Hello everyone….so let’s go to story directly…
It’s morning… pragya came with coffe… to abhis room.. abhi is already awake..
Pra: abhishek don’t you sleep yesterday… you are looking too tried..
Pur: pragya.. how can he as you are coming in dreams and make him coward.. what?
Abhi: pragya.. ya I saw a dream.. and after that I don’t get sleep.. I was thinking about our trips.. I am really excited for that.. so get ready fast.. all are get ready for trip..

PUR: Nikhil
Ab: he will join on the way.. they are going in innova… purbul.. have already taken back seats.. abhi and pragya on front.. aliya in middle seat…
Ab: so let’s start our journey…..
All in loud voice yes… the car get starts…
Abhi and pragya was in conversation and purbul too.. aliya who feel bored… take his phone and do something in it..
Purab: Bhai… nikhil… he will be at next stop…
Abhi stopped his car. Nikhil gets in.. nikhil greets abhi… and his bhabhi… purbul too.. when he look towards aliya.. who is even not looking at him..

Abhi: nikhil… then what’s your new plan…?
Nikhil: plan?
Pragya: haa… about your life..
Purab: haa nikhil.. for bringing a girl to your life…
Nikhil: oh actually you both settled so making me too..
Abhi: haa… may be.. do you find anyone…
Nikhil: ya… but… that girl too..
Purab: is she is too adamant…?
Bul: how can she behave like this looking at you..
Nik: looking at aliya… ya.. she is not giving attention too me.. not responding to me.. but I Will wait for her.. because I like her a lot..
Aliya smiles.. abhigya is watching all this..

Nik: Bhai.. why this sudden plan about the trip?
Ab: it’s not a sudden plan.. as I think this trip with fuggi… I just make you all to it..
Nik; oh romantic trip.. abhigya smiles..
Abhi : guys.. don’t you have any idea about where we are going…
Everyone no…
Abhi: we are going for a boating and trucking too..
Pur: trucking
Abhi: Haa… it will be fun na..
Pra: but..
Abhi: no fuggi…
Pra: alu.. what happened to you? Why are you so silent..
Nikhil: may be because of someone…
Pra: what?
Nikhil: no.. may be she has no mood for this..
Aliya: who told you that?
Bul: that’s my alu.. she will respond only to fight..
Abhigya smiles.. they reached the place..
Abhi: here.. we must go as two… aliya would you join with nikhil.. they look each other..
Aliya; Bhai… I fear this water.. so I am not..
Nikhil: haa.. Bhai me too.. we both will stand here.. you all go..
As they leaves.. abhigya get one and purbul another..

Pra: abhishek…. so you planned all the things right. You knew we’ll that aliya will stay there as she don’t like boating…
Abhi: I knew nikhil will stay there..
Pra: abhishek.. can I ask u one thing.. is you really their Bhai… as every Bhai will fight against their sister’s love.. but you…?
Ab: fuggi… love is really a good feelings… as I knew that.. so how can I spoil their feeling…
Pragya smiles.
Abhi: fuggi.. just talk about ourselves..
Pra: what?
Abhi: our future… romance..
Pra: future.. what to talk about that as my life is going to be bad as some bhudhus is entering to my life soon.. after that.. my life will always full of some cute fights…..
Abhi: ohoo.. so.. you have an option now.. as you can find someone better than me.. pragya get iriked..
Abhi; don’t look me like this chahsmish.. as I knew you would not anyone better than you..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi: fuggi.. which place you wish to go for our honeymoon..?
Pra:place… we must go to… Kashmir..
Abhi: why to be died from terrorist..
Pra: kerala…

Abhi: that’s good…. fuggi… don’t you knew when I saw you at first time.. I feel something special.. I feel some magic in your eyes.. some force is attracting towards you.. I thought that must be your chashma.. that’s why I called you chashmish.. but after that.. your behavior make me more interesting.. your eyes speaks with me.. it tells your love.. I always wish to see this eyes.. abhi place his hand on her hand.. now I wish this hands always be like that.Close to my heart…

Pragya smiles.. they both look into each other… ( Sanam re plays)
Shifted to purbuls boat..
Pur: bulbul it’s really good to be with you.. I feel so happy.. I always wish to be with you like this..
Bul: I will always with you like this purab
Pur: bulbul… when you started to love me…? Bulbul get shy..
Bul: on our 10 th standard itself..
Pur: what?
Bul: haa.. as everyone started to talk about you.. and says that I am lucky to be close with you.. I started to think about you.. and at last I fall in love..
Pur; then why don’t you tell me?
Bul: how can I? As you consider me as your best friend.. and you share everything with me.. how can I cheat you..
Purab take her hand and kissed on it..

Scene shifted to alu- nik..
Aliya is looking at lake… nikhil feels restless as he need to speak with her.. but she is not even looking at her.. anyhow nikhil calls aliya..
Ni: aliya.. if you have no problem.. can we go for a walk.. just.. for one time please..
Al: k..
They started to walk..
Ni: aliya.. how’s your classes are going?
Al: well..
Ni: what your plan next?
Al: to do MBA
ni: that’s really nice. As I have so many connections with MBA colleges.. if you have no problem.. I will help you..
Ali: no need of your help..
Ni: sorry.. he feels sad..
Ali:sorry nokhil.. I don’t wish to make you upset.. as I think not to disturb you with this things that’s why..
Ni: oh god.. at last you speak to me.. thank you god for accepting my prayers.. aliya smiles..
Ali: what prayers?
Ni: to make a stubborn girl to talk with me..
Ali: is I am that much stubborn?
Ni: no.. but trying to pretend so.. hiding some inside feelings..
Ali: what do you mean by this inside feelings?
Nikhil suddenly hold her to close..
Ni: some feelings which make your heart to beat faster..
Aliya get shy..
Ni; I knew there is no need of my questions and your answer as I feel it now.. aliya get away and ask what’s you feel now..
Ni: your love for me.. aliya turns to other side..

Scene shifted to abhigya.. they reached at the opposite bank of lake..
A; fuggi get down.. as I will show u something.. the place is full of teak trees..
Pr: it’s too good place..
Abhi holds her hands.. come I will show you some beautiful garden..
They reached at garden.. it was a big place in which lots of flowers are grown.. on the middle there is a fountain too.. mainly rose flowers are there.. pragya goes there… abhi take one roseflower and make it wear on pragyas hair.. she blushes.

Abhi: now this flower seems good..
Pr: how do you knew this place..
Ab: I have come here many times.. but today… this place is looking too good… it may be because of a beautiful girls presence..
Pr: abhishek….
Ab:haa… I knew its over right.. pragya smiles..
Pra: it’s really good that we have living in this place.. as we both alone…
Ab: oh meri fuggi too in romantic mood..
Pra: don’t tease me bhudhus..
Abhi smiles..
Pr: abhishek.. it’s because of you I have got all my happiness.. from the day I met you my life started to change.. the one which I think I have lost… returned to my life.. my maa.. pur.. aliya… pragya get tears.. abhi wipes it and hugs her..
Ab: I always wish to make you happy.. as I don’t like this tears in your eyes.. so don’t cry my bubbly..
Pr: bubbly..
A: haa.. at the time you fumes.. your cheeks look like dairy milk bubbles..
Pr; you… pragya tried to catch him.. but he runs..

Episode ends.. so friends the next episode is only about abhigya… as no one is there will be.. the scenes which you all like to watch… so see you with next episode… and wait for the writer of that letter.. he will arrive soon… so sorry as I knew I don’t update the another ff.. I will try to upload it soon..

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