Hello everyone… I am back.. with next part.. before that thanks a lot for all ur comments and that too for your prayers too.. as mahas friend ki dad ko surgery success ho gaya.. he is shifted to ward now and perfectly fine now… so thanks a lot from my side and from mahas side too… actually what happened is that I was typing it on computer soon power goes.. as no ups.. what all I typed vanishes.. I feel laziness to type again that’s why this delay.. so let’s go to story…

Pu: pragya… don’t cry.. as today is happy day for you.. soon you are going to start a new life.. you are going to get your love.. I don’t like my sis like this..
Abhi turns pragya to his side.. fuggi what are you doing.. you promised me that you will never cry.. now your are breaking that promise.. too bad fuggi… pragya wipe her tears..
Soon police have came.. and take anjali with them
Ab: purab… I need one help more.. no body would came to knew what happened here.. and you must cut power supply so that I can enter to Mandanp replacing Nikhil… and sheela you make her get ready so that no one came to knew she has cried..
Sheela: don’t get worry about it..

Rah: I will help you purab scenes shifted to mandap…
Nikhil is doing pooja… all are happy.. nobody knew that police have came because they came in casuals..
Suddenly power goes..
Abhinav: purab.. purab just check…
Purab: haa uncle.. as everyone look towards there.. abhi replaced nikhil and sits on mandap as nikhil came to purab.. he switched on power..
Ni: thank god.. I was too troubled.. if Bhai wouldn’t come I need to marry bhabhi na..
Purab laughs.. they too joined at function… pooja got completed..
Pandit: it’s time to call bride… pragya get down.. abhi look through his sehra…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Pragya sits beside abhi..purbul alikhil did the ghat bhadhan and started the pooja..
Pan: it’s time to wear garland.. they both exchange garland.. abhi takes mangalsutra and turn to pragya.. they have an eyelock there… ( itni mohabath plays)
Pur: oh Bhai… please make her wear it.. we can’t wait for an hour now.. abhigya came to sense.. abhi make her wear mangalsutra and fill her hairline… mangalam bhagavanu vishunum plays..

They take 7 rounds with 7 owes…
They took elders blessings… and hug everyone… pragya move towards rahul..
Pr: thanks bhaiyya…
Ab: what bhaiyya…
Pr: ha sorry bhaiyya.. I mistaken you.. from this day onwards you are my bhaiyya.. and hugs him..
Ab; I too have no problem..
Pr: what?
Ab; if you have wish so you can hug me..
Bul: but not now as there is time for that..
Ab: so guys let us go to our room and hold pragyas hand..
Pu: sorry can’t go now..
Nikhil comes forward and gives a gift.. pr: what is the need of it?
Ni: bhabhi. It just a part of my love..
Aliya; it’s my gift too in secretly..
Ab: I knew it.. alu..
Ali: what alu jiju..
Ab: so I got promotion from Bhai to jiju..
Pu: just like from lover to husband.. I have no gift for you both.. because my presence is a gift for you na..
Bul: shut up idiot. Purab takes abhi with him.. alu take pragya with them.. abhi nikhil and purab are talking.. but abhi is looking at watch.. nikhil and purab.. enjoying this teasing with abhi.. hours goes..

Pu: now you can go abhi..
Ab: oh thank god.. at last you leave me alone na..
He goes.. he opens the door of his room.. the whole room is decorated with lights and flowers.. abhi sees a heart shape made up of rose petals and on te either side pragya and fuggi are written.. then abhis eyes search for pragya… he sees her standing at balcony looking at moon..
Abhi hugs her from the back..
Pr: abhishek.. do you see the moon.. look it is so happy today.. as today he saw the joining of two loving heart.. abhishek don’t you knew this moon have seenSo many love stories.. in which some get successful and some like tragedy..
Ab: wow.. so your are now on the world of philosophy right.. suddenly abhi noticed pragyas costume.. she changed it and wear a red Saree which was his favourite..
You wear it..
Pr: what to do as you have win in that haldi challenge…
Ab: ya that’s right..
Pr: but.. now I want to thank you..
Ab:for what..
Pr: for saving my life..
Ab: sorry I don’t need your thanks but I need something spl..
Pr: something spl…

Ab: Haa and show his lips..
Pr:che.. and moves.. abhi holds her hands.. hllo Mrs. Pragya abhishek mehta.. I asked a kiss that too from my wife.. not from miss pragya arora…
Pr: acha.. so you are my husband.. and I must obey you today..
Ab; so you get that point…
Pr: haa… meri husband..

Screen freezes… sorry I knew this episode is too small… what to do… as I am busy with onam…. happy onam to all my readers… sorry May be I can’t upload next part tomorrow.. but I will do it day after day…and there is a happy news to you all.. I Will tell at next episode.. just remain as surprise..

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