Hello everyone… I have seen all your comments.. I am going to clarify now.. as I am not going to take a break now.. may be I need it.. I just inform you all about it.. and I will go by ending this ff as I knew its not good continue it after a long gap… I must try my best to continue like this.. may be once in two days.. now I am on onam vacation so I have enough time… and sandy… you told me if I go came up with New ff… till now I have no idea about it… but we can hope for the best…actually it’s too bad to talk like this.. as all are waiting to knew about Mr. X.. so we can go to story…
The episode started with abhi is having letter on his hand… abhi is looking too confused as he didn’t get anything… he read it once more.. and take his phone to call purab.. but he cut the call.. as it’s not right to involve him in this..
Ab:no this time I have no help from others because I knew how to solve it out.. Mr. X I will not spare you… just be happy until we met after that.. abhi takes key and goes with car… abhi stopped his car.. and gets down.. he started to walk to a place near by. Actually it was an isolated area.. there is no person’s.. and full of darkness too.. but abhi still walks with courage.. he hear the sound of dogs…. cricket… as it just like a horror surrounding..
Ab:( in mind) I knew you call me hear to make me fear… but I have no fear… as I am staying on the path of truth… abhi sees a women there… as he identified its a women from her Saree.. she is wearing a white Saree.. he can’t see the face of her..
Ab: so it’s you the Mr. X.. abhi goes angrily.. to ward’s her and hold her hand… and turns her.. from the touch itself he understood… fuggi… lights on…
A shout sound from background : surprise…
Abhigya looks around.. they saw purbul and alikhil there..
And sees the arrangement too..
Pur: sorry…. sorry it’s just our plan… just a gift to you both..
Pragya gave a slap to purab..
Pu: I knew you will give it.. but I thought it will Bhai… will give it first.. pragya hugs him…
Abhi move towards purab… nikhil stops him..
Ni: just for a fun Bhai..
Ab: purab… is this your way of fun.. pur: what happened Bhai…
Ab: what happened right.. you wrote me a letter right..
Pu: haa… as bulbul is under my custody.. if u wish to save her.. come to this spot with money…
Ab: what?
Pr: haa… I too get this on call that’s why I didn’t inform you abhishek.. about this..
Abhi look puzzled and shocked.. he really couldn’t understand about it..
Bul: sorry Bhai.. we just thought give you a surprise party that’s why..
Pr: but abhishek.. why you talk about.. Mr. X…
Ab: Mr. X… I don’t knew the name of that kidnapper so I just called so…
Aliya: k let’s stop it.. di jiju.. come and cut the cake….
They both cut cake and share it with everyone.. purab looked at abhi.. purab feels something fishy on it..
As everyone busy with talk… purab move to see abhi.. purab place his hands on his shoulder..
Pu: Bhai… are you hiding something from me..
Ab: no purab..
Pu: Bhai.. look at me.. I am seeing you not now.. our relationship is more than 20 years.. I can read you face.. actually you have came here not by hearing bulbuls news..
Ab: ya purab you are right.. and shows the letter..
Pu: which means there is someone more in this play.. who knew everything… about us.. our moves.. but who is that.. which is loophole which we really missed..
Ab: purab.. I too thinking about the same..
Pu: Bhai.. they are coming
Bul: hllo.. what the discussion going around here secretly..
Pu: actually we are jiju and brother so we have lot to discuss don’t interfere in it..
Pr: abhishek.. why are you sweating a lot.. is everything fine..
Pu: actually Bhai… got tensed about bulbul that’s why..
Bul: sorry Bhai and hugs him..
Ni; sorry Bhai..we will not do anything like this from this day onwards… please smile..
Pr: just that idiotic smile.. abhi smiles..
Pr: that’s my abhishek…
Everyone leaves to home..
Next morning..
Abhinav: abhi… I have to tell you An important thing.. today there are some guest for us..
Ab: guest..
Abhinav: haa.. there are someone coming to see our bulbul… you knew them very well it’s mithran uncle and his family.. they told about this on your wedding day.. I invited them too.. so you must be here..
Ab: but..
Abhinav: you must.. u got it… abhinav leaves and purab comes by singing song..
Pu: Bhai akka my jiju what happened why are you look gloomy.. just look at me how happy I am?
Ab: purab.. your happiness is also going to end.
Pu: what?
Ab: haa.. do you knew today we have some guest..
Pu: ha… I knew actually it’s me who going to invite them..
Ab: actually nobody would have get such a luck Like this before..
Pu: what do you mean?
Ab: haa.. just going to welcome your lovers fiancee…
Pu: what?
Ab; ya today mithran uncle and his family is coming to fix marriage with bulbul… actually they like her.. they just coming to fix a date for engagement.. baba too agreed with This relationship..
Pu: what? But Bhai… do you knew what are you saying? Bhai… it’s me who stand with you for making you married with pragya… so you will help me to get my bulbul.
Ab: actually this proposal is better than yours but.. as you both liked each other so I will stay with you..
Pu: that’s my Bhai and hugs him.. but what’s our plan.. I think you will directly go and talk with baba..
Ab: no I can’t… I can’t say anything to him.. I think we can workout your plan…
Pu: my plan?
Ab; haa don’t you remember that plan.. which you told me to do for dropping pragyas alliance.. acting as lover and warn them you will suicide by telling them as reason..
Pu: Bhai.. what are you telling… is it works.
Ab: works.. it’s you who taught me this.. it’s you doubting on it..
Pu: Bhai… don’t dig on deadbodies.. ( actually it’s a banatalk… savathil kutharuth)
Ab: purab.. just do that drama.. I will manage everything here..
Purab goes..
Pr: abhishek.. are u serious.. do you think it’s work.. u can directly talk to baba…
Ab: no fuggi.. it’s about the respect of our family..
Pragya goes..
Pragya sees bulbul crying there..
Pr: bulbul… don’t cry as we all are here with you.. we will stop this anyhow..
Bul: but how.. pragya..
Pr: it’s me giving you promise..
Now just get ready…
Ab: so purab.. I think it’s time for them to reach here.. go and do all the things in perfect.
Just act like to get Oscar.. they must fall In your trap..
Pur; Bhai…
Ab: just believe me.. purab.. you can.. purab goes.. actually.. purab is on new look.. he is just like freek boy cut with bulgan.. glass.. spiky hairs.. and wearing t-shirt and trousers…
Pragya sees purab going…
Pr; who is that abhishek..
Ab: it’s your brother..
Pr; what purab.. oh god.. abhishek.. I feel something fishy in it..
Ab: what?
Pr: abhishek.. tell me what’s this new drama..
Ab: just wait and watch fuggi.. it’s just for a fun..
Purab reached at a spot… he sees a car coming as by abhis instruction its mithran uncle and his family’s car..
Pu:oh god they are coming.. purab lies on the road.. the car stops infront of him..
Driver comes out..

