Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all your support and comments… and I have told you that I am making some new twist.. new plot in story to proceed further… so what is that plot? Till now we have seen nafrat turning to romance.. friendship.. love.. brother sister relationship.. love of a family… finding a mysterious person.. so what’s next that we really missed in this way.. do you have any idea.. so to knew about it.. just read keenly.. and this episode is small.. sorry for that..

Abhigya returned to house.. all are seen at living room..
Pu; maa.. I have to tell you all one thing.. as we planned to go for a trip..
Sar: trip… no purab.. what is the need of that now..
Bul:maa.. please as we all are soon get married so.. and it will be a change for Bhai and pragya too.. as this much incident is happen na..
Abhinav:sarla… what they said is correct.. it’s their time to enjoy life.. they..
Sar: bhaiyya.. don’t support them..
Pre: sarla.. let they be..
Sar: if you all wish that so.. I have no problem..
Ab; maa… don’t say like that.. if you don’t like we will not..
Sar: no abhi.. you go.. and enjoy..
Al: wow.. so we are going…

Next morning
Everyone get ready for trip.. all are waiting for nikhil..
Ab: alu.. where is this nikhil?
Ali: it’s your Bhai na.. just call and ask..
Pr: which means.. it’s bad day for him.. as someone is in peak of anger.. as abhi took phone.. nikhil comes.
Nik: sorry for getting late.. as I have an important work to finish off..
Ali: you always like this..
Pu: which means you both are meeting frequently without our knowledge..
Bul: haa.. they are not like u purab..
Ab: guys you starts your fight from here itself..
Sar: are you not going or…
Pur: no maa..
Bul: preethu.. baba.. see you soon..
And take blessings and they started to go.. as abhigya on front seat.. purbul on back… alikhil at middle..
Ab: I forget to ask actually where are we going..
Pu; Bhai it’s not such place as you planned its really different place..
Pr; which is that much different place..
Pu; I saw about it in online.. it is a high range area.. there a guesthouse there.. the area around it was too beautiful..
Bul: haa pragya.. there we can go for trucking.. there is so many temples which was at the time of chola dynasty.. as monuments.. there.. are a beautiful waterfall..
Ab; you don’t tell about the place..
Pur:villagan hills..
Ab; villagan hilles.. I don’t knew about the route..
Pur: actually I too.. purab shows some route and told that.. Bhai.. there will be someone at this spot to pick us..
Ni: Bhai.. I got fear that this trip is organized by this purbul.. if it is a bad place.. purab I will..
Pr; : no my purab is always best..
Pur: that’s my pragya..
Ab: who told yours.. it’s my fuggi..
Bul: no its my bhabhi.
Pr: haa.. I am for all of you..the path of their journey was too beautiful with natural beauty
Soon they reached at spot.. and stops car..
Ab: purab where is that person?
Pur: haa.. I too looking for him..
Ni; but Bhai looking at these area.. I feel that it’s not too populated place.. don’t you noticed that.. after turning that left… we travelled around 4 km. Till now we didn’t saw onyone…
Pr; ya that’s true..

Ali: purab do you have any contact number..
Pu: oh. I have wait..
Pu: ya he is coming just wait for 5 minutes..
The person comes.. he is not too tall.. medium height.. dark coloured complexion… his look itself doubtful..
Man: are you purab arora..
Pu:haa we are..
Man:hello sir welcome to villagankunn.. I am maniyan…
Pragya whispered in abhis ear; look when looking him like this.. with monkey cap… I feel like we are going to a ghost house..
Ab: ghost house..
Pr: haa.. don’t you watch in horror movie it will be someone like this will be there..
Abhigya smiles..
Maniyan just look at them in an evil face..
Maniyan:can we go now.. it’s take more than 2 hours from here…
Abh: k let’s move.. they start their journey…
A board of villagan hills shows.. their vehicle is going through the post.. as it’s passes a tree fell Down.. and the road too breaks..

Episode ends…

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