Hello everyone… let’s go directly to story..

Abhi calls fuggi… fuggi and sprinkle some water.. she didn’t gets up..
Abhi get panicked and calls purab.. all are in tensed..
Maniyan calls doctor.. doctor started to examine her.. abhi is standing out with full tension..
Doctor; congrats abhi.. you are going to become a dad… abhi started blushing.. and rushed to see pragya… pragya sees abhi.. and get shy.. abhi come and sit near her and hugs her.. place a kiss on her forehead.. and kisses on her tummy..
All others get inside.. and hugs pragya and abhi..

Pu:Bhai.. we need a party..
Ab; ya of course purab.. we need enjoy it hey na.. fuggi..
Ali: I will inform maa now.. takes phone..
Abhi take it from her hand..
Ab: no aliya.. don’t call her now.. we will inform when we reached there so we can watch their excitement directly..
Pu: k Bhai.. you both sit here.. we are going.. all leaves.. abhi looks at pragya..
Ab; fuggi I am going to become a dad.. of my little fuggi..

It was during this time.. pragya remembered about the another abhi.. who told it at first.. pragya feels that it’s really a sign..
Ab: fuggi what are thinking off..
Pr; abhishek.. don’t tease me.. what I am speaking is really true.. don’t think all this as illusion or I am mad.. she explained everything..
Pr: are you thinking this all are my illusion now..
Ab: no fuggi.. I can understand now.. how can I say so.. I have full trust in my fuggi… but how all this possible.. that’s what I am thinking of.. arundhthi veer.. from where we will knew about this..
Pr; from maniyan ki mom se..
Ab: what?
Pr: haa.. abhi she knew something.. pragya mentioned what she talked.. abhigya go to meet maniyans mother..
Ab: mani where your mom..
Mani: sir she go to home..and she was tried. do you need something..
Ab:no I just to knew something.. that’s it..
Man: can I help you?
Ab: your mom talk about arundhathi and veer who are they..
Mani:actually I too don’t knew too much about them.. but they both are staying in this house.. actually this is theirs..
Ab; now where are they..
Mani: I don’t knew anything more.. may be maa.. knew.. I will call her..
Ab:,no mani.. if your maa comes just inform me.. mani.. if there is some picture of them..
Mani: may be it will be on store room..
Ab:k I will check it.. both abhi and pragya goes to store room and started their searching.. it’s too difficult for them.. because it’s full of dust.. they slowly started the mission.. but couldn’t find anything.. at last when they lost the last hope.. pragya sees something near the wall.. ya.. it’s was the big portrait of abhigya.. the photo which pragya sees..
Pr: abhi this is the photo which I have seen… abhi get shocked by this..
Ab: how this possible fuggi.. is a person have this much resemblance. Pr: I too thinking the same..
Ab:but it’s really a lovely photo na.. look like us.. they both are really mad for each other.. it was during this time abhi sees a diary in the place where he gets the photo.. he takes it and opens.. where there is a photo of pragya.. front page is written with Arundhathi varma..
Ab; fuggi.. I think it’s the diary of that arunthathi.. both abhi and pragya get out of the store room and goes to their room.. they both are so curious to read that diary…

They opened the diary….
I am arunthathi varma.. daughter of rajendra varma and radhika varma..
Ya.. I am member of a rich family.. and living as a joint family… ya.. my father have 2 brothers and one sister.. Suresh varma.. suraj varma.. and sister radha varma…k i will drew some family sketch…there is apic is shown..ha..radhavarma and his family is missing right…there are not there because my aunty and her husband passed away see a person just near to me holding my hand..that is my veer ..veer varma..
actually aunty married to person whom he doesnt like that too by elpoing from the marraige which my dad has arranged for her..k my bada uncle dont have their own childthey are look afterind veer as their own child..
my chota uncle ki son hey..raja,,who is sitting next to me..ya we three are the new generation of the family..

