Hello everyone…as per what i said this is the second part of my 19th episode…i knew all are waiting for it…so lets go to story…
as per abhis plan everyone left..only bulbul and pragya are remain in the house…
purab:bhai..whats you plan now…
abhi:just wait…abhi slowly watches what pragya and bulbul was they both are watching filim…
purab…i will message pragya to come to my room…so bulbul will alone there and you can join with her…
abhi messages pragya..
abhi:fuggi come to my room urgently…dont tell this to bulbul…pragya received message..
bulbul:pragya…whose message is that?
pragya: just flipkart message… i remember as i dont send a mail thats too important..i will join you aftersometime..

pragya goes…why this abhishek call me now?is any problem…may be thats why he tld me to not to inform bulbul..she moves to abhis room…his room was closed..she knocks the door..but its not opening…so she just enterinto it…and look around…abhi is not seen anywhere…suddenly she heard so sound and turn back…
pragya:abhishek…why do you close the door…why do you make me tensed,,,and whats the problem..
abhi:problem?what problem?
pragya:you asked me too meet you and dont tell this to bulbul..
abhi:haa…i just asked so to spend sometime with you..
pragya:bhudhus…do you knew i get tensed..
abhi:for what?
pragya:if anything..happned..
abhi holds pragyas hand and make her sit on bed..and he placed his hedaon her laps..and looking at her..
abhi: fuggi…nothing will happen…to anyone..i knew everyone get so sad because of me..and you too…i spoiled our engagement day..
pragya:no abhishek…
abhi:fuggi…i can reach to your heart…i knew i make you tensed sorry for that.,..i just want to see your smile at face always..
pragya get teary eyed..
pra:abhishek…why do you love me this much?
abhi:ohoo…fuggi..every lovers will ask her beloved that love me more than anyone..but are asking like this…fuggi..u are too bad..
pragya smiles..
abhi:fuggi…i didnt expect that we will fall in you are always irritating me from the time of our first meet to till..
pragya:till this day right?
abhi:haa…may be…but now i love this irritation…i love you smile…blushing..bak..bak..jealous…

pra:hello…mr.abhishek…you are in full form today for flirting..?
abhi:is this filrting?
pra:may be…
abhi:which means you have experiance in it..
pragya get iriked..abhi smiles by it..
abhi: fuggi…i dont knew what to tell iam too happy to get you as my wife..
pra:iam not become your wife..
abhi:but soon you will ..pragya blushes..
pra: kadoos…what is the need of trip tomorrow?
abhi:fuggi…i planned the trip because…i can spend tim e with u..purab can with bulbul..and aliya with nikhil
pra:what aliya with nikhil?
abhi:haaa..pragya…nikhil loves aliya…i dont knew what is this for aliya..
pra:how do you get that?
abhi:fuggi..i have seen so many times nikhil is trying to talk with aliya..but because of me he that time i thought it may be his plan..but now its not like that..
pra:what a bhai you are abhishek?you joined purbul and make situations for them to romance each nikhil and aliya..
abhi: you are great abhi..
abhi:fuggi..iam watching you as nowadays you have not given any value for me..
pra:may be so..
abhi:what may be so?i always give u surprises and make time to spend with you..but are feeling that…he stops ..

pra:oh so you are anger on me right…
pra:so what will i do for that?
abhi:you must make me happy… u have already told that you are happy..
abhi:not that happy?
pra:then what?
abhi:you must hug me …
pra:k..she hugs him..
abhi:not like this..i need to feel it…
pra:k …pragya hugs him…

My heart is in not in prayer or in worship,
these days this heart is just into rebellion..
Because of you, because of you,
I seem to have forgotten my god..
My eyes have become unbelievers,
They have become travelers of your streets..
Within me, everything is yours now
There is nothing that is mine..
Having been separated from the whole world,
My breaths are moving towards you..
If I close my eyes
Your dreams become my heartbeats.
No you only tell me, having gotten you
Where should I go, after coming to you

scene shifted to purbul…
purab comes to bulbuls room..
bulbul is watching movie…as she is not notiving him..he sits besides her..
pur:oh god..look at her..she not even noticing me..there my bhai and pragya will be playing jack and rose its my fate..
bul:purab..did you tell anything?
pur:nothing…as current goes..oh shit…my filim..purab smiles..
pura:thank god…as i wish to spend some time with you..u are too engaged in filim..
bul:spend time with me?you always have no time for that..then what happened now.. at that time i dont knew that you love me..iam roaming around girls to find my if my love is with me then what is the need of others..
bul:are you trying to flirt with me..?
pur:is this firting then what you will call if i do real firting with you..?
bul:which means you have did it with somany girls right.. you got traped..
bul:y what are telling yourself..i knew very well about you always share everything with me.. need this…as its not to share about a girl with other girl..its who put the trap and fall into it..
bul:purab iam asking to you..
puraab takes bulbuls hand..

purab:bulbul…as you knew everything about me..then why are you doing this drama..
purab:ha..i knew that you like to play with me by telling all you like my cute innocence that time..
bulbul:who told you that…
pura:your face…bulbul blushes…purab place his hands on her face..
they both look at each other..
pur:bulbul..this face tell me everything..he kiised on her cheeks…
pur:do you knew its for us bhai have planned to morrows trip..
bul:i knew that…purab..if they came to knew about our relation then..
pura:no bulbul…they will accept like bhai and pragya.. cute they are ?made for each other…they always fught each other but in that fight too we can see their love..
pur:thats true bulbul…hllo madam then what