Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all your supports… lets go to story…
Abhi and pragya reached where purbul… alikhil were staying..
Purab : Bhai.. and hugs him… they all hugged each other..
Aliya: di.. where we’re you both for this 2 days..?
Pra: actually.. this bhudhus na… because if him we reached some place.. and trapped there..
Aliya: explain in it detail..
Abhi explained it..
Purab: which means you both… pragya are you really well na… is anything happens… between..?
Abhi; between…?
Purab: kuch nahim..

Abhi: acha.. and hits on his head..
Nikhil; no Bhai.. he is just asking about… safety of his sister..
Abhi: so you too in his side..
Alia, me too..
Pra: Acha… as I feels that someone… someone have got some new connections..
Bul: what are you telling pragya…?
Pra: haa… hey na aliya?
Abhi: hey na nikhil?
Purab: what?
They both blushes..
Pra: someone is blushing here..
Bul: which means… nikhil aliya… oh no..

Pur: oh no…
Aliya: what no?
All laughs..
Abhi: I am really happy about you both….
Pragya: me too..
Bul: but how this all happen? As we are with them.. we even don’t knew about this..
Abhi: purab.. don’t you knew that.. who is this abhishek? He can knew everything..
Pragya: haa… really he is genius.. knew everything … at last he will fall in the trap which he has made..
Abhi: haa that’s right.. that’s why I fall in love with you..

Pragya: abhishek.. all laughs..
Nikhil; bhai in these two days too you both are like this fighting like a child..
Abhi: nikhil… this fights are just our different way of expressing love..
Bul: nikhil… they both can’t stay without fighting…
Pra; bulbul… no need of your explanation.. I am too watching this.. as you all come between we both.. she put her hands on abhis shoulder.. we will fight and do whatever.. don’t come between us.. understand..
Purab: ohoo.. now you both become one team and we all are outside the boundary right…
Abhigya smiles..

Aliya: hllo if your conversations are over let’s go to home as all of them were waiting for us..
Abhi; k meri maa.. let’s go.. they returned to home.. and dropped nikhil.. where they pick him.. and reached home..
Preethu; sarla… abhinavji…. .. they have reached..
Abhi; preethu…
Preethu; : beta… where we’re you all.. as your one day trip just get shifted to 2 days… why don’t you inform us.. pragya: aunty.. as he liked to stay there.. we did so.. and purab informed you na..
Sarla: pragya… purab informed us.but do you knew na.. how can we all stay with you…
Pragya: maa.. we have now reached na… then sure.. we Will never go like this.. and stay with you always like this… and hugs her..
Aliya: maa stop this daughter maa drama..

Preethu : arey alu.. are you jealous..
Aliya: aunty don’t call me like alu..
Purab: haa.. aunty only I have the right to call
her like this..
Aliya; purab.. tum..
Abhi: stop.. stop.. why we all are standing here.. lets go inside.. maa where is baba?
Preethu: come with me.. I will show… abhi enters the living room.. where abhinav is talking to someone.. he can’t see the face of the person.. he was curious to find it.. abhinav smiles looking at them
Abhinav: aagayi abhi.. the person turned his face.. abhi was surprised. He go and hugs him..
Abhi: tum.. what a pleasant surprises… after how many years we are seeingback.. may be almost 5 years right..
Abhi.. watched everyone as they all are looking in confusion…
Abhi; let me introduce him.. he is Rahul… my college mate..

