Hello everyone all are waiting for new track.. so let’s get into that..

After whole incident abhigya..returned to guest house..
Bul: pragya… Bhai.. we are you both.. pu: bhai… we are ready to go.. come fast..
Ab: k.. just wait..
Ali: we have packed your luggage..
Ni: but bhai.. bhabhi.. where we’re you both..
Ab:we will tell that our journey..
They started their journey by bidding bye to maniyan and his mom..
Purab: Bhai…I am waiting to reach home.. as there is great surprise for I us to break na..
Bul: yes.. I want to see their happiness…
Ali: yes.. di from today onwards you will special care..
Ni: ya.. as my bhabhi is going to give me someone to play na..
Ali: acha.. so you are child na to play..
Ni: who told you that only child can play..
Pu: yes.. if you wish we can play now..
Bul: game..
Pu: yes..
Ab: but what game you mean..
Truth or dare.. said purab..
Bul: ya that’s really interesting..

Ab: nikhil you are driving na.. so don’t play with us..
Ni: Bhai…
Pr: no.. he too.. aliya will rotate this bottle for him.. game started..
First turn when It rotates it points on purab..
All shouted purab.. purab…
Bul: so I will ask you question.. only tell truth..
Pu: shoot it..
Bul: after getting relationship with me.. do you do flirting with any others..
Ab: purab.. you are gone now..
Pu: truly speaking.. yes now too I flirt with girls.. I roam around beautiful girls.. as I have lost that chances if I married you na..
Bul: purab and started to beat him..
They twist bottle again..
It stops at pragya..
Ni: bhabhi.. so now your turn.. who will ask question.. and look at abhi..
Ab: I will not ask as I knew everything without question..
Pur: k.. now I Will ask question.. pragya.. in this life.. do you love anyone other than Bhai.which means I s this your first love..

Pr: no.. that was a shock to abhi..
Ab: what I am not your first love.. oh god.. I don’t even knew that..
Pragya smiles..
Pr: yes abhishek.. I love someone a lot before seeing you.. I tried a lot to start a relationship with him.. but I don’t knew may be he has anyone or didn’t Like me.. he reject my proposal.. after that l came here.. and thought that I don’t get him.. now I have no problem with whom I led my life..
Abhi look pragya in irked…
Ab: fuggi…
Pu: oh.. it’s become a great twist in story.. after marriage that too at this condition hero is coming to knew that his heroine has an another relationship..
Bu: pragya I too don’t knew that who is he.. pragya look at abhi..
Pr: sorry abhishek.. I don’t tell you that truth because I knew that it will hurt you.. but.. now I will tell about that person.. it was.. abhi is curious to knew about him..
Pr: SRK.. sharukh khan.. you knew I am fall in love with him as I saw diwale dulhaniya.. film.. oh god kithana romantic and handsome hey na..
Abhi smiles as he becomes fool na..
Pragya place her hand on abhis shoulder..
Pr: abhishek.. what you thought na..

Ab: what..
Pr: oh my jealousy cat.. I saw your expression..
Ab: haa.. if you suddenly talk like that then..
Pr: oh my sweet kadoos and pulled his cheeks…
Pu:we too are here… abhigya smiles.. now the bottle turns to nikhils side…
Ali:I will ask you question… which is the most precious thing your life..
Ni: it’s my bhai.. abhi look at him.. at pat his shoulders..
Ni:I don’t knew anyone who can love me this much.. love you bhai..
Pu; so senti boy and smiles..
Next chess number is for bulbul..
Pr:I will ask you question… if you get an opportunity to scold anyone.. who will you choose..
Bul:without doubt.. purab..
Bul:yes… because you always irritate me..
Pur: because I love you..
Bul:is love an irratation..
Pur:may be so.. they both look at each other.. at last abhigya purbul and alikhil returned to their house.. as their car reached at house.. what they saw was shocked them… they all get down in hurry and get inside the house… all people who were at their house was looking at them.. abhigya stepped into their house… and get shocked by the scene which is in front of them.. their house is shown.. things all were messed up there…
Pr: maa..

Ab: preethu…
Bulbul: bappa.. they called out and enters to one room and sees traces of blood there.. all get tensed.. as everyone around three were silent.. abhi got anger.. a policeman came..
Po: Mr. Abhishek mehra.. we have tried to call you.. but your phone was unreachable.. your family is missing pr: what?
Rahul reached there..
Ra: yes abhi… I tried a lot to call you.. I don’t knew what exactly happen..
Abhinavs manager as well as assistants ram came..
Ram: yes beta.. when I came at morning the house is opened and I get inside I see all this and called police..
Abhigya.. purbul.. alikhil was totally shattered..

Po: don’t worry we are trying to find them..
They leaves..
Bul: Bhai.. maa.. baba… and hugs him and cries..
Pragya cries by hugging purab.. nikhil is trying to console aliya..
Pragya falls unconscious.. abhi and purab holds her and make her lies on bed.. bulbul and aliya got tensed..
They called doctor…
Do: she is perfectly fine.. it’s because of her stress.. but abhi you must take care of her.. this stress and tension is not good at this time.. ab; k doctor.. doctor leaves..
Abhi.. purab.. and nikhil sits in living room.. as this all happened in sudden they don’t knew what to do.. and even don’t knew what was happening around them..
Pu: Bhai… I still can’t believe this maa.. baba missing.. you knew yesterday I have talks to them..
Ni: yes.. I too.. but we must do something…

Abhi who is still at his thought..
Pu::Bhai.. what we will do..
Abhi ; how this all happens in sudden… I couldn’t understand anything
Episode ends…

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  1. Superb episode!!! Jealousy part is nice and the new twist is interesting

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  4. awesome dear. new twist is so nice. enjoy every special thing of yours. love u.
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    Wher was the family……
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  7. Sabeenia

    Wher was the family……
    Seriously, I love all ur twist n turns….different way…..
    Sweet sweetie………

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    Superb chellam

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