Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for this kind support and love.. adhi… I have posted your reply.. but I thought you didn’t see yet.. k… those who don’t knew about me.. I will introduce myself.. my name is haritha hariharan.. from Kerala.. that too from thrissur.. I am doing 3rd year degree in bsc physics.. ( this specially for you adhi ) my college is vimala college thrissur…

Let’s go to story now..
Abhi and pragya are shocked by sudden scream and they moved out to that direction.. yes it’s maniyan mom voice..
Abhigya get inside.. at that time pragya sees Raja.. who is going through outside.. they see maniyan mom lying unconscious..
Pragya sprinkled some water..
Pra: aunty..what happens? Why did he came here…
Maniyan mom: he came here to knew that if you both have came to see me.
Pra: for what?
Maniyan mom: as he has some doubt.. arunthathi.. appears in front of him and warns him too..
Ab: which means he get to knew that veer is also free..
Pra: but why you got unconscious..?
Maniyanmom: he came here to knew about one secret..
Pra: secret..
Maniyanmom: the secret which only my dad and me knew..
Ab: what was that?
Maniyanmom: that is… only way to save rajas life…
Ab: what..?
Pr: so that cruel Raja came to knew that..
Maniyan mom: but I will not disclose till my last breath.. because he must get punished for his action.. my dad voluntarily helps him for getting money.. but that’s was the greatest mistake he did in his life and because of that he need to face all miseries and died by vomiting blood..
Pr: but how that raja knew that about secret…
Maniyan mom; after all that incident happens he travelled a lot to get a permanent solution and the person whom he met tells that only my dad knew it..
When he returns my dad has already died.. he don’t knew I knew all this.. but when I explained you all this story he was also hearing this..
Look beta… he will surely harm you both… for saving his life please be careful..
Ab: fuggi.. let’s leave from here… and go back to our house..
Maniyan mom: that’s not possible as aruveer didn’t allow you both for that.. because they need your help…
Ab: then what we do?
Maniyanmom: raja.. can’t do anything.. as arunthathi will save you.. but he will surely trouble you both.. abhigya leaves to guest house.. and sees Raja talking with purbul and alikhil
Pur: Bhai where are you.. do you knew this uncle is too much friendly with us..
Pr: yes we knew everything as how extend he can go… Raja smiles evily looking at them.. abhigya leaves to their rooms..
Ab: fuggi.. we come up with a great trouble now.. it’s really risk..
Voice from background
Aru: yes abhi.. I knew what we are doing is really bad.. as we are including you both in our problems too..
Veer; abhi.. but we have no other option.. you knew we can’t directly attack him without your help.. because he is not old raja.. now he too knew some black magic..
Aru: but if you both are with us then we can take our revenge.. we can rest in peace..
Veer: abhi.. don’t worry nothing will happen to your fuggi.. as you are our rebirth… our love can’t stay along.. but yours is not like that.. you both will stay together… and you both will face all hurdles by supporting each other…
Pr:yes we will be with you..
Ab: yes veer and arunthathi we will help you..
Pr: tell us what we both needed to do..
Veer: just one help.. please bring him to that place.. where we get died..that too today itself at time of sunset.. as at that time if he use his powers too.. it doesn’t work

Aru:he will never easily came to that place.. as he has fear in US..
Pr: it’s k we will handle that..
Both souls goes..
Ab: pragya what are you saying…
How we will do that..
Abhishek you just come with me..
They both goes to rajas room where raja is looking at arunthathis photo..
Pr; oh you are looking at her photo whom you have taken her life…
Ra; yes I knew you both will come to meet me..
Pr: yes.. I knew you are in fear about losing your life..
Ra: laughs… losing my life.. no way.. my life will not end.. it’s yours life going to end soon..
Pr: laughs.. no Mr. Raja.. your countdown has started as till
Now you don’t knew the way to save your life… but we knew that..
Raja get shocked..

Pr: Mr. Raja.. we don’t have any plan to trouble you.. we will tell you the
Secret.. but.. for that you must come to a place..
Ra: where..
Pr: the same place where you end aruveer life..
Ra; no I can’t come there..
Pr: why are you tensed as nothing will happen to you.. as veer is not free till now..
Ra: yes.. but..
Pr: I knew you are in fear about the crime which you do..
Ra:laughs.. till now raja doesn’t fear anyone and that too you both..
Pr: k if you have no fear so you will come with us..
Ra: yes..
Pr: so we can go now.. they trio started to move.. and reached the same place… all incidents flashed through rajas mind..
Ra:k now tell me the secret.. the reaming one way..
Abhi beast him.. what you think raja that we will help you.. how can we help such a heartless cruel animal..
Ra:laughs.. so you both are ready for die..
Aruveer voice came..
Veer:you can’t touch them raja..
Raja get shocked by his voice.
Ra: veer..
Veer: the same veer who considered you as brother.. who has killed by you.. what you thinks that you can escape from us.. no raja you must have to be punished for what you did..
Aru: raja.. I told you that I will come back only when my ever gets free.. but you forget that.. now it’s ur time for punishment..
Ra: you both can’t do anything to me.. as I am not old raja.. I have powers with me..
Aruveer laughs.. but that too can’t save you.. because look its time for sunset..

Suddenly the water in the waterfall come towards him.. and he state to run and that goes behind him.. aruveer laughs on background.. and he get trapped in water.. water make a hole and take raja in it.. raja screams aloud.. it takes raja in air.. make him fall on a tree… and threes him to a rock.. and again make a hole in water and taken away… in all that raja is screaming and atlas remained silent. Abhigya look at puzzled..
Aruveer face only.. that means their soul came infront of them..
Aru: we have take our revenge.. now it’s time for us to go back.. before that we both need to convey our gratitude to you..
Veer: because of you we did it..
Aru:pragya you are really blessed to have abhi in his life.. he will look after you.. and never make you cry..
Veer:abhi.. you Will not get anyone like her to love you.. because that much she loves you they both look at each other.
Aru: when we both see you both like this we really feel happy that way life we both wishes to do.. is seeing in you.. god will bless you always..
Veer: and your little fuggi and little kadoos..
Aru: pragya.. abhi we have a last wish.. do you call your daughter in our name.. we have no time as we both need to go before sunset.. they both souls disappers..
Abhigya look around..
Episode ends..

Really sorry guys… I knew what I have written is a great blinder.. and I don’t knew what to write and that raja need more punishment.. but sorry for making you all irritated with this.. and I am ending this chapter here.. no follow-up on the story based on this track.. and going to open a new track… once again sorry

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