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So let’s go to story…
Pu: what you leave pragya alone?
Bul: haa.. because she is not a kid now..
Pu: but you knew what all happened..
Ab: purab just stop fighting we can leave now and meet her..
Bul: Bhai you need rest now.. but abhi and purab didn’t hear her words and goes In car.. purabs phone get message it’s from abhi ki number from..
Hello Mr. Purab.. I knew now abhi too with you.. are you going to find your sister ????.. no you can’t because before you reached there.. I will get her…
Ab: it’s him.. purab go fast… they reached temple..
They both look her around but can’t see any where.. abhi who just slips on the steps.. but doesn’t fall sees that.. it’s pragyas bangles.. abhi take that broken bangles and tell fuggi and cries..
Scene shifted..
Pragya is shown.. she tied with ropes and sits on chair.. on her front there is a tv.. in which she can watch abhi.. and sees him crying..

You are my journey You are my destination as well Living without you is tough, O heart!
You are my God You are present in my prayers Living without you is tough o heart..
Your absence tries me You are necessary to complete everything that lacks in my life It’s my passion to become worthy of you
Abhi: fuggi… where are you?
Pragya whose mouth is too tied.. tired hard to untie her and goes to his abhi..
Mysterious women came..
She removes the cloth around her mouth..
Wom: oh his fuggi is trying to escape and goes to near him.. ha ha.. wow.. it’s really good to see him pain.. ha ha..
Pr: stop this.. please let me go.. I don’t knew who you are and what you need from us..
Wom: I am tanus mother. Pragya get shocked..
Pr: look you are tanus mother.. but I couldn’t get why you doing this..
Wom: you don’t knew.. because of your so called pathi I lose my tanu.. and my anjali.. who loves her a lot get mental patient..
Pr: what he did? He didn’t do anything to harm tanu

Wo; if he tries.. I will not lose my daughter…
Pr: auntyji.. what are you loving… he said that he can’t love her and after knowing reason behind his close friend ki death is tanu how can he…
Wo; ya your are right… he can’t love her.. but he loves you… more than himself so it’s better to kill you.. so that he will live his life in that pain. That’s the best punishment which I can give him… she takes a gun..
Suddenly… maa stop this..
Pragya look around to see who is that.. she get shocked by seeing him.. because she don’t knew this guitar master also have some role..
He came to her.. so fuggi… what’s app..
Pr: don’t dare to call me that name it’s only my abhishek who have that right…
Gm: so only your abhishek has right… he moves close to her.. and place his hands on her shoulder.. he stands at back of her and move close to her shoulder… pragya is annoyed and anger too..
Pr: hey stay away from me..
Gm: oh pragya… when you get angry you look so beautiful… pragya can we plays some game.. which game you opt… ya it’s hide and seek.. k.. look at ur abhi… now he is feeling pain.. pain of thinking losing you.. let’s make him more pain…
He take his phone did a video call to abhi…
Purab and abhi is attending.. now they are face to face.. he Is standing close to her.. and just move his hands through pragyas hair..
Ab: don’t dare to touch my pragya..
Gm: ha.. ha.. look pragya…his anger when I just touched your hair he has this much anger what will happen if I kissed you.. he touches her lips..relax abhi.. I am not that much bad.. actually poor pragya I have no problem with her.. but what to do he came your life that’s what her mistake.. abhishek… I will give your 1 hour time.. within one hour you can find her.. if we will not… you can’t see her alive forever..
Video call ends…
Pu: Bhai… we have to do everything fast as we have no more time now…
Abhi: but we need some hints to go.. ya purab I get a link.. don’t you hear the sound of bell while they
Talking… which means this place is so close to us…
Pu; ya bhai..
Ab: purab is there any isolated place…
Purab thinks.. Bhai… at the backside of temple it was a place now just like forest.. maa.. has told once that there is a small temple there but… as they shifted God’s place.. still that building is there.. but it’s 2 acre plot.. it’s too difficult for us to reach..
Ab: no purab.. there is no difficult as I need my fuggi… they both started their search.. it’s really hard because so many plants are grown there..
I feel neither alive nor dead

Please tell me what should I do

The bonds between the hearts broke before they could join

The hands got seperated even before they met

What has been written in the destiny

My eyes cry continuously without a glimpse of You, My Soulmate

It seems that nature has stolen You from Me

How do I pass the days and nights without You, My Soulmate

I feel neither alive nor dead

If a dream breaks in a single moment

The world seems lonely

The world seems lonely

When no loved one remains.. plays at the time abhi and pragya are struggling..
Gm: pragya last ten minutes now..
Pr: I knew he will come.. and saves me..
Gm: at the end of this moment too you believe him that much.. how can you?
Pr: because I believe in my love.. love can’t hurt anyone.. what all are telling not real love.. you all are troubling us by telling your love for daughter and sister.. but you both really don’t love her that’s the truth… if you did it then she will not spoil her life.. she will not mad at him.. because for her.. she is seeing someone who knew to love…
Wo: ya she is true… we don’t love her..
Gm: maa… don’t fall in her trap… we loves her a lot..
Screen freezes on abhis and pragyas face..

Precap: the sound of gunshot… abhi calling fuggi…

I knew I make you all tensed… but just wait for me to come back.. I will try to upload next part soon

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