Hello everyone… let’s move to our story fast…
Ab; I don’t knew what all things are happening around us..
Pu: Bhai what we do now… where we will search them..
Ni: we can’t sit like this..
Abhi suddenly got some idea and comeback with his laptop..
Pu: what are you doing bhai..

Ab: hey bhudhus.. do you remember I have fixed camera around this house and inside so we will get details..
Abhi started to check the visuals.
And look yesterday night visual.. and was shocked by seeing that not only abhi.. purab nikhil too.. as in that visuals what we all can see is that.. a group of people enters the house and started to break all the things.. at that time abhinav.. came there questioning them. Someone push him and he falls down.. preetho and sarla comes out and make him help to stand.. sarla questions them. Someone push her and her head hits on table. And blood started to come..

As abhinav.. again question them..
Someone came and abhinav turns to see his face.. it’s Nikhil.. all get shocked some conversation going on there but that’s all are not audible… goons take sarla.. abhinav and preethu with them..
Purab and abhi look at nikhil..
Ni:it’s not me.. that’s fake…
Pu:how can it be fake.. and the Time which shows on recording clearly proves that it’s you.. as during that time you are not with us at that resort and came late at night.. when I asked you.. you told that you just go for a walk..
Ni: purab please try to understand that’s not me..
Pu; no nikhil.. you are a cheater. You stay with us as a supporter and..
Abhi; stop it..

Pu: but..
Ab; I say you both just stop it.. I knew its not nikhil he can’t do that..
Pu: so you trust him more than this evidence..
Ab: yes.
Pu; but I don’t as his blood is not like ours.. it’s full of cheating…
Ab: stop it purab..
Pu; Bhai.. you just keep quiet.. I knew… my maa.. bappa.. and started to get emotional..

Abhi pats on shoulder..
Nikhil who was totally upset.. just then purab came near to nikhil and hugs him..
Pu: sorry nikku… please forgive.. I mistaken you… it’s not you who did all this..
Ab: what are you saying purab.. just now you..
Pu: yes Bhai.. I thought its nikhil.. but it’s not him.. uska hamsakal hei vo ( duplicate )abhi and nikhil look at confused.. you just look at this.. the portion which the video is stopped.. the person who like nikhil holding abhinavs hand.. there is a sign of tattoo on him.. which is not in nikhils hand…
Ab:yes that’s right… but how is it possible…
Ni: I have seen the same tattoo. Somewhere..
Pu: tell me nikhil.. where have you seen this..

Ni: I cant remember that..
Pu: nikhil.. that the best clue through which we can find them..
Ab; purab.. we can find him not only by that..
Pu: what you mean Bhai..
Ab::actually here only very less such places which make tattoos.. by enquiring about the design we can get it..
Ni: ya that’s correct.. at that time bulbul comes…
Bul: Bhai.. pragya wanted to see you.. abhi came to room where pragya is lieing on bed.. she is actually crying..

Abhi holds her hand.. pragya place her hand on it.. and place her head on abhis lap.. abhi slowly pats her..
Ab: fuggi.. why are you crying this much.. nothing will happen to maa..
Pr: abhishek.. I don’t knew anything.. but my mind tells that something big is going to happen.. if l lose my maa.. abhi place his hand on her mouth..
Ab: why are you talking like that fuggi..

Pr: abhishek.. you don’t knew.. my fate.. it’s all because of that everything happens.. god doesn’t want me to stay happy.. in my younger age itself.. he make me away from my family.. it’s my dadi who supports me at that time.. it’s really difficult to both of us to move with that life.. we need to suffer a lot.. sometimes people tried to misbehave with us.. as they thought that we have no one.. on that time I have strength and struggle a lot.. after that you come to my life..I got my all happiness back.. I get my family back.. I feel that I am most blessed person.. but again fate is playing game.. it started to make me away from my loved one’s.My maa.. uncle.. aunty.. if it make me away from you.. then..

Ab: fuggi.. what are you talking.. how can I go away from you..
Pr:if that happens then..
Ab: you just thought that at that time I have dead..
Pr; don’t talk like this abhishek..
Ab:fuggi.. only death can separate US.. nothing other.. and I will be with my fuggi.. in all her bad and good moments.. he wipes her tears.. fuggi.. I promise you that I will back maa.. bappa and preethu soon.. and don’t be upset.. if you upset my little fuggi is also sad.. pragya smiles..
Abhi make her sleep.. and when he felt that fuggi slept.. he goes.. but pragya slowly open her eyes..
Pr; abhishek..I knew you too was so sad.. and i can see that in your eyes.. how much you hide your feelings from me.. but your heart cant hide that from me.. if I need to go away from you to return all your happiness.. I will do that abhishek.. only for you.. I love you abhishek..tears rolled down from her cheeks..

Episode ends..

So guys. What you think now.. duplicate nikhil.. sudden emotional talk by pragya.. talking about going away from abhi.. what’s all this.. is that all a play to trap abhi and pragya… is what pragya felt is right.. something big is going to happen.. where is sarla maa.. abhinav and preethu.. so many get to knew answer for all this.. just stayed turned.. nafrat ki love story

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