Hello everyone… I am back… I knew all are waiting for me.. sorry I am really busy that’s why.. but I missed all of you… and missed all your ff too.. but I read it everything.. thanks a lot for all your wishes… and thanks a lot to all comments… k now I am going to story… I need to tell you all something it will be only at end….
Ab: so you get that point.. then give me my kiss…
Pr: no I am not interested in it…
Ab: what not interested? How can you talk like that..
Pr: haa..
Ab: haa… k now I knew how to get it.. abhi started to walk to ward’s her… pragya moves backwards..
Pr: why are you coming towards me… stay in your limits..
Ab: my limits.. do you knew abhishek.. ki nahi limits hei… he can go to any extend.. pragya just stopped by touching the bed..
Pragya get nervous… now let’s see how will you.. abhi pushed her she falls on the bed.. abhi falls on her…
Pragyas heart started to beat fast..
Pr: abhishek.. ab… abhi just touched her lips.. he moves his hands through her face… pragya started to get shy… abhi holds her on her waist…
Ab: fuggi… what happened to you? Why are you get silent… still you are talking too much now what happens..
Pragya couldn’t tell anything.. because of his clutch…
Pragya turns her face…
Ab: you can get away from me.. because today I am going to feel you.. feel your heat.. cold.. sweat… everything…
Abhi slowly touches her… he make her so close.. so that he even feel her heartbeat too… pragya placed her head on abhis chest… she writes something on his chest with her fingers..
Ab: fuggi once more I didn’t get it.. pragya writes something.. and place her head on his chest and look at him..
Ab: I got it.. kadoos..
Pragya smiles.. ab: fuggi… I really like what all names you calls me.. because in that name I can see your love.. do you knew fuggi.. these eyes.. these eyes started to haunt me on the day I meet with it.. these eyes it really speaks me something.. when I look into it.. I feel always happy… I felt that my life got completed.. I have got what I am searching for…
Pr: so you like my eyes most..
Ab: haa.. that’s one reason to fall for you… I like this bak.. bak… I like all the fights with you… fighting fuggi…
Pr: acha… so you wish to always fight with me..
Ab: haa.
Pr: k.. lets start it today..
Ab: today… no I can’t spoil this romantic moment to fight… so let’s start from tomorrow.. abhi pulls pragya to him… he put off the light…
Scene shifted to next morning…
Pragya is getting up from the bed.. abhi is holding her tightly… pragya removed abhis clutch.. and go to take fresh… she started to get ready… as she started to fill her hairline.. someone hold her hands… it’s abhi.
Abhi : so fuggi… you get ready.. but I will do this.. every only I will fill your hairline…
Abhi did it.. pragya smiles…
Someone knocks the door . It’s purbul…
Bul: good morning bhabhi…
Pur: good morning jiju…
Pur: so how was the night.. abhigya get shy..
Bul : purab tum chup karo.. I came to call you for breakfast…
They all have their breakfast…
Abhinav: so abhi what’s your plan?
Ab: baba… nothing just going to office..
Pur: what office..
Pr: ya… as there is some important works to do off…
Sar: but you have just got married na..
Pr; maa… please..
Bul: but you all told na..taking 1 week leave..
Ab: no bulbul…
Pur: k as your wish… but there is a reason behind this sudden change in plan.
Abhigya smiles..
They went to office and busy in works..
Abhi:fuggi… do you complete all that work..
Pr: haa.. so let’s go now..
Abhigya went out of office… and go for a drive..
Ab: fuggi…. I don’t tell you about going to office.. but you supported me in it.. and I knew you wish to go to kerala as our honeymoon then why did you give any objection..
Pr; I knew you have an another plan..
Ab; plan what plan…
Pr: kadoos don’t try to play with me.. I knew it…
Ab: so without my words you came to knew about it..
Pr: haa… k now where are we going..
Ab: to Temple..
Pr: which one..
Ab: the temple.. which we go before our marriage.. do you knew when that you got missing.. I had go there and tell to maa.. that I will bring you in front of her.. after our marriage…
Pr: oh I see… at last they reached temple and take the blessings…
They both started to leave..
Stop there.. abhigya turned to see…
Wom; so now you both got married… and came here to take blessings.. right..
Pr: ha… maa.. she take her blessings..
Wom: beti… just go and tie this thread on that tree.. it’s for your happy married life.. actually wife who must do it..
Pr: abhishek. I will come.. she goes..
Wo: so abhishek.. you are happy Now.. as you got your fuggi back.. but that play never ends.. by anjali… still there is a trace of death.. may be u will get a letter soon..
Ab: how do you knew it?
Wo: Ha.. ha…
Abhi holds that women’s hand..
Wo; beta… don’t waste your time here.. go and save your wife.. abhi turns and look at pragya… he sees a tree is started to fall over her.. he calls fuggi and started to run… tree is to fall over her.. but abhi comes and pulls her.. they both falls down and rolled on the ground.. they both gets up and abhi hugs pragya emotionally
Tell me what you need.
Ask the world to show itself.
We will go ahead to seek new places and new clouds.
Ask me to buy you what you like.
Ask me to stay away from what I hate.
We will cross together and discover
New rivers and lakes
Here are two people’s daydreams
One sun and one moon (As in the context of the, movie one father and daughter)
We are going to discover the known and the unknown… plays..
Abhi is crying emotionally.. pragya wiped his tears..
Pr: abhishek… nothing happened to me… if you are with me.. how can I… they both hugs…
Scene shifted abhigyas home… they reached back..
Abhi go to his room and seen that letter..
Mr abhishek,
I knew you are too happy now.. as you got your fuggi… and you started to live a new life right… you thought that this game have ended with anjali.. no no abhishek.. you have losed one important link.. most important… abhishek.. if you want to meet me directly then come to the spot which I mentioned here.. as I don’t wish to play this hide and seek game again.. so abhishek.. we are going to meet.. the real Mr. X and abhishek prem Mehta..
With love
Mr. X
Episode ends..
Guys this game is not end with this.. still there is a play.. there is a loop hole which purab have forgotten.. so let’s find it.. and I knew all are waiting for my happy news right.. but what to do… that happy news changes to bad one now… may be I am going to miss you all… don’t you get that.. no… right.. I will tell you now…. my exams have declared.. so I want to take a leave from This.. but I have a hope that my university is really different.. they will continuously change the timetable.. so may be I can be here with you all.. anyways this was not confirmed but I just tell you all… and about this Mr. X I knew all are thinking that why this Mr. X come again.. is anyone have any guess.. then tell me..