Rahul: namaste..
Abhi: why are you here? Is anything spl..
Rahul: abhi… I came to meet anjali… as we are too big friends na.. and she has told me that u are her boss.. and I came to knew your a re going to get married soon.. so I just came to meet you and congratulate you..
Abhi: oh so sweet of you rahul…I was too happy by seeing u.. as after college life we both have no contacts.. I have tried to call you… but your number is changed.. and I didn’t get that..
Rahul: pointing at pragya… so this pragya…

Congratulations pragya.. and forward his hand.. pragya gives her hand.. but she tried to remove it.. but he holding forcibly..
Abhi look puzzled.. by seeing that..
Rahul: haa.. abhi.. I have seen your photos that’s why I identify her.. abhi smiles..
Rahul; pragyaji.. you are too lucky to have someone like this.. as he is hero of our college.. real charm for girls.. but he didn’t even look on girls.. but I don’t knew how he fall in love with you.. abhigya look each other and blushes..
Abhi: k.. sit here. I need to talk with you a lot..
Rahul: sorry abhi.. I need to leave now.. as I have some important work.. don’t worry I will be here for some days we will surely meet..
Abhi: where are you staying? If you have no problem then we can arrange your stay here..
Rahul: that’s pleasure mine.. but I am staying with anjali.. if I came to stay here.. do you knew na what she will do.. it’s better to stay with her.. so we will meet soon.. k pragyaji.. see you.. he leaves..

Abhinav: what a ladka? He is too good natured.. as we talk a lot..
Sarla: when he calls us aunty.. I can feel his love and respect..
Abhi: ya he is such a nice person.. and looks at pragya.. he sees something wrong..
As everyone leaves..
Abhi: pragya what happens?
Pr: abhishek.. I feel something wrong in mind is telling so..
Abhi; no pragya.. don’t judge him like that.. he always talk too friendly.. don’t misunderstand him..
Pr; may be I am wrong?
Ab: no may be.. you are wrong always…
Pr: haa that’s true. I am wrong always.. that’s why I choose a wrong pair for me..
Abhi holding at her waist and pushing towards him; really…?
Pra:ha.. just leave me.. If someone sees so?
Abhi: what? As we are going to get married na..
Pr: only going.. not married yet.. leave me now..
Abhi: k..( in some anger). now go..
Pragya didn’t move..

Why are you not going?
Pr: oh meri lallu… meri sweetly.. laphanter.. kadoos.. don’t be angry na.. and kissed on cheeks and goes.. abhi place his hands on cheeks and smiles..
Purab; oh meri lallu.. meri sweetly.. meri kadoos and tried to kiss him.. abhi pushed him
Purabwhat are you doing?
Purab: so when my sister kisses you.. you will smile.. if I do the same then..
Abhi; so you are watching all this.. it’s so cheap..
Purab: haa.. I am so cheap.. as I need to protect my sister..
Abhi; purab.. I am watching all the time.. as you are too acting a lot.. every time telling about her protection.. is I am who is going to attack her..

Purab; haa you.. but this attack is not like gunoos attack or terrorist.. this is something diff
from that..
Purab I will kill u.. purab vanishes..
Abhi; oh so now you escaped from me.. but soon I will catch you my idiot..
Abhi reached his room.. there some letters for him.. he checks it.. as all are company related one except one..
Abhi opened it as in that Letter it is written as personal..

It’s me.. the same person whom you searching for.. how’s your trip.. you will surely enjoyed it as you have get opportunity to spend time with your fuggi… look there is something for you with this letter it was some photographs.. the photos are abhigyas romantic moments at forest.. abhi looks it and shocked and continued to read letter… don’t get shocked.. as I am always behind you as a shadow.. what a romantic couples are you both.. but.. what we did.. this couple’s will not stay long like this.. poor fuggi.. her life is now on countdown.. she even don’t knew why she is going to be killed.. don’t try to tear this letter.. read it fully.. abhishek.. I have no problem with your fuggi… but my only enemy is you.. it’s pragya whom you love most.. so her absence will make you more sad.. abhsihek.. I have reached near to you.. lets start our countdown.. the countdown of death and life.. if you can.. just save you fuggi… ha.. ha..
With love
episode ends…

Sorry everyone I knew this update was little bit late.. as I have got a new story.. I started to think about it.. my brain don’t work for writing this story.. thanks a lot for all your supports.Let’s at see with new episode… and starts our mission to find the person.. as by reading this all have reached about who is behind this.. if so.. we need to find why he has enmity with abhi… so soon I reveal it.. after we need to done our abhigyas marriage…

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