Hello everyone… sorry for stoping at main track.. so let’s continue from the point where we stops..
Aryan; now it’s your time to knew the reason bhabhi… bhabhi.. don’t you knew my fathers enemity with your husband.. oh my Bhai too… he tried his level best to snatch all hi properties.. for that he even kill his brother and his family.. but Bhai.. who escaped from that trap.. my father thought that he succeeded and he will get all property… but uncle who transer all his property to that abhinav…. my bhais new god father.. and there was also a condition that… if anything happens to your husband during that time ( till 26 age) it will goes to orphanage.. my father wait for that time.. when that time reached… you came into his life.. on that day.. ( abhis birthday celebration ) it’s you who save his life.. actually the goons reached there to attack your husband… after that we planned a lot.. but all the time you and your stupid brother purab too came as saviour.. after that we thought only way is nikhil.. that is why my father and me allow nikhil to be with you.. but he.. who plays an another game with us.. by acting in front of us.. he saves you… and make us fool.. and till now to get that property we have only one barrier that’s your so called husband abhi… but now.. there is someone else too..

Pragya look in confused.. the one who is going to born from you.. so I thought to end that story by now itself… ha… ha.. so abhi.. your countdown starts.. 10.. 9.. 8…
Pragya get tensed and look around..
Your too Mr. Aryan takur… a voice from background… Aryan turns and sees abhi.. purab and nikhil…..
Pragya sees abhi and goes and hug him.. abhi consoles her..
Ar; so you all three right.. pragya bhabhi… you did a great mistake.. I told you not to inform anyone.. but you.. now I can’t save your maa.. uncle and aunty… suddenly abhinav… sarla… preethu came in front of him.. you all..
Ab; what you think Mr. Aryan takur.. you can make us loss right… you underestimate me.. when you take two steps forward… I will take two steps backward to make me to move in front of you… you don’t understand..right.. k.. I will tell you..

Fb shows..
After leaving from pragyas room.. abhi get to knew that something is bothering but he couldn’t knew what is that.. during that time abhi gets pragyas phone.. he has already made an app in pragyas phone at the time of Mr. X to get to knew that all telephonic conversation of pragya.. from that abhi gets to knew someone is making pragya emotionally torturing and blackmailing her… so he thought to knew who is that… abhi takes his phone.. and calls rahul..
Ab: rahul are you busy… could you do a favour for me..
Ra; abhi… why are you talking like this. Is you got any clue about them..
Ab; yes… someone is calling pragya and telling that he will harm them.. but don’t knew who is he..
Ra:abhi.. do you have his number..
Ab; yes.. but I checked it.. it’s a SIM taken on nikhils name..
Ra; but abhi.. you just gave.. you knew na.. I can trap all his calls.. as I am perfect in that.. usually during our collegedays we both have heard so many romantic phone calls of our friends like this..
Ab; k.. I will message you..
Fb ends…

And from him I get to knew where is my family and with rahul and police I make them free.. but I couldn’t trace your location as your phone got switched off..
Ar: wow.. so what you said is correct I underestimate you.. you can do anything right… so which means I failed… ha.. haa.. ha..
Nikhil.. who came forward and slapped him hard.. till now I don’t knew I have a brother.. but its shameful to call you as my brother..
Ar: I too feel shame to thought you as my brother as you are with my father’s enemies side..
Ni: I am standing with whom who as truth or true.. dad is doing false… aryan please try to understand what you are doing is not right… you don’t knew its all dads mistake.. Bhai didn’t fight with dad or take revenge even when he knew he is behind his family’s death.. it’s our fathers greed to
Snatch all his properties… already we have enough na.. in case of wealth and everything..
Ar: stop this lectures actually I have no interest in hearing all that..
Purab who gets anger started to beat him.. abhi moves forward.. and protest him.
Purab leave him…
Pu; Bhai are you mad to leave we must make him in jail.. Aryan who is lying on ground stands up and take knife which is hides under his stocks and slowly move to abhi and tried to stab.. pragya shouts.. but what happened was not that.. nothing happens to abhi… but in that knife which has traces of blood… Aryan get shocked by seeing whom he has stabbed.. it was nikhil who pushed abhi.. he is lieing down.. all surround him..
Aryan in fear runs away.. abhi takes nikhil in hands.. and goes out..
Episode ends..

Sorry for boring and short updates.. actually I am busy that’s why.. but on Saturday I will come up with something large.. and the other ffone day that change my life is on working process.. may be I will upload it tomorrow.. I will try to do other ff too..
Thanks minu for your support and comment.. I will try to make next one lengthy
Thanks a lot di.. for each and every comment. You are the one who never miss to comment on my all ff.. and I too will miss you all badly..
Thanks myna for reading my stupid thought and supporting Me.. and may I knew what’s your real name.. if you have no problem..
Thanks a lot lucky for your love and support
Thanks Rithu dear… I knew you are dealing with an ff.. it’s really going good all the best..
Thanks a lot varsha..
Achu… I too wish the Same..I don’t want that day to come soon… because I don’t get any idea to end all the ff.. actually it’s all because of your support and love which makes me think and write more..
Sugan di.. how are you… I am not a perfect writer without you.. who always supports me.. and loves me lot..
Thanks priyu… actually I am uploading this part soon for u and ani..
My sweet aniyathikutty (ani ).. suspense is really killing u.. ???.. you knew na.. I will not make shocking suspense.. it will be simple and easy to guess..

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