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  1. interesting dear study well n take care also

    waiting 4 u

    1. HARITHA

      thanks alot di…but iam not going to take a break my exam have one month i will complete this story and go for break

  2. Superb !?

    1. HARITHA

      thanks priya

  3. Superb episode di… love you so much di… and Mr.x , can you give a hint…and prepare for your exams di.. and please don’t stop this ff… Will miss you a lot if you stop this… take care di..

    1. HARITHA

      thansk alot vishu…you need to knew about mr.x …right k there is a factor missing at the timimg of clearing about mr.x…may be purab forget about it..just rewind you will got it…and iam not going i have one month time for exam…i will go by completing this ff

  4. Trisha

    Awesome epi my friend?….gonna miss you
    🙁 …happy studying! Take care…

    1. HARITHA

      thanks dear..actually my exam have one month i will be here and go by completing this ff

  5. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrr…….study well… We all are waiting for u ….. All the best for ur exam….no idea y MR.X again return…..

    1. HARITHA

      thanks alot maha…actually iam not going now as i have one month time for exam….and reason about mr.x because there is something to do more in the story

  6. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrr…….study well… We all are waiting for u ….. All the best for ur exam….no idea y MR.X again return….. How was ur onam….

    1. HARITHA

      and about my was too good…i enjoyed alot with my family with pookalam..sadya and payasam…i think you have got idea about this i ahve replied for your question

  7. Superb epi Di… But will miss u…

    1. HARITHA

      achu iam not going to take a break now dear…as i have one month time for exam…

  8. Roli

    Haritha, Wishing you all the best for your exams?.
    Regarding episode, it was superb, waiting to know about Mr.X…
    During exams concentrate on studies, you can continue this FF later too, because studies are most important than this…

    1. HARITHA

      actually roli iam not going i have one month time for exam…i said this because to inform you that i will end this ff soon..

  9. Awesome one… It’s really interesting yaar tat Mr.x till now not revealed…not expected tz twist superb going

    1. HARITHA

      actually there is a hidden play in can watch it on next episode

  10. Superb!

    1. HARITHA

      thanks abhigya

    1. HARITHA

      thanks rithu

  11. Episode was awesome di.I guess MR X is dr.sheela (i thing so).will you accept me as your choti?and ALL THE BEST for ur exam di.

    1. HARITHA

      thanks lokha…may be she is….but what is the reason behind this play……and you question ki answer..ya dear….i accept you as my choti…but i have to knew about you..will you give m aself intro..

  12. Thank u for accepting me as your choti.I’m 15 years old(studying in 11th) and lives in chennai,tamilnadu.i don’t know the reason behind her play.anyways i eagerly for next.i love u so much di

    1. HARITHA

      do you need to knew about me..then ask me directly…and you can talk to me freely as i have no problem with any of your questions choti….love you tooo

      1. thank u di.u lives in kerala?and what’s ur age di?

      2. HARITHA

        Ya I am thrissur Kerala… age 20.

  13. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!Nammude University yude karyamaayond onnum parayaan Pattillaa……..Eppo venamengilum avar Date Declares cheyum…….So Prepare for it Dearrrrrrrrrrrrr……… BTW, Ethramathe yearaaa……..Ethu subjectaa main?

    1. HARITHA

      Third year.. physics main

  14. superb yaar eagerly waiting to know abt mr.x and study for ur exam ? may i ask u one thing? what r u studying? but anyway all the best and plz complete this ff dear i am terribly gone to miss u

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks divya… I am doing my degree third year… physics main…. I will go only by finishing the ff… I too miss you all…

  15. Sandy

    Nice romantic epic ???. New loopholes ???. Don’t separate abhigya plzz.. Thanks for uploading early morning.
    R u planning to end this ff ?? If at all u end it. Please start another one ??

    1. HARITHA

      Actually answer for your request will be seen in next episode… and about end and new it will be confirmed later.. thanks a lot for your sweet comments

      1. Sandy

        I like your profile pic ?i still remember the scenes

      2. HARITHA

        Actually I too like that scenes.. I really like their cute fights… because that is their way of showing love

  16. Princesskrisha

    Superb di so lovely di n still Mr.x is there waiting eagerly so much of thrill n suspense di pls update soon

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks princess… I will do it as fast and possible

  17. hi haritha i am commenting first time but i read your ff daily and i think that MR.X is tanu

    1. HARITHA

      Tanu… actually she is dead na… thanks a lot sravanthi… as I get to knew I have a new friend too who daily reads

  18. Mukundraj

    nice dear welcome back and when you upload next part yaar

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks mukund… I will upload it tomorrow… just like this

  19. Saranya24

    Iam bad ad guessing dear but superb twist love u darlu?????

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks my darlu… I have uploaded next part… so don’t worry

  20. Nice episode…. Again Mr. X came… Is it rahul or nikhil’s dad…..How was your onam…

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks dear… I enjoyed my on am.. with lots of fun dear.. with all my friends… parents relatives

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