Hello everyone.. lets move on to story..
It was Marraige day.. all are waiting for the rituals to happen.. Raja and aru get ready in their respective costumes..
Aru father; Aru.. before marriage you both must take blessings from matharani.. so go and come fast.. actually she was waiting for this moment.. because this is the only way for her to elope with veer.. both Raja and aru reached the temple.. veer is already waiting for them.. aru happily hugs veer..
Aru:thanks a lot Raja.. it’s all because of you we both can unite.. if you don’t then..
Veer:ya.. Raja.. thanks a lot and hugs him..
Aru; veer.. don’t waste time come let’s go fast… they both started to walk.. but suddenly stops as her wrist is holded by Raja..

Aru:Raja.. leave.if we get late then..
Raja started to laugh aloud..go.. to where.. how can I lose my love like this…
Aru:what are you telling Raja
Ra:haa… I love you.. I love u lot.. till now.. I have a hope that you will change your decision for for me or for your family but u.. you won’t you love this ever more than me..
Aru:leave my hand otherwise..
Ra:otherwise.. what will you do.. I can’t lose you.. I can’t see you with him.. come back.. aru.. accept my love..
Aru slaps him.. but he laughs
Ra: beat more.. but when you touched at my body what I feel is so cool..
Aru: chee.. veer and Raja started to fight.. but at that time rajas goons reached and hold veer..

Aru shouts.. Raja holds aru ki hands
Ra:: veer today I will show you.. that I will win.. from my childhood till now.. you always win.. and make me lose.. but today I am going to fail.. I am going to snatch your love from you.. this is the day for which I have waited.. today me and aru will become one..

Aru:no Raja.. What you thought was really wrong you can’t snatch our love..
Ra: ya I knew that.. I can’t snatch it.. if anything happens to him.. it will hurt you.. and I can’t see you in pain.. that’s why I make him alive.. but now I can’t because then I will lose you..
Aru:are you thinking that you can get my love by killing him.. no.. if you did so.. I will also give my life for him..
Raja laughs.. what a love.. she is ready to give her life.. for you.. so that much love na.. now Raja holds arus hairs..

Ra: then why don’t you see my love.. why don’t you.. you always feel that I am a stupid.. do you knew how much I loves you.. he opens his Sherwani.. and make her to see what was written in his chest near heart position.. I love you arunththi..
Aru; Raja.. these are not real love..
Ra; my love is not real.. then what about your love.. what makes you to attract towards him.. his looks.. muscles attitude.. talks..
Aru:not this.. his heart.. in that I can see his love..

Aruveer look at each other..
Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun kahi
Vaapas kinare pe aana
Main bhool na jaun kahi

Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khwabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahaara bano

Ik tumhein chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi
Raja who sees this get anger more..

Ra; oh again.. your eyelocks.. he takes some photos.. in which aru and raja… aru and veer.. in this photo’s.. look how you pose for me and him.. you always tries to avoid me.. I love you aru.. please accept my love.. I will do what ever you says.. I will change myself..
Aru: if you do so..
Veer:no achu.. don’t fall in his traps..
Raja get anger and slaps him..
Aru: if you do so.. then release him..

Ra: do you think I am mad.. till now.. I feel that love can’t snatched from one.. you must feel that. I tried my level best for that.. now I am sure that I can’t get you.. I don’t wish to marry you without your wish. There is no meaning in that relationship..
Aru: I knew that Raja.. you must realize it.. thanks raja.. now release veer.. Raja laughs..

Ra: I can’t get you.. but I can feel you..
Pr: what you mean..
Ra; I have no problem by making you both together you can.. but the one whoTouches you.. feel you.. will be me.. after that ever can.. I think in this one I can win him..
Aru slaps him.. chee.. I don’t think you will fall this much.. I really feel potty.. to myself.. for considering you as my friends..

Raja take her in his arm.. aru.. struggle with him.. goons take ever too..
They reached near waterfall there is a house on this valley.
Veer is tied on a pillar..
Ra: today is our first night… it will be fun na.. in front of him.. I am going to feel you..
Veer is struggling to untie him and save her..
He shouts Raja.. achu..
Ra; come aru.. come to me.. he is coming closer.. while she is going backwards.. and hitting on wall..
Ra: now where will you escaped.
Raja takes her in his arm.. and make her fall on bed.. she is trying to escape but she can’t.. in front of veers eyes Raja feels aru.. like an animal.. fighting for his prey for food
After some time..

Raja stands up.. and wear his. dress.. like a hero.. and unties veer.. there happens a large fight between them.. they both stops by hearing a sound its aru.. she is standing on waterfall.. veer calls achu..
Aru: don’t come close to Me.. I will jump..

Veer: no achu.. please don’t do..
Aru: veer.. I am not lucky to have you.. now I am not pure.. I feel putty to myself.. I can’t live like this.. I am going away from you..
Veer: no achu.. don’t do like this.. I need you..
Aru: no veer.. I can’t forget what happened now.. I can’t destroy your life.. before going.. she takes a ring on her finger.. and throw to him.. and tells him to wear that he did so.. this is what you give to me.. as the symbol of our love.. I have no right to wear it now.. I am not worth for it..

Veer: achu what are you saying..
Aru: ever you must go ahead in your life.. don’t live in my memories..
Ra:no… aru don’t do this.. it’s all because of you veer.. because of you I wanted to behave like this to her.. he takes a knife and stabs him 3 times.. aru calls veer.. veer started to falls down.. aru holds him.. and make him lie on her lap.. and takes that knife..

Veer: I can’t protect you.. I can’t save you.. it’s all my fault. I love you achu..
Raja holds her hand..
Ra; now he will die.. this much things have happened now come with me aru..
Arunthathi take the knife.. and tries to stab him.. but Raja takes that knife.. and stabs her.. I don’t wish to do so.. but it’s all fate..
Raja calls goons.. and tell them.. threw them to this waterfall.. at that time too they both are alive.. goons throw them.. they both tries to hold their hands.. while falling down..

Episode ends..

Sorry guys for this tragedy… I knew you all will feel bad.. and will anger on me.. I don’t wish to insult women..the incident which I mentioned is real.. but it happens not in this way.. but I make it like this..

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  1. hi dear epi nice sad 4 adhu n kill animal raja

    i complete my degree bba n 1.5 year working in chennai

    now i am at home as help my sis n bro education dear

    thanks 4 u love dear………..

  2. Ohhhhh God sooo sad part yaar really today’s episode s soooo sad n really tat Raja till now alive he shd get a well deserved punishment…

  3. Princesskrisha

    So sad di that raja I wanna kill him feeling pity for aruveer di I want to see raja suffering di so emotional di

  4. So sad ! ?But then superbly written greenie !? Keep rocking !? Love u !?

  5. B_Ani

    oh no…so sad…i feel very bad for condition of women…but what to do?
    and, what is this chechi? where is the remaining part? did they hold their hands? you tell me that soon…else my head will explode into pieces.

  6. Saranya24

    So sad?but nice darlu loved it love u????

  7. so sad di..feel pitty for aruveer di…waiting for next

  8. Asmithaa

    Oh idiot raja!!???? I will kill him… Anyway awesome episode..

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