Hello everyone… lets go to story directly.. abhi is shown… and looking at the letter.. who is my enemy?.. who want to take revenge for me…?.. I will not let anything happen to my fuggi… I will not allow to make it happen.. Prague comes..
Abhi hides all the things..
Pra: abhishek.. you are still sitting like this…? Why don’t you get freshen up.. we need to go to office today.. there will be so many pending works.. pragya look at him.. abhishek.. she place her hands on his hands.. abhishek.. what happened to you? Why are you looking nervous now..
Abhi; nothing fuggi… I am just tried that’s why..
Pra: k then take rest.. I am going to office..

Abhi: in loud voice.. no.. pragya get shocked..
No you can’t go alone.. I will come with you..
Pra: abhishek.. why are you reacting like this.. it’s sure something is bothering you.. on that before our trip also you were like this.. you can tell me anything.. why are you hiding…
Abhi hugs her.. fuggi… I will be always with you..don’t go away from me..
Pra: abhishek… why are you telling like this.. how can I live without you…
Abhi; sorry fuggi and hugs her and started to laugh.. so miss. Pragya Arora falls in my trap…
Pra: what?

Abhi: haa… always you call me bhudhus… and told me that I will always get trapped in my plan..this is my new plan… to make you closer with me just like this… abhi holds her waist..
Pr: abhishek… this is too much….
Abhi: haa fuggi.. I knew it.. but I don’t knew nowadays I can’t stay without you just for seconds… pragya blushes..
Purab: haa fuggi… nowadays I too can’t stay without you both… abhi take his hands..
Abhi: purab… why you always come between us… broke our romantic moments…
Pur: Bhai… fact is that you both are not married yet.. that’s the reason..
Pragya leaves..
Abhi:purab.. I will show you.. u will also came at this point at the time I will take revenge for it…

Pu: you can…
Abhigya reached at office..
Anjali: good morning abhi and pragya..
They too good morning anjali..
Abhi: anjali… bring all the important files that are to be cleared today itself to my cabin..
Anjali; k and leaves..
Abhi: pragya take details of our staff and workers.. and report it to me..
Pr: but.. what is the need for that?
Abhi; I will tell you..
Abhi calls cctv operator..
Arrange cctvs in all places and in pragyas cabin too..

And ends call..
Abhi: I must take care for pragya.. I will not allow anything to happen her.. as I will find my enemy before he is reaching to me..
Pragya comes and give him all details..
Abhi calls nikhil… nikhil I need to talk with you.. if your are free just inform me..
Nikhil: is anything serious?
Abhi: we will talk at evening… ends call..
Abhi watches pragya from his cabin… at evening

Abhi drops pragya at home and goes..
Purab: pragya… where is bhai going?
Pr: I don’t knew purab.. he is looking so worried… but not informing the reason..
Pu: don’t worry.. I Will talk with him.. scene shifted to abhi & nikhils meeting…
Nikhil: Bhai what happened to u? Why do you call me so urgent…
Abhi; nikhil… look at these… he shows all the letters..
Nikhil; Bhai.. this… who is that.. he is dangerous Bhai. From this lines we can understand his enmity… Bhai do you have any idea..
Abhi: I don’t knew anyone like this nikhil… I can’t let anything happen to my fuggi..
Nikhil; Bhai… we all are with you then why are getting upset… Bhai… do u inform this to bhabhi…

Abhi: no nikhil.. I don’t want her to be tensed…
Nikhil: we can do one thing Bhai… we can make your marriage… within one week.. so the person get alerted and will surely do something so we can caught him red handed..
Abhi: I too think about it.. but when I talk about this.. there will be so many questions that what is the need of this hurry..I need to answer for it..
Nikhil; Bhai… we can inform this to purab also. He will also give you some background support… nikhil ki Phone rings..
Nikhil; hllo purab we are talking about you.. hàa Bhai is with me.. do You come here…
Purab comes..
Purab; so this is the matter.. pragya. Is little bit tensed… Bhai it’s k… we all are with you na… so what we need to make this marriage too fast right.. I have an idea for that.. but I need nikhils help for the same..
Nikhil: what help…?
Purab: you need to act… haa… I will explain it in detail.. their discussions are not seen..
Abhi: purab.. that’s good idea.. sometimes you behave as genius..
Nikhil; but this is somewhat a flop plans…
Abhi; don’t underestimate purab… don’t you knew he has too talented in these things..
Purab: k.. so do what I said.. and Bhai… we will keep security for pragya… don’t worry my two eyes are powerful nobody can escape from this..
Abhi; now I am get relaxed.. so we will do just like our plan.. and hugs them.. you are real brothers..
Nikhil; are you soaping ?

Abhi: no nikhil… it’s real.. if there are some one like you with anyone it’s sure that there will be no hurdles or miseries as you both stand as a protection wall for that….
Nikhil: so Bhai.. I am leaving if there is anything change in our plan.. then inform me..
Purab; k nik bye.. take care..
Nik: what nik?
Pu; haa short from of nikhil.. nik..
Nikhil; k I am leaving now..
Scene dulls.. and shifted to abhis house.. all are around dining table..
Purab; maa… do you knew today I have seen some swamiji.. he was too blessed.. by looking at my face itself he talk about me..
Bul: it’s so simple that.. to tell about you by looking at face… as you are idiot and can’t do anything alone.. only knew to roam around girls..
Preethu: bulbul tu chup.. purab tell me..
Purab: haa aunty he tells about our family and everything and tell about Bhai ki engagement and about the threat..
Sarla: which means.. he has some powers.. bhaiyya.. let’s invite him to home… and just look about their marriage..
Preethu; that’s good..

Abhinav: if you both wish.. then we can do that..
Purab: I will bring him to home..
Bul whispered in purabs ear.. purab when you started to believe in such things.. what’s your plan..
Purab shocked.. what plan.. nothing like that.
Bul; but you face is not telling like that…
Pu: are you investigating me..
Bul; may be..
Episode ends…

So let’s watch his plans.. if they able caught Mr. X… I knew its too short.. sorry as I have caught with fever now.. I am taking rest.. and jifi… I will upload the other ff tomorrow itself sorry for that delay.. I don’t get any idea that’s why… next episode will be really fun for you all because of purab so wait for that

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