Hello everyone thanks a lot for all this support and love… and let’s move on to the story…
Abhi goes out and calls someone….
After that abhi and purab takes car and goes.. and reached a place.. they off their headlight
Pur; Bhai is that place… are you sure..
Abhi; yes this is… nikhil tell me reach here
Pur; then where is he.. suddenly they saw a flashlight on opposite side. Actually it was nikhils car he just gave a sign to them as he is here.. abhi and purab get down and goes towards nikhils car… and gets in..
Pu: nikhil.. why this much setup.. it just look like a filimisequence…
Ni: purab.. will you stop your idiotic talk..
Pu; just chill man.. I just said this to make you both reveal from this much tension.. as only a mind with no tension can think properly…
Ab; k… k.. now nikhil… tell me.. is you got the clue..
Ni; yes Bhai.. I have told you na.. I have seen this tattoo some where… yes.. I am right.. I have seen it in dad’s car.. when I ask about him at that time. He told me he did that specially…
Pu; but.. what is the importance of that here..
Ab; there is because I have a doubt that if takur your so called dad is behind all this..
Pu: if he is so.. but that person who look like him..???
Abhi gets some message..
Ab; yes I found out the connecting link..
Ni; what Bhai??.. abhi; let’s go… and reached at Kingkong designers shop..
Pu; kingkong designer…
Ab; yes. This is the place which only drew such a tattoo..
Pu; how can we make sure about it.. ab; I already send rahul to collect derails… nikhil you stay back in car.. and check if someone noticing us or not…

Abhi and purab gets in…
Pu: excuse… I wish to Make a tattoo on my hand… can you give show designs.. they started to show all with them..
Ab; look at this.. we need such a tattoo.. showing the picture of tattoo.. they showed it.. the man who shows that tells.. actually it’s our special design which we did for our special customer..
Pu: special customers..
The person; yes.. and shows some photographs of person’s with such tatoos and him.. in that they find the person who looks same as nikhil abhi and purab sign each other..
Ab; is this nikhil hey na..
Person; nikhil… no sir.. it is Aryan…
Pu; Aryan…
Person; yes.. he is our special customer.. he usually comes here.. and we will create special design for him.. abhi signs purab something..
Ab: k.. we are leaving now.. we will come again in that time we can Make it.. they quickly leaves..
Person; what persons are they.. just now talked with me with full curiosity now look the way they behaving…
Abhi and purab gets in car..
Ni; what happens…
Ab: we find him
Pu; he is none other than Aryan takur. Son of takur.. nikhil look in shock…
Ni: what are you saying…
Ab; yes it’s the truth..
Ni; but how.. purab shows his address and name which he taken from the file when abhi signs him..
Ab: now we have no enough time.. we are going to meet Aryan takur in his address.. abhi drives car… they reached at same address… and keep watch the house…. abhi sees an auto coming there..
Pu: who is that.. they got shocked by seeing the person who is getting down from that auto… it was pragya…
Ab: fuggi…
Ni; bhabhi…
Ab; why she is here… pragya is looking so tensed and entered the house..
Ab; purab.. I think something fishy.. come.. they too follow pragya without her knewing..
Pragya knocks door.. it was already opened.. pragya enters where abhirab niku hides..
Aryan; welcome bhabhi… welcome to my house… for the first time na.. your are coming here.. what I will get to you.. tea or coffee or cool drinks… he takes a sweet box and came to pragya and takes a laddu and shows to her… pragya look lifelessly
Take it bhabhi… it’s just my happiness as I am going to become chacha.. na.. bhabhi why are you sweating lot..takes a towel and just touch her face.. pragya moved..just chill bhabhi.. why are you too Much tensed..
Pr; stop your blabbering where is my maa.. babba and aunty…
Ar: why are you

This much anger bhabhi.. just chill na… I have promised you na.. I will not harm them. And shows their videos on phone.. they are Tied in chair and struggled to get free..
Pr: maa…
Ar; bhabhi… I will not do anything to them.. as I have no enmity with them.. he make her to sit..
Ar; bhabhi.. do you knew.. I am too son of takur…. but no one knew that.. even nikhil too. My dad gave me a good and enough luxurious life.. that’s true…. I love him so much.. and he too may be he loves me more than nikhil. Ya we both have same father but no same mother… I came to knew that I have a father too.. recently.. that’s not my father’s fault.. that’s my mother’s fault.. why I am telling this all to you.. actually what I need to tell you is that.. my dad is in big problem.. it’s my responsibility is to clear that right.. so I decided to clear that now.. and the problem is you..
Pu; pragya..
Ar: I knew you are wondering how you become problem right.. I will tell you as the one who is going to die have a right to knew what is the reason behind na.. and laughs loud.. abhi loses him control but purab stops him
Pu; Bhai just wait. Let’s see what is the reason.
Episode ends..

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