hello everyone..thanks alot for all your support…lets move on to story directly…
someone rings the door bell..
abhi:pragya..i will check may be that manager…he goes…he opened the door..
man:sir..are you mr.abhishek mehtha…you have a courier..
abhi signed and received it it was writen that highly confidential..
abhi:what confidentional…he opens the box….he smiles looking at it…(guys is there any was abhis and pragyas photoframe…)abhi take it from the box..there is some letter too in that box…he placed the photo on table and read the letter..
hello MR.Abhishek,
as i knew you are too happy now…and happy with that gift…as its special for you…you are too happy to got someone like pragya..sorry your fuggi…you wish to stay with her always..and she become an important part of your life cant stay without her for long…i knew on that day of your birthday..i saw your love for her…you are very with your family…as everyone is with got all back…your brother nikhil too..i knew now you are thinking who am i? right..
abhishek…your happiness is going to you think if anything happened to your fuggi…then whats you condition….oh no..i see you face is getting bad…by hearing this…is this happen in real…you are getting angry right…who am i to fear you…dont worry i will meet you soon..till then stay happy…as we met will lose this happiness…meet you soon

suddenly pragya came…
pra:abhishek…who is that..she sees the pic…wow what a beautiful pic…but oh i see so you have made it right…but when you take this pic…i didnt see yet…but this too nice yaar..i really loved it…we both look made for each other..(it was pic in which pragya place her head on abhis they both are looking at something happily)_
pragya hugs abhi for it…but abhi is not responding..
abhi:haa fuggi…
pr:where have you lost?
abhi:nothing iam just watching you…fuggi…just look an eye on they are too young
abhi:nothing you just go there i will come within seconds as i need to send some mail.. you telling truth?
abhi:”why are you asking so?
pra:nothing..i came to met you telling this lie..
abh:no fuggi…
abhi leaves his room…
he read the letter once again..and check the box too..
abhi:who have written this? the person who did this knew us very well…who will be this…the person is targeting my fuggi…he need to make me in vain…i have to find who is behind it…i willnot let anything happen to my fuggi..
abhi hears pragya calling him..
abh:haa fuggi iam coming..

abhi too joins with them…bulbul purab and pragya were discussing about tomorrows trip…but abhis mind is not here..he is thinking something..
bul:bhaiyya…what happened to you?
pur:no bhai your face is telling are in tension…is there any problem..abhi look at pragya.
abhi:nothing purab..iam thinking about your challenge is that possible for us…pragya understood that he is trying to divert from topic and something had happened too.. lets do that challenge tomorrow..
bu;what challenge?
pur:as bhai and pragya willnot fight for one day…
bul:laughs…is this possible for them…my purab will win this challenge..
pragya:we will show you both holding at abhis hand..
at night..abhi is sleeping…
she shouts fuggi…
pu:bhai what happened…why are you shouting fuggi..
abhi:nothing purab..i saw a dream that we are fighting and she is beating me..
pu:oh broke my sleep by stupid dream..
abhi:in mind…no i will never allow this to happen…abhi is remembering his dream
abhi and pragya was walking through a place..suddenly someone came infront of them and shoot pragya at her chest..
abhi is sweating alot…he wishes to talk with pragya…but by looking time he stops himself…
this may be because of that letter…i must find him soon as my heart is saying that something is going to happen…
abhi cant sleep ..he still thinks alot…

episode ends..
riends..i knew that this upadte is too small..sorry for i have no other options…for next 3 all must satisfied with short i have to complete my abstract for project..and i knew you always starts to comment me..dont make anything happen to pragya..dont separate abhigya…its sure mukundji will comment like this first…so iam informing you all that…i have not planned about what going to be take place next..and i have no wish to separate them stay happy..abhi will never allow anything to happen his fuggi..because she is his life…sorry mukund..if i hurt you by telling i knew all like abhigya alot..not to wish to separate them..see you again next
short updates..and this is my 20 th episode thats why iam amking this twist..and iam happy that i have got a new sis in this priya…

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