Dr: hey Mr. Don’t you have no other way to suicide..
Pu: no as you all are the reason for my death.. some other’s too comes out..
Pu: oh god why I couldn’t see this mithran uncle in it.. may be he is not coming.. I don’t knew anyone other than him..
One man; hllo just move from here.. as we have an important thing to do..
Pu: haa.. I knew you are going to mehta mansion right..
Pu: so I am right.. if you goes there I will drink this poison
Oneman: poison why?
Pu: you are asking why? It’s all because of you all do.. you knew how much a love her.. I can’t live without her.. she is my life if I didn’t get her I will suicide by writing your names..
Oneman: hllo Mr. Are you mad.. why are you writing our names..
Pu: because it’s you going to make a new relation with that family.. going to marry my bulbul…
Oneman: hey Mr. Are you mad.. just leave from here.. we don’t knew about this bulbul and this Relationship…
Driver: I think he is mental patients and must be eloped from hospital..
Women; I thought he will become mental when he loses love.
Pu: hllo.. you are not going to see bulbul..
Oneman; no… purab gets up.. and look puzzled…
Dri; if u gave us a space then we can go..
The car goes..
Pu: so it’s all your plan.. Bhai.. I will see you..
Episode ends..
Friends I hope you like this.. tell about your views.. see you again with next one.. I knew still this Mr. X is there.. what to do I am not in a mood to open that mystery…

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  1. Sema di… you are rocking di..but the sad thing is that if you end this ff, then how can we chat with each other.. telly update is the only way I can talk with you di.. then how?? You itself tell me that.. you are too bad di.. you have become my di just before few days, suddenly you are going to stop this ff.. this is not’s clear that you are not interested..I am angry at you…bye.. good night..?

    1. HARITHA

      So sorry my vishu… I am not going to end this ff as soon.. because I don’t knew how to end this.. and I don’t get a new idea to come up with new ff… so don’t be sad.. and anger.. as your di is with you.. not going any where..

