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So let’s move to story directly….
Pragya: dadi… I am really happy today… do you knew what’s the reason…
Dadi: no..
Pragya: aaj mujhe purab naam ko ladka dekha ( I saw a boy named purab)…
Dadi get teary eyed..
Pragya: dadi… you don’t knew… soon I made company with him.. when I talk with him.. I feel its my purab… but how can be na Dadi? I am really a fool na.. as they go away from me… to a distance which I can’t go… she cries… she wipes tears… sorry dadi… to hurt you by saying this things.. but if they are with us… how beautiful will be our life na.. dadi is looking upset… pragya understand it and tried to change topic..
Pra: dadi… what you have made for me? I am really hungry…
Dadi: wait… I Wil get food.. dadi goes… pragya gets up and goes to gods idol and take ramayanam… take some pic and kissed on it…
Pra: I really miss you all. As she saw dadi she hide her feelings…
Scene shifted towards abhi…
Abhi talking to himself…
Abhi what are you doing? Why are you behaving like this.. and that for her.. chashmish… abhi don’t think about her… that’s good for you… at that time curtain of the Window falls on his face which make him remember their first meeting…
Scene shifted towards pragya… she is wrapping her dresses… some special feelings she felt…
Pra: why I feel that someone is thinking about me? why my heart is beating fast now…
Scene shifted to abhi… abhi opens Windows and sees the moon.. at the same time pragya be… abhi sees pragyas and his meeting… on moon.. song plays on background
Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
You’re affectionate night
I am yellow star

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

These are blessings of God
That I meet you
I discovered how to live
After dying on you

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
You’re affectionate night
I am yellow star

O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Friend with you
It is spring of happy colours
I will be yours
If you indicate once
Mean while pragya is covering her with shawl and smiles looking at moon..
Purab: Bhaiyya .. abhi came to sense..
Purab: bhaiyya I want to talk with u.. abhi : k.. tell me..
Purab: bhaiyya… actually pragya have come here to tell some important thing.. bhaiyya our babas life is on danger.. that stupid nikhil and takur is planning something to.. abhi get angered.. meanwhile abhinav comes..
Abhinav: abhi…
Abhi control his anger..
Abhinav: abhi don’t explode now.. control your anger.. I don’t think he will do so… that may be pragyas assumption… so don’t react now..
Abhi don’t tell any thing… abhinav goes…
Abhi: purab we must take care now.. as baba I can’t..
Purab: I knew bhaiyya… you always obey him…
Abhi: I will not do anythingnow.. but I will take care my babba.. he is my life…
Purab: don’t get upset bhaiyya…
Abhi: purab.. where is pragyas house?
Purab: why are asking..
Abhi: to thank her…
Purab: I will show u..
Abhi:tell me address.. I alone go there..
Purab: as your wish…

As morning begins.. when pragya gets up and open the door of her house to take paper and milk.. he get shocked seeing abhi… who is holding this on hand…
Abhi: hey chashmish.. why are you looking shocked.. is this your way of welcoming guest…
Dadi comes there…
Dadi: pragya who is there?
Pragya: that kadoos.. oops.. abhishek…
Abhi look at her and smile.. she is still at anger.. his smile make her more anger..
Abhi take dadis blessing…
Dadi: beta get in. He sits at sofa… tum go ladka Hein na..
Abhi: ya dadi… the same one you saw at railway station.. dadi don’t think that I am a goon or somewhat like that…
Dadi: ya I knew.. you always stand for truth… and for that you may fight..
Abhi: how you knew that?
Dadi: pragya..

Abhi: ohoo chashmish and smiles at her.. she is irked at his smile…
Dadi: pragya… get something to drink.. is tea or coffee..
Abhi: anything… pragya fumes and goes.. abhi still smiles..
Abhi in mind ( how cute she is in her anger… I just feel to give her a tight hug.)
Dadi: beta… what are you doing now…
Scene shifted towards kitchen..
Pragya: tea or coffee anything for that kadoos.. why he is smiling like this.. Is it good to see rakhshas smiling…
Abhi: I am not rakshas.. and don’t you ever see him..
Pragya get shocked…
Abhi comes close to her.. she get lean to stove.. abhi moves his hand forward.. pragya feels uncomfortable.. he takes the water jug… he smiles at pragyas reaction..
Abhi: hey chashmish… this rakshas don’t came to take princess along him.. I came her to get water for dadi.. he smiles and goes..
Pragya: what? Princess.. actually for what he came… oh really he is making me mad…
She make coffee and goes.. still he is smiling looking her…
Pragya: in mind.. why I feel frustrations in his smile.. why it touches me a lot.. why his gaze of eyes make my heart to beat faster…
Dadi: pragya why are you standing there.. give him that coffees..
Abhi take coffee and take a sip..
Abhi smiles..
Dadi: why are you smiling beta?
Abhi: this coffee is similar to my maas coffee..
Dadi: you both talk.. I need to go gurudwara..
Dadi goes..
They both are sitting silent.. pragya feels awkward as he is staring at her..
She takes some books and just turned.. abhi understand that..
Abhi: chashmish.. sorry pragya.. I just came to thank you to inform us about their plan.. thank you pragya.. for me my baba is my life.. and thanks for this coffee too.. he gets up and goes..
Pragya is still standing there with shock.. she goes to mirror…
Pragya: pragya… actually what is happening.. he thanks me.. is it my dream..

Episode ends…
Sorry guys I will try to give long update on tomorrow… always stay happy and take care…

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