Hello everyone… I knew all are waiting for me.. so let’s go to story directly..

Gm: so pragya… now it’s only 5 minutes more which means your abhishek not come yet… you are going… to a world the most beautiful and lovely one..
Pr: no.. my abhsihek will surely come.. but I want to tell you something… you are doing all this for revenge right… if you do this do you get your tank back… do your wish will complete.. if you feel happy by doing so which means you really don’t love her..
Gm: I don’t kill him.. because it will make my tanu sad… because that much he loved him..
Pr: if tanu sees him in pain then..
Gm; stop it pragya… you are trying to brainwash us..
Pr: Bhai… just listen to me.. maa… don’t you feel me as your daughter.. can you consider me as your tanu… women started to cry…
Gm: no pragya… last one minute.. bye pragya… bye from this world.. he take his gun.. and started to count from 20… pragya is still at confidence.. but that women seems like up Set…
5… 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. he started to triger and gunshot sound heard…

Blood is seen..abhi and purab reached there calling pragya at the time he place his hands on trigger..
They both get shocked..

It was that guitar master who falls on ground… and do you have any guess who shot that bullet….. it was None other than rahul… so where this rahul come from.. is this to save this pragya.. k now let’s come to that point..
Wo; rahul.. tum.. you kill my son.. holding his collar..
Ra: haa.. maa it’s me.. because your son is not worth to live in this world.. because he is the reason for everything happens..
Wo: rahul.. I knew u did this to save pragya..
Ra: no maa.. no… I did this because of my revenge..
Wo: revenge..
Ra: I came to this village because of reason.. I have something to do it off ( guys do you remember this rahul said to abhi at his first meeting ).. do you knew how much I tried to search him.. but I can’t.. and I get the news that he is at this village.. and anjali knew where he is.. that’s why I keep and watch anjali.. from that I understood about this drama.. but I don’t knew the main character is him.. it’s anjali who told me.. do you knew maa the reason behind your daughter’s death.. it’s your son..

Wo: rahul don’t try to cooked up new stories now..
Ra: no maa.. it’s truth.. actually your daughter didn’t kill nikhitha.. it’s your son did it because he loves her.. he didn’t wish to be caught by police so he convinced tanu that he did it.. he brainwashed you all and make you to take revenge.. actually it was to him to take revenge to abhi.. because of this reason.. he lost his love.. so he decided to do the same with abhi..
Women who is completely broken by these words and started to faint.. it was pragya who holds her.. as women when trying to hold rahuls coller.. abhi and purab unties pragya…

Police reached.. and take gun from rahuls hand..
Ra: inspector you can arrest me..
Insp: no rahul… because he is most wanted criminal.. mumbai police is searching him.. and also announce rewards for his head.. congrats.. great job..
Pu: but what was his crime?
In: he is one in the master plan of mumbai terrorist attack..
Pu: he is terrorist
In: actually he helps him to operate the plan.. for money..
Abhi purab rahul pragya along that women leaves..
Abhi gets some water and sprinkle at her face.. she opened eyes.
Pr: maa.. are you fine..?
Wo: cries. Holding abhigyas hand.. sorry beta.. beti.. it’s all my mistake.. I did a crime.. don’t curse me..
Ab: maa.. what are you saying.. come let’s go home..
Wo: no.. it’s Better to die now.
Ra: maa.. from today onwards you are mom.. and stay with me.. soon anjali too come with us..

Maa hugs rahul..rahul make her sit in car.. and come to meet the trio..
Abhi hugs rahul..
Ab: rahul if you are not there on time.. I don’t knew I can..
Ra: oh abhi.. don’t thank me.. as it’s duty of a Bhai to protect his bahan.. hey na pragya..
Pragya smiles and hugs him..
Ra; abhi I am leaving now. We can meet later… he goes..
Pu: pragya.. do you knew how Much we tensed.. k wait I will bring car and goes.. pragya look at abhi.. they both emotionally hugs each other..
Ab: fuggi.. I thought that I can never get you back… fuggi.. don’t ever go away from me like this.. I can’t live without you..
Pragya wipe his tears..
Pr: abhishek.. look I am here.. nothing happen to me.. I knew you will come and save me.. and hugs him.. ( tum hi ho plays)

Episode ends at their smiling face..
Hope you all like this episode.. actually I want to make it more detailed.. but I have no time for that that’s why… so please adjust with it.. and by this episode tanus chapter has closed.. and there is no follow ups on the basis of this story line.. but a new chapter opens.. to knew about this new chapter.. just wait for my come back.. as next episode will only be on Saturday as I am taking a leave for my exam.. not for university exam.. for internals.. so please pray for me.. and I will miss you all in these days…

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