Hello everyone.. hope all are fine and happy too.. I knew some of you told me that they fear about ghost… actually me too… but in this story it’s not confirmed its ghost or not… let’s see it… and roli… where are you missing.. it’s been 3 weeks now… we are missing your ff.. and comments in kkb… please come back… because your abhi and pragya is waiting to meet more than 3 weeks…so let’s move on to story
Pragya who see an angly figure just opposite to her.. and gets up… actually it was her dream….

She take some water and drinks sit… and lies near abhi.. and place her hands on him.. thinks about her dream… it was during this time she noticed the ring… she touched it.. suddenly she again see that arundhathi and veer..
Veer: achu… situation is not suitable for us.. your dad is planning your marriage… I can’t lose you..
Aru: no veer no one can replace you and your love…. if I have an husband in my life it will be you.. you only..

Veer hugs her…. suddenly she sees the new character which she saw with her pic..
Veer: Raja…
Ra: don’t worry… I knew you both love each other..
Pr: Raja..
Ra:arundhathi… you hide things from me.. but I found it..uncle is serious about our marriage.. so we need to take a step soon..
Veer:but Raja.. I can’t make pain to uncle..
Ra; veer… don’t think like that.. you knew that he really don’t like you..
Aru:Raja… my dad have no enmity with Raja… she only hates her sister.. because she eloped from marriage and marry someone other..
Ra: I knew that…
Vee: if I talk to him directly about our love..
Ra: no veer don’t do any foolishness.. I will help you…
Scene get finished…
Pr; is all this true… then what happens to them.. is their love got success..
Ab: fuggi… to whom are you talking…
Pr: abhishek.. I told you n.a… I have seen some photos…
Ab; ha..
. pr; now I see them.. and I knew their story..
Ab: what are talking fuggi? Do you see any dream..
Pr: no abhishek.. it’s arundhathi and veer.. just like us..
Ab: k baba.. let’s sleep now.. he hugs her… abhi sees pragya still at thinking something..

Ab; fuggi.. what you are thinking now.. fuggi.. you are not like my old one..
Pr: what happened to me..
Ab; you are not thinking about me..
Pr: about you..
Ab: about my feelings..
Pr: aacha… now what’s your problem..
Ab: I need little fuggi… pragya blushes…
Ab:why are you blushing this much.. I have said it in serious.. so let’s start our work for that.. suddenly alarm rings..
Pr: abhishek..
Ab: oh.. is this right time for that alarm to ring..

Pr; may be..
Abhi holds her closer what may be.. suddenly someone knocks..
Pragya opened the door
It’s an old lady… and that lady get shocked by seeing them..
Pragya and abhi watches that..
Maniyan came at that time..

Mani: sorry actually it’s my maa.. she came to help me..
Oldlady:arundhathi.. veer..
Mani: maa… what are you talking.. it’s pragya and abhishek..
Oldlady: no beta.. it’s arundhathi and veer… I am sure that they will come back.. as what all things happens to them was not right.. maniyan forcly take maa with him.. abhigya are looking confused..
Ab: fuggi.. yesterday you too talk about them na..

Pr: Haa.. abhishek.. I told you that I have seen their photos..
Ab:but till now I thought its all your illusion.. but looking at that women.. I think it’s all real.. there is some mystery.. but how you can see all this.
Pr: I don’t knew abhishek.. at that time I reached here.. I feel something mysterious..
Suddenly when pragya turns she can’t see abhi… and sees a hi coming from outside..
Ab: good morning fuggi..
Pr: how you came from there..

Ab: because I was there..
Pr: what? Till now you are speaking with me na.about veer and arundhathi
Ab: what? Fuggi… I gets up early today… and I saw you sleeping… without disturbing you I went out..
Pr:then who is here with me…
Ab: here… you only.. fuggi what happens to you..

Pragya didn’t utter anything as she was totally confused..
Ab: k fuggi… I will fresh up and come back.
Abhi goes… but pragya sees abhi again in bed and get shocked.. abhi who is sitting on bed come and tells to her that.. whenever you are alone. I will come to you… and laughs.. and disappeared..
When someone places hands on her shoulder she stood up in fear..
Bul: pragya.. what happened to you.. why are y looking this much tensed.. pragya look at bed..
Bul: what is there?

Pr: nothing..
Bul: I came to call you for breakfast.. call Bhai too.. she goes.. pragya look around in fear.. when abhi comes by opening door.. she runs and hugs him.. abhi console her.. abhi make her sit on bed..
Ab: fuggi.. what happened to you.. if this place is not good for u let’s go.. as I don’t like to see my fuggi like this..
Pr:abhishek.. something is playing around me.. I don’t knew is it real or not… pragya falls unconscious… abhi get tensed..

Episode ends..
So guys what you think about this another abhi..

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    1. HARITHA

      thank you somuch princess…you guessed well..but i seriously dont knew that is that what iam going to write…because as i said before..iam not writing as preplanned..what comes in my mind i will write it off…but lets see..ya i will upload next part soon

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  8. AWESOME episode chechi..can’t wait for next u rocked it….day by day i became a big fan of u and ur u chechi

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    Dear ??, OMG ??whaatt a supperrr thrilled epic. I loved it soooo much. U nailed each scene ????. Usually I read urs, Roli’s, Maya, Emmy alone in my room in dark so that I can imagine each scene . I got shocked when abhi came from outside ???. #praiseworthy #muuaahhhh

  10. Sandy

    Dear, OMG ??? what a super epic. U nailed each scene #praiseworthy #muaahhh.
    Usually I read urs, roli, Maya, Emmy episode in my room, in dark so that I can imagine the scenes. I really got shocked when abhi came from outside. ????? supperrr dear

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