  2. Superbbb yaar… What an amazing acting by purab…. Please give us a hint of Mr. X….

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks nirmal… purab ki acting.. ???.. and about the hint… k I have already post next episode but on episode 38 I will give you hint

  3. Trisha


    1. HARITHA

      Thanks trisha

  4. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrr……… I loved it to the core……. I loved purab scenes lot….. Is this abhi’s plan?… I really enjoyed it…. Waiting for next episode……

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks maha… you will get to knew abou this in next one

  5. B.k.maha

    Please don’t stop this ff… We all are waiting when u got free in exam schedule post it please don’t stop this…… Or y will come in finished ur exam but please don’t stop this…. I telling this u after conformed ur board exam….. U regularly post ff in this holidays till

    1. HARITHA

      K maha… I too don’t wish to stop this

  6. B.k.maha

    Please don’t stop this ff… We all are waiting when u got free in exam schedule post it please don’t stop this…… Or y will come in finished ur exam but please don’t stop this…. I telling this u after conformed ur board exam….. U regularly post ff in this holidays till exam…. Please this my humble request….. Waiting for ur favorable reply….. Happy Sunday…

    1. HARITHA

      Ya maha… I will do as you said.. I will not stop this ff… if I do it.. I must come up with new one right.. till now I don’t get any new idea for a story.. I too don’t knew how to stop this one..

  7. OMG!!! Vilaiyadurathuku oru alavu iruku…. seriously…theatre la edge la otkandhu padam pakara mathiri irundhuchu….abhi Mr.X pakum pothu….but nice…keep going

    1. HARITHA

      Is that good or bad? Do you feel fear… or not.. thanks dear..

  8. What??????? r u going to stop this ff???? Noo… Diiii… U should not … Pls… Continue this ff Di… I love it… If u stop…ok Di… U are having exams… U continue it after exams… I am not going to speak with u…. If u end this ff… ?????.. Anyway loved today’s epi???

    1. HARITHA

      No dear… I am not going to stop.. don’t be anger with me.. and don’t ever try to stop speaking with me too..

  9. Sandy

    Very funnyyy ?????? big bun for purab

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks sandy…

  10. Mukundraj

    nice one

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks mukund

  11. Madhura

    Pls dont this ff it is very much interesting yaar. No problem When you get time you update the next update. But don’t end this ff ppppppplllllllllllllllsssssssssss??????

    1. HARITHA

      K madhura… I will not

  12. Saranya24

    ??lol cute epi dear????

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks darlu

  13. superb yaar poor purab lol and still mystery follows and waiting for next episode dear

    1. HARITHA

      Ya what to do dear

  14. Prathi

    Come on guys just take a break and be back! I am seeing this stop this ff a lot now!! **Irritated** Hey Hari take a break and come back!! And the epi it was funny 😀 😀 Savathil kutharuthey! ha ha ha ha!!

    1. HARITHA

      Prathi… njan orikallum enni aa word paraju thane irritate cheyillato… njan nirtham enn karuthiyath.. irregularayi upload cheyumbol nigalk bhudhimuttakille enn karuthiya… so nigalkellam kuzhapamilekil enikum no problem.. njan sorry parayilla… karnam athuparajal njan prathiyude rule thettikille??

  15. Roli

    Hi haritha, Ending the FF or not, it’s your wish but, I will give some suggestions without ending ff, how to continue the same.. don’t get angry by reading this.. it just comes to my mind…
    After your exams, before posting the next update, give us a short summary of the ff so far.. with that, we can also able to recollect the story and you can also continue the same story??.
    Don’t mind it.. if you don’t like this idea???
    Han ya ya.. coming to the episode.. you are maintaining the suspense.. which is making me more curious to read daily.. I will wait till you break the suspense.. i have doubts on certain characters.. lets see, how it’s going to be…

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks roli for suggestions.. that’s really good.. and about that suspense… if I am telling the truth till now I too don’t get to whom I will wear this Mr. X character… actually I don’t thought to do so.. It was anjali my Mr. X.. but while.. writhing this idea come to mind..

  16. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbb Dearrrrrrr

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks reshu

  17. waiting 4 u always dear……….

    1. HARITHA

      So sweet of you di…

  18. Monesha

    Wow ddi you just rocked it. I really loved it to the core but ddi plz don’t stop this. This is one of my favorite ff. No problem after you came back you can continue. Episode was really funny. Always my ddi is best. Always your choti will love you. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Ummmmmaaaaaaa…….

  19. So sorry for not commenting in the last 2 episodes.Coming to the episode as usual awesome??Purab???Di you continue your ff after exams,we will. Be waiting for u?Love you di❤️❤️

  20. Superbbb ! ???Suspense Breaking my head !?

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