Hllo everyone… I read all your comments.. I am happy that you all like the twist.. it’s because of rolis comment I get that idea.. now let’s get into story now..
Next day…
Someone is knocking the door of abhinavs room… preethu opens..
Abhi : good morning maa.. this your favorite masala tea..
Preethu: tum with tea..

Abhi: maa.. today we are celebrating women’s day.. so all women take rest.. today it’s me and purab.. who are doing all the works..maa take this I have a lot of works.. he goes.. on the way he met with sarla..
Abhi: maa.. coffee.. today no need of going to kitchen… it’s me and purab take care of that.. I have given a one day leave for you..
Sarla; abhi..
Abhi: it’s my order.. he goes… he go to pragyas room to give coffee.. already aliya gets up and take one…
Aliya: di is sleeping..

Abhi; k I will call her..
Abhi get into room.. pragya is sleeping on her bed.. wrapping a blanket. Abhi place coffee on table and sit besides her.. abhi is smiling looking at her face… ( tere sang yara plays)
Abhi remove the hair from her face.. and kissed in forehead she smiles.. suddenly she opened her eyes..
Pra: abhishek.. why are you always disturbing me in dream and real.. I knew you are not here.. but every time I saw you around me.. don’t play with me.. abhi smiles..
Pra: I have told you don’t smile like idiotic smile.. I don’t like that… pragya gets up… she still saw abhi…
She touched his hands..
Pragya : tum yahaam.. which means you kissed me in real not in dream…
What are you doing here..? Abhi holds pragyas hand and drags her to him..
Abhi: so fuggi.. which means.. I am coming in all your dreams.. and I am doing.. some naughty pranks too.. you enjoyed it every well.. so you are acting in front of me.. you wish me to do that.. so
Pragya: so…

Abhi bring his lips towards pragya…
Pragya placed her fingers on his lips..
Abhi kissed on it..
Pragya: che.. she tried to get away from him..
Abhi: how can you simply go without my permission…
Abhi kissed on her cheeks.. pragya blushes..
Pragya get away from him..
Pra: now tell me what are you doing in my room..
Abhi gives her coffee.. and come fast for special breakfast..
Pra: special breakfast..
Abhi: haa. It’s me and purab who are in charge of kitchen
Pra: which means Its better to eat from office canteen.
Abhi: fuggi.. you just taste it.. then you always tell me to prepare food..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi: stop this smile anc get ready fast.. he goes..

Scene shifted to bulbuls room..

Purab knocked on her room..
Bulbul: come in.. place that tea on table.. and help me to pin this Saree..
Purab stand at confused.. bulbul is busy on wearing it..
Bul: come.. fast.. why are standing like this..
Purab pinned the Saree..
Bulbul: I don’t knew to take this fleet.. maa please help me.. and she turned towards purab.. purab tum..
Purab: haa..
Bul: why do you enter my room without permission..
Pura: it’s you who give me that permission..

Bul: I thought that will be maa..
Pura: really.. he take his Saree.. and started to do fleet..
Bul: purab… tum chali jaavo..
Pura: I will help you to wear saree ( itani mohabath plays).. he did the fleet. And help her… bulbul get shy..
Purab holds her waist..
Pura: bulbul why don’t you wear this Saree today.. as I knew that you don’t like this kind of dresses..
Bul: but you liked it..
Purse and bulbul have an eyelock..
Purab kissed on her forehead.. you look too beautiful and hot in this Saree.. bulbul blushes…
Purab: k now I am leaving.. come fast… I have a lot of work to do.. as today we are chef… so come fast my sweet darling..
All are gathered around dining table and waiting for abhi and purab…
Aliya: we have to wait till evening to have something..
Pragya: I too think so..
Sarla: what happened to abhi and purab today..
Abhinav: may be because of incident may be..

Abhi; hllo everyone and started to serve food.. he sits beside pragya she look at him..
Abhi: why are you looking like this.. now I have permission to sit beside you..
Pragya get irked all
Abhi : bulbul why are you wearing Saree today..
Bulbul look at purab..
Bulbul: just for change…
Abhi : ohoo… baba today I am on leave… so you must go to office…
Pragya: leave..
Abhi: haa you too..
Pragya: why me?