do you knew arundhathi loves veer alot from her childhood..
but she dont knew what is his view on i decided to talk to him..
k i will tell this as a story..

fb shows..
aru:raja..where is veer?
ra:veer is at balcony..taking with rani..
arundhathi get angry..
this rani is always behind my veer..when arunthathi sees them..veer is holding rani ki hath..she gets angry and goes..veer who sees this..follow her..
vee:achu what happened to you?
vee:i knew you are so anger to see me with rani..
aru:may be
veer:you knew na..she is my best friend…we becomes friends before we both met..
aru:i knew she is important for you than me..
veer:are u jealous?
aru”no and she moves..
veer:do you love me?that question make pragya stuck..
i asked you would you love me?
aru: haa..i loves you and hugs him..
fb ends

pr:abhishek..what a different love much they are mad for each other..lets continue reading..but after that..all pages are tiered what remains is last page,,
this diary will get to ones who are the rebirth of us(only in looks)
they have to do something for us..because after that our soul will rest in peeace.
with love veer..arunthathi
.abhigya got shocked..
ab:which means their souls are around us..
pr:abhi i told you na..i have seen someone like you..
ab:so what i seen is not you..
ab:haa..fuggi yesterday night..when i make you sleep and goes out..

fb shows..
when abhi after reading some books returned to room..sees pragya siting on the garden through window..he goesto garden..
ab: i made you sleep ..but you are imes life is like this..what i wish is this kind of life..but what i got is..
ab:what do you mean..pragya smiles..
pr:iam going to sleep…she goes..fb ends..
suddenly a heavy strom happens..the group photo starts to fly..abhigya follows the photo and reached at entrance.pragya takes that time..some car came and..somrone get down..

episode ends..

so guys what you all think about this part of story..what they wants?and who is that new entry..there are lot of question..i too need to findout answers for you all knew my brain is like this…create some ideas without thinking furthur story and its my duty to find iam on 2 days leave..and will come back with next part…

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  1. wow awesome epi dear

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  2. Asmithaa

    Omg omg… It is becoming interesting day by day…. I can’t wait dii…

    1. Sandy

      Am also from chennai, TN dear ?

  3. Sandy

    Soooo Good. #newtwist #suspenses

    Wishes in Advance fa ur Half century (Haritury = Haritha + century)??

    Happy pooja holidays. Enjoy well. Miss u.

    R u from TN? Ru studying?

    1. Sandy

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      1. Asmithaa

        No Di is from Kerala… And I am from TN.. What about u akka???

  4. It look interesting pls update next epi soon

  5. Im his chashmish

    Wow ??Haritha amazing episode dear luv u
    No words to describe lovely past …. Waiting 4 the next episode dear…
    Arundathi n veer’s luv’s fangirl

  6. very nice chechi, but a little confused…so the abhishek in bed was not real abhi and he said he wants little fuggi…means he already know that prags in pregnant?????
    that part is making me a little confuse hari chechi.
    but the epi is osum. want to know whats there in the missing pages.
    eagerly waiting chechi

    1. Sandy

      I also.had this doubt ??

  7. Saranya24

    Awesomeness overlpaded darlu ur mind is always full of new ideas i wil steal it one day wait?loved it darlu love u loads?????

  8. Saranya24

    Awesomeness overloaded darlu ur mind is always full of new ideas i wil steal it one day wait?loved it darlu love u loads?????

  9. Princesskrisha

    Woooookwwwwwww awesome di loved it di love you di pls open the suspense di

  10. AWESOME epi chechi..loved it to a core chechi..eagerly waiting for next and love u alot.take care chechi

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  15. U r great sis….. Love it… Loveeeeeee it ….. Amazing sis……

  16. Awesome❤️Seriously di you are writing wonderfully.I loved it so much?You are giving to take leave for 2 days.I am going to miss you??Come back with another rocking,interesting episode?And ya sorry for the late comment.Love you❤️

  17. Awesome to the core dear..i loved it..

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