Hello everyone.. what you all think is right I am going for a horror Track… I don’t knew how much it will work.. but let’s see. Episode starts with the same seen tree fells as the car passes.. and road got broken.. pragya watches this. And ask abhi to stop..
Ab: what happens fuggi…?
Pr; look that and point her fingers towards that direction which tree fall’s.
Bul: what is there pragya… pragya looked confused as now she can’t see that tree. And that road is correct there..
Pu: do you really watched ghost all started to laugh.. and started the car again.. but pragya is still at doubt..
Their car goes now it’s not seen.. the scene is stucked at the board villagan hills.. and suddenly there seen an old women who smiles.. and said.. it’s your destiny that bring you here.. as now you can’t escape and smiled in loud..

They reached at resort..
Ni: is this the place.. it’s not looking as resort.. it’s look like some guest house..
Maniyan: yes sir.. it’s like guest house.. it’s too old.. one you all just come in..
Ab: maniyan.. I think there is no other persons here..
Man: yes sir.. because this not tourist season.

Maniyan opened the guest house..
They both get entered looks around and get surprised by looking at construction.. because it’s like a real palace….
Mani: ya sir.. I will show you your respective rooms..
Abhigya in top floor.. bulbul and aliya on down.. opposite to that purab and nikhil..
Abhi came to room and falls on bed..
Ab; I am too tried fuggi.. pragya opens the window.. and looks and smiled.. abhi looks puzzled by her action.. and think to check it.. he wakes up from bed and place his head on her shoulder.. and hugs her from back..
Abhi: fuggi.. why are you smiling like this.. as the one who waiting for you lies on bed…

Pr: abhishek.. look at that area.. ( it was a hillside view.. )
Ab: wow that too nice.. but I am tried now.. I want to sleep..
Pr: who told you not to sleep.. go and sleep..
Ab:how can I sleep without you..
Pr: achha. So that’s the problem..
Ab: so come he pulls her.. and make her lie on bed.. he to lies close to her..
Pr; abhi.. I am not tired.. I want to look around.. as this place is so beautiful..
Ab: the most beautiful person is in front of your eyes.. you need to enjoy other beauty..
Pr; who told you that you are the most beautiful person..
Ab: that’s why you fall for me at my first sight..
Pr: hllo Mr. Abhishek… it’s not me.. it’s you fall for me..
Ab: ha.. ha.. actually I have no such feelings.. I knew you loves me.. so I thought not to make you sad.. that’s why I accept you..
Pr: really.. but who is roaming around me at that time…
Ab: me.. no it’s you following me all the time.. whenever I go you will be there..
Pr: so you really don’t love me right.. pragya gets up. Abhi drags her.. she falls over abhi.. abhi holds her waist tightly..
Pr: abhishek.. just leave me..
Ab; oh meri fuggi.. got angry.. right..
Pr: abhishek.. I told you..

Abhi holds her more closer..
Ab:fuggi.. ya it’s true.. it’s me fall for you. That’s not because of your beauty.. because of your innocence cuteness.. nonstop bak.. bak.. pragya blushes.. for me.. the world most beautiful place.. the place I am with you.. and time is the time we are together… I love you fuggi.. I love you Mrs. Abhishek mehta…
Pragya; I love you too my kadoos.. and kissed him on chest.. pragya place her head on his chest..
Pr: abhishek.. whenever your heart beats.. it’s beat reach up to my heart for telling that it’s beat for you… you are gods gift for me..
Ab: fuggi.. I don’t knew how much I loves.. you.. I don’t is that more than what you have for me.. but I knew one thing that one second without your presence is most bad thing in my life..
Pragya smiles.. abhi kissed on her forehead.. suddenly someone knock the door… pragya gets up and opens it.. it was maniyan with coffee.. he gives it and go..
Pr: abhishek.. do you want coffee now..
Ab: no.. I want to do some romance..
Pr: no not now.. as I am not interested in romance with you..
Abhi: really.. k. Let me check.Abhi is trying to come towards pragya.. they are trying a hide and seek game… in the room… pragya get out of the room.. but abhi follows her to catch.. pragya get inside a room next to it.. and locked and laughs where abhi is knocking and shouting continusly..
Ab; fuggi this is not fare.. this is called cheating..
Pr: everything is fare in war love kadoos ( poor abhishek.. I like to play with him like this.. ( in mind))

It was during this time she noticed something… that make her a shock.. she slowly move forward in tensed.. and reach at a photo frame.. where she could see her photo.. but Pragya is looking not like now.. as her style costume all are different…there is someone is with her.. but for her its first time she is seeing everything.. there is another photo too in which she can see his Pic also with her.. ( abhigya pic) she touches the photo…
Pr: this photo.. it’s me and kadoos.. but we are looking different.. if so also how this photo reach here.. but who is this person with me in this one.. is this really me..

Suddenly she hears some voice; it’s you fuggi… pragya get feared and opened the door.. and sees abhi standing there and hugs him tightly..
Ab; what happened fuggi? Suddenly.. abhi sees pragya tensed and sweating a lot..
Ab: fuggi.. why are you look so tensed..
Pragya points her fingers to that’s room.. abhi : what.. abhi get inside room.. sees nothing.
Ab:fuggi.. what are you telling..
Pragya points to the place of photo.. but now there is no photos.. she look in confused..
Ab: what happened fuggi.. you just come with me.. abhi make her to come along with her.. but she is looking at that photo ki direction me.. they left.. but scene is stuck at the room.. suddenly there happens a strong breeze… and a shadow of a person is seen.. the camera shifted to that wall where pragya sees photos.. now it’s blank.. and suddenly the photos appear..

Episode ends..

So guys what all are thinking of now.. why pragya is seeing such images.. and not seen by any others.. what’s the mystery behind all these.. so to get about that.. stay tuned..
I will update the other ff today itself

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  1. Wow…horror track…i love horror story very much?…eagerly waiting for nxt part dear

  2. Saranya24

    Ong freajng one but loved it love u darlu?????

  3. Sandy

    Nice romance ???. But truly I don’t like horror stories that much as am scared ?? of ghost, devils. That doesn’t mean I hate horror stories

  4. very intrstng and thrill….

  5. Superbbb ! Kya Horror track uh ?? Different Greenie . Keep writing !

  6. wow wonder full dear really interesting

    love u

  7. B_Ani

    very nice lovely. horror track haa? really it was interesting. i will stay tuned.
    and you post the next one soon dear. i am waiting!!!

  8. Nice track keep going

  9. Awesome…. Amazing dear sis…i am really love it..

  10. Prathi

    Interesting Hari!! Waiting for next epi!

  11. Rithu

    Interesting dear keep rocking

  12. Superbbb yaar… Really interesting… I love horror scenes…. But what to do… I’ll miss all ff as I’m to take a break… My exams are on the way.. Just 3 weeks for exams… Will be back after a month… Love you a lot…. Keep rocking…

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