Hello everyone… I knew you all will make anger at seeing my update… I am not well… my fever is recurring.. but it’s very bad to lies on bed like this.. I get too bored.. so I thought to continue writting.. don’t scold I am good girl… I will obey all your regards and instructions… I am taking any stress by doing so.. but I am really enjoying this… so let’s go to story… don’t read this by looking in anger be cool.. just keep a smile in face.. this anger not suits for you all..
The episode starts with abhigyas house
Bul: purab what is name of that saint?
Pur; name.. swami amarthyanatya bharathikal…
Bul: what bharathikal.. usually that’s for singers right..
Pur: haa.. he is a good singer and led a signing career and after that he get bhodhodayam… just like Buddha…
Bul: so how you collect all this details…
Pur:vo… I too get curious by seeing this name…
Bul: Ohio… but I feel something fishy..
Abhi: why are questioning him like this.. just as fraud..
Bul:I too felt some game going on here..
Abhi: oh god this bulbul will make problems…

Next morning…
Purab calls everyone..
Pur: maa this is swami… swami looks at everyone.. all take blessings…
Swami: khush raho… bulbul look at him in some doubt abhi and put an note this.
Swami: pragya come here… pragya get shocked… so you are the one who meet your mother after a long time… beti… your face must happy at this time but it looks tensed..
Pr; nothing like that..
Swa: no I knew reason.. it’s abhi right… you are thinking that he is hiding something… sarla and preethu falls on trap..
Sar:swami… we are going to make their marriage.. can you look at their birth chart and fix a day for the same..
Sarla gives it to swami… swami crosschecked it..
Swa: this pair is just like ram and seetha.. but there is some problems… you all knew that ram and seetha need to face so many hurdles in life… if their marriage doesn’t happen with in one week.. they too faces the same problems…. if you have any doubts in it you can cross check these two birthchart with any other persons…
Sar: we trust you… so plz look for good date within this week..
Swami look at something… and tell.. next Sunday.. muhurth :10-11:30
sarla: bhaiyya if you have any problem with that…
Abhinav: no… we can fix it…
Bulbul look at abhis and purab ki face…
Pur: now swamiji is leaving..
Preethu: without having anything.. let me take anything to drink all goes… except purbul abhi and alia
Bul: purab this face is somewhat similar to our..
Abhi: why are you.. doubting…?
Bul; look expect this beard and long moustache he is similar to nikhil..
Swa: are you making joke on me..
Pur: sorry swami.. don’t take her talk as serious…
Bul: but purab this sound too..
Sarla brings the drink..
Sw:I am leaving now… may god bless you all..
Pur: I will drop him and come..
They goes..

Bul: but Bhai… he is…
Bulbul have some work and goes… abhi is sitting in his room… pragya comes there..
Pr: abhishek.. why you look sad and tensed… are you not interested to married soon…
Abhi: haa… I am little sad as my bachelor life is going to end soon.. and I will be like a toy whose key is with you..
Pra: ohoo that’s the reason..
Abhi: fuggi by placing his hand on her shoulders.. what’s your opinion about our first night arrangement… pragya get shy… abhi raise her face towards him… haa tell me as you also think about it and you wish that room must somewhat like that..
Pragya smiles doesn’t respond… abhi hold on her waist.. what is the need of this shyness… Mrs. Pragya abhishe.. pragya moves her fingers through his face… I am not yet Mrs. Only miss… abhi bite on her fingers.. but soon you will be… abhigya shares a passionate liplock…. they broke it.. and pragya moves towards near by wall and place her hands on it… abhi came close to her and move his lips through her hands… and kissed on the backside of her neck… pragya turns to abhis side…
Abhi holds her belly… move his hand to upward and kissed on her
Neck.. abhi hold one hand on her face and another on her waist and make her so close to him.. and tries to kiss her.. pragya pushes him and falls on bed…
Pr: don’t cross your limit I am miss. Pragya only now…
She goes… and abhi calls fuggi and smiles…
Abhi too think about her and smiles… suddenly her smiles get faded as the lines in the letter goes through her mind…
Scene shifted to purab and swami… they stopped the car..
Sw: oh it’s too tough to wear all this… and he removes the wig… it was nikhil..
Pu: but you acted too well bro..
Ni: I thought our plan will be fail as that bulbul is doubting us..
Pu: ya me too… she started her investigation yesterday itself..
Ni: purab… be careful that anything will happen this days… please take care bhabhi… I can’t interfere directly… but I will be keen watching the things around the house..
Pu: don’t worry nikhil… I will not allow anything happen to pragya…
Nikhil goes..

Purab turns and get shocked it’s bulbul..
Bul: so my doubt was clear.. tell me what are you hiding from me… why did you talk that you will take care of pragya..
Purab explained everything..
Scene shifted to abhi..
Abhi is still lying on bed..
Abhi thinks about everyone around him to figure out Mr. X
Fb shows..
Abhi and nikhil are talking
Nikhil: Bhai do u any doubt about the person
Abhi: no Nichol
Nikhil; Bhai… whom you met after long-time.. as in first letter time he is was not around you…
Abhi thinks :Rahul… but he can’t he is my sincere friend.. but pragya don’t like him
Nikhil: Bhai… please keep an eye on rahul.. as I don’t knew my doubt is true or not..
Fb ends..
Abhi: rahul… how can he…
Scene freezes.
Episode ends…

I will surely take care of my health… its your all love make me to write.. loves you all… Roli… nikhil is poor fellow… don’t misunderstand him.. ☺☺

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  1. Superbb yarrr……..I loved it ……..take care & have ur tablets

  2. Prathi

    So is it Rahul!?? Just a guess! Interesting epi. I thought Bulbul would do something like that

  3. wow super thanks update soon

    its really awesome yaaaaaaaa

  4. Di was very angry when I saw your episode that you did not take rest inspite of having fever.But after reading episode I was very happy.Mind blowing episode??.Take rest?order from your sis

  5. akshaya kannan

    Soon get and pragya and abhi married dear
    Epiwas awesome

  6. Di, you are unbelievable…. sorry if I had scolded you… won’t you forgive your choti… it’s ok.. but take some rest too… you may think that I am overreacting.. I am a single child… since I don’t have a sis or bro, I am considering you as my di and fighting with you… I love to fight with my sis or bro, but God had not given my that happiness… that’s why treating others as my sister or brother and fighting with them as if they are my own blood relation… I don’t know whether you have accepted me as your choti… but you are always my di.. that’s final…now only going to read your ff di… this paragraph is due to your intro para… Will comment after reading it…

  7. Now I have read it… it’s awesome di… really not waiting for your next episode…so take some rest… since you are good girl, you should obey your sister’s words??? … or else…I won’t do anything???…

    1. Di, not waiting doesn’t mean that this is not interesting… it’s for you to take rest

  8. Superb…
    Take care of ur health…get well soon

  9. Now, I think it’s not rahul…. because since you have created a doubt in abhi’s mind, it won’t be him…. May be anjali… or some other person… this is my thinking di..

  10. nice episode fastly show real face of rahul

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  12. Abiya

    Nice episode nd tc dr get well soon ?

  13. Asmithaa

    Wonderful Di… Loved it to the core..?????

  14. Sandy

    Nice episode and ur treating us soo welll by ur ff??. Please don’t strain yourself for us and make us guilty. Take care and get well soon ?
    Drink more hot water
    Thanks a lots of uploading in sickness

  15. Haritha, take care of ur health dear. Take a break, get well soon and come back.. Health is more important than ff… Okay, hope you will hear my words. And coming to today’s episode. Its not rahul for sure. Wait i will try to find it out.

  16. Saranya24

    Frst i was angry tat u r writing wit fever but ur wrds made me cool but take care dear loved today epi full of fun love u dear get well soon?????

  17. superb episode yaar but u have to take care of u r health ……….

  18. Awesome episode…. But take care of urself… Get well soon….

  19. Monesha

    Hi di what happened to you? Fever? Take rest, don’t strain more. confirm your choti will pray for you. Love you a lotttttt di. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……. Take care

  20. Reshma_Pradeep

    Nice One! GET WELL SOON DEAR…..

  21. Please take care of yourself yaar…

  22. Trisha

    Amazing epi?
    Please take care of your health…get some rest…hope you feel better soon…love u?

  23. Its really too cute n funny episode yaar… Especially bulbul purabhi n nikhil scene I love it I mean tat swami ji scene… Bt u shd take care of it health yaar it’s not compulsory to update ff heath s first so plzzzzz update NXT one after u cured completely fit n fine… Take care…

  24. Priyamvada

    It was superb chechiii ur awesome. And sorry 4commenting late i was very busy take care of your health remember those thingsi have said to u about u r health

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