you all loves him and care him.. and Nikhil.. by knewing that I am his brother. He tried to give me love.. as a brother.. try to understand me.. but what I did.. I knew what I did was wrong.. I have no right to regret.. but..

Abhi place his Hand on Aryans shoulder..
Ab; Aryan.. if you regret for what you have did.. which means you started to change yourself.. now you understand the value of love and relationship… we all don’t hate you.. and no enmity with you..
Pu; from today onwards you are the member of our family.. Aryan hugs abhi and purab.. bulbul comes there..
Bul; Bhai.. nikhil opens his eyes.. he want to see Aryan..
Ab; Aryan.. you. Just go and meet him.. purab sees him in tensed..
Pu; just go and talk with niku…
Aryan enters ICU.. He sees nikhil smiling at him.. aryan takes nikhil hand and started toCry.. nikhil place his hand on his head..
Ni; why are you crying like this bro..

Ar; sorry Bhai.. it’s because of me you want to suffer and need lie here..
Ni; smiles.. because of this incident na.. I get a loving brother.. aryan raise his head and look at him.. Aryan hugs nikhil.. during this time aliya enters..
Ni; aliya…
Aryan break hug..
Ar; sorry bhabhi… it’s all because of me.. please forgive me..
Aliya smiles. It’s k Aryan. There is no one perfect in this world.. everyone has some fault… those who correct their faultness are good at heart.. so you are a good person..
Aryan cries.. pragya wipes his tears..
Pr; I don’t like crying boys.. as this emotion doesn’t suits them. It only suits for girls..
Ar: sorry bhabhi.. I behave bad with you…
Pr; tu chup.. forget all things happened it past and tried to live in present..
Bul; so now all are happy.. and all sadness tears get away.. so let’s have Cadburys now..
Pu; cadburys??
Bul; haa… don’t you see in ad.. that we must have Cadbury if we are happy. All started to laugh loud.. purab kicks at bulbuls head…
After some days…
All are at mehta mansion..
All are around a table… having their breakfast.. bulbul.. pragya and aliya is serving.. and abhinav.. preethu.. sarla.. abhi.. purab… nikhil.. and aryan were sitting..
Ar; bhabhi you sit.. I mean pragya bhabhi.. you sit with us.they two will serve food..
Ab; ya fuggi.. he is right.. my little fuggi may feel hunger now.. pragya smiles..
Pu; little fuggi..??
Bul; yes purab.. Bhai need little fuggi…
Pr; but I want little kadoos..
Ali; yes I. Too..
Ab; so you are with her side right..
Ar: I am with bhais side.. I. Too need little bhabhi..
Pu; I am with pragyas side..

Bul; that I knew as you are always with pragyas side n.a… but I am with bhais side.. because I can’t tolerate one more Bhai like him now..
Ab; what..??
Ni; that’s true.. because of that I too with bhais side..
Ab; niku you you both are with my side because you can’t tolerate my baby with my character.. all giggled.. fuggi you have no right to laugh.. it’s all. Because of you..
Pr; what happened what I did..
Ab: because of you.. these people laugh at me.. they don’t have a fear on me.
Pr; fear for what?
Sar: hey stop this topic.. otherwise you both started to fight now..
Ar; actually we love to see their love fight.. that’s why we keep topic for make them fight..
Abhigya smiles..
Preethu: I want to tell you all an important matter..
Ab; what happened preethu?
Sar; actually we are thinking about engagement.. as we talked with swami and get dates..
Ar; when?
Abhinav: tomorrow..
Bul: tomorrow it’s so hurry na..
Pr; you all don’t get bother about as here there are lot of people to do all arrangements.. purbul and alikhil smiles.

Episode ends..

Precap; entry of a new character.. a girl is shown.. who is she.. what is her role in this story.. is she is come up with new problem to bring in abhigyas happy life..

let’s wait and watch..
Thanks myna, minu, lucky, ani, mukundraj, praths, sugan di, padma, lucky, priyanka, Trisha, Achu, varsha, rithu , reshu, lokha, saranya darlu, suha sis, durga dear, cute vanshu, lakshmi Siva, love you di, thanks padma.. you can read my ff from start by going to this ff website and replace the number from 1to 56 you can read each episode… thanks a lot for all my silent dudes..

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  3. This was Superb again ! Go on keep writing more sister. precap is interestinggg !and u had asked me before na didi what my real name was i think u did not read my comment in your last update . that’s okay My real name is Priyanshi . But my nick name is Myna .

  4. Loved it I remember this ff was started on my birthday as a gift from my sis haritha loved this ff and will love it all the ff s make me love abhigya more and more loved it especially Cadbury thing

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    Hey Aryan turned to be good! As priyanka said I too have the same doubt is that girl Aryan’s pair? Don’t tell me that’s Tanu

    1. HARITHA

      Don’t worry that’s not tanu.. she is already dead.. if you want her I want to make her as ghost.. but I don’t like her to the core

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    Really Haritha u just rocked it. such a lovely episode love it to the core. love u so much.

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