Abhi: it’s my order do what I said..
Sarla: Haa pragya take one day rest…
Abhi smiles..
Abhi : I need tell you all one thing.. as I am planning to go for a trip.. me.. pragya.. purab bulbul.. aliya.. and nikhil.
Just a bachelor trip..
Preethu: which means we are not allowed right…
Abhi: haa… maa… it’s only for bachelor’s…
Abhinav: where are you all going…?
Abhi; not planned yet..
Aliya; Bhai we can go to ooty..

Bulbul: to munnar
Purab: hey we both will decide on it..
Sarla: but nikhil… how’s that possible…?
Purab: maa .. he will come.. as he wish to be with us..
Pragya: maa… this food have some similar taste to….
Abhi : ha.. it must have such similar taste..
Pragya: but I feel that..
Abhi: if you need more then I will give.. for that no need of tell about anything..
Abhinav: k I am going to office..
Abhi purab.. pragya.. aliya we’re in room and discussing..

Pragya: hllo we will discuss you both go and prepare for Lunch.. they both goes..
Abhi: purab.. I Did this plan to trap them.. but I thought it will trap me.. you see pragya felt that this food is not prepared by us.. I forget the fact that we both once gone there and have food from same hotel..
Purab:haa Bhai… I too thought that we have failed may be pragya will tell the truth..
Abhi: then for lunch what we will do…?
Scene shifted to room..
Bulbul: pragya.. do you feel that that food was prepared by Bhai and purab…
Pragya:never bulbul… they can’t.. I don’t tell in front of everyone as they both are trying to make us happy.. that’s why..
Bulbul: shall we help them in lunch..
Pragya; haa..

Pragya messages abhi..
Pragya: abhishek.. as I knew that you both can’t make lunch for us.. so we can help you can we?
Abhi: hllo madam.. we don’t need your help as we can do it ourselves…
Abhi and purab were in kitchen.. they are preparing food. As they both don’t knew anything.. they did as they thought.. at last they goes out in happy that they succed.. at the time they goes out…

Lunch time…
All are around dinning table..
Preethu: abhi… how tasty is your food awesome..
Sarla: I didn’t thought you all make this much…
Abhi look at pragya in a look that he wins…
Bulbul and pragya look at each other and smiles…
After lunch.. as abhi and purab… came to kitchen.. they saw the items that they both prepared are still there..
Purab: Bhai.. how this happen.. then that food.. abhi smiles..
Abhi: it’s bulbul and pragya who prepared us to make us win..
Purab: how really sweet they are right? Bhai… actually what’s your plan..
Abhi: purab.. as there is no work at home.. maa and sarlamaa will go to temple.. within sometime.. and today is Friday.. aliya have guitar class..
Purab: so what?

Abhi: hey bhudhus.. which means bulbul and pragya were alone..
Purab: so what?.. oh Bhai.. now I got it.. so let’s wait for that..

Sorry friends I will upload this episode as two parts.. sorry for not updating …as I was too shattered by the news about suha… it was really a shock for me… suha….

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      be strong dear….as suha will always with us….she dont like to see you like will hurt dont cry dear…

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      thanks aisu…you said right,,,she will be always in our mind…

  7. Superb episode di…. waiting for the next part…

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      sorry vishu for this delay to post the next part…i will be seen soon dear

  8. Shriti

    Awesome but show romance between abhigya nd rabul

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    Superb epi….R.I.P Suha

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  14. Roli aka Shona

    Wow haritha…. I just thought negative character will be in ur story and the way you showed Nikhil I thought he will be so… But the twist was awesome… I daily used to search negative character in your story… But I wont find it… Since I started to read from middle.. I thought so…. Grt yaar … Whenever I read I will see full of positives… That’s really superb …
    And coming to todays epic was soo cute..

    1. HARITHA

      thanks alot roli…as in all story there will be a negative character…i always feel bad for them…thats why i did give such role in the story..if needed someone will come..iam so happy for your comments…

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