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Next morning… pragya calls abhi with coffee.. pr; good morning abhishek… but abhi is kattis with pragya.. he doesn’t respond…why are you silent? Are you in anger with me..
Pr: baath aise hei tho. ( is matter is like this so )
Ab:so… pragya gave him a kiss on his cheek..good morning abhishek and hugs him.. he too hugs her..
Pr:abhishek.. I am going to office today.. as it’s been a long time I am on leave..
Ab: k I will also come with you..
Pr: no you need rest.. I will come fast..
Ab; no fuggi if you go I will also accompany you.. I will not do any stressful work there.. please..
Pr; k.. but you must obey me..
Ab; k mam…
Pr; maam?
Ab: Has you are treating me as a student/ child.. pragya smiles..
They both get ready..
Pr; purab will you drop us on office..
Pu; Bhai are you going with her… I will go and check everything you just take rest.
Ab: after sister.. I need to make you too understand.. you both brother and sister are same party..
Pu; k as your wish..

They reached office..
Pr; I will come to your cabin.. and will work in three so that I look after you too..
Ab: that’s the good idea.. I can stare at you too..
Pragya leaves..

Ab: I must do something special for my fuggi.. as I knew she is upset because of all that happens.. I must make her happy.. but what to do now..
Suddenly pragya came..
Pr: abhishek.. what are you thinking? Are you again planning something..
Ab; fuggi.. I don’t know how are you reading my mind..
Pr: it’s simple.. because I love you that much.. I can understand the meaning of your every heart beat.. which I love u more than u loves me..
Ab: who told you that.. I loves you more…
Pr:no abhishek.. I love you more..
Abhi pulled her closed and hold her waist..
Ab: now tell who loves more.. me or you..
Pr:you.. abhi make her sit in his lap… and place his hands on her face… and pulling her closer to him for a liplock..

Suddenly nikhil enters calling bhai.. and sees this..
Ni; sorry Bhai.. I will wait outside and goes.. he get shy..
Ab; look my family is my greatest enemy..
Pr; it’s all because of you.. what will nikhil thinks now..
Ab: what will he thinks.. between husband and wife this all happens na.. nikhil get inside
Ni: sorry Bhai.. I must knock and come sorry Bhabhi it’s my mistake..
Ab: don’t be sorry tell me.. for what you have come here..
Ni: Bhai my engagement date is fixed that is on Sunday.. I didn’t speak about it to dad if he knew about it.. I don’t knew what will happen..

Ab: nikhil.. why are you tensed.. your Bhai is with you na. I will tell you how to proceed furthur.. I knew your dad well if you go directly and get permission he will not but that’s not our way..
Pr: nikhil.. just think and do.. you knew about your Bhai na.. there will be lots of trouble in his way..
Ab; acha.. my ideas are not right.. and I will make him in a trap.. that is what you thinks na..
Pr: haa.. I think like that..
Ab; fuggi you don’t knew the capability of abhishek.. and his brain..
Pr; I knew it very well as it is not useful…
Ni; hllo could you both stop your fight.. abhigya get silent.. bhai you don’t knew about my condition right now..
Ab: nikhil beta just listen to me.. and do like what I say.. you go to your dad.. and said him.. that you have found a new way to make me down and through which you can snatch my wealth..
Ni: new way I couldn’t understand..
Ab: ha. I will clarify it.. you must said your dad that you started to love aliya.. and she is mad for you..
Ni: my dad Will kill me..
Ab; no nikhil.. you must pretend that actually you don’t love her.. it’s an acting.. through which you can get into my family… and make a place in my heart.. you will act as a nice person in front of everyone.. but will not miss any chance to put me down..

Ni; but if dad ask that how it possible how will you make me a part of your family?
Ab; hei idiot.. you must convince your dada that I will do anything for my family especially for aliya.. Because of aliya.. I agreed for this proposal.. there is chance that your dad will ask that why you choose this way of revenge.
Ni; Haa that’s right.he will surely ask.. what will I say..
Ab: you must say that.. direct fight is not giving you thrill.. and for me my family is important.. I will get more pain if anything happens to them..
Ni; Bhai. It’s great.. my dad will surely fall in this trap.. you are a genius and hugs..
Ab; please make understand some one the same..
Pr; I knew u become genius with my company..
Ab; ohoo. That credit too for you.. not for me..
Ni: bye I am leaving.. otherwise I will be seen more fights..

Nikhil goes.. pragya sits opposite to him.. and started to do work.. abhi is staring her..
Pr: abhishek.. don’t look me like that.. I can’t concentrate it my works..
Ab: what I did.. I am not disturbing you.. na.. I am just enjoying the beauty of my wife na..
Pr; hllo this is office not house..
Ab: acha.. I don’t knew that looking at your wife at office is a crime..
Pr: abhishek.. why are you always like this.
Ab: do you like this..
Pr; it’s really irritating me..
Ab: haa I knew I like this irritated fuggi a lot..

Pr: oh god.. what really happened to him.
Ab: fuggi.. is this now irritation for you then what will you say at night..
Pr; night… ha.. abhi moves his fingers through pragyas hand which placed on table..
Suddenly someone knocks the cabin..
Ab: aagayi.. next enemy.. come in…
It’s purab..

Ab: purab what happened now..
Pu: why are you asking Like that Bhai.. I can come to meet you at anytime na..
Ab; but why are you coming at wrong time.. abhi murmur pragya headed it and smiles..
Pu: what you said..
Ab: nothing..
Pu: Bhai we all are planning for a trip now..
Ab: trip..
Pu: just like that day..
Ab:that’s good idea..
Pr: but purab.. he is at this condition..
Ab: what is my condition.. I am perfectly.. please fuggi agree na..
Purab smiles.
Pr: why are you smiling
Pu: actually I am thinking that after marriage my condition will be too pity like Bhai.. as now I am a free bird.. after marriage I am like this..
Pr: which means you thinks I am controlling him a lot.. I am not fulfilling his wish..
Ab: who told you that.. it’s a part of our love..
Pu: k just calm.. I don’t mean like that..
Pr; k then tell me what you mean..
Pu; pragya.. I am not interested in fight with you now.. please forgive I don’t tell anything is everything k..
Pr; poor purab.. k I too agreed..
Pu: so we are going..
Episode ends at trio’s happy face..

Guys.. this trip is a great turning point in their life and in this story.. as now our story is going to path that is really different from we all seen.. let’s wait and watch for new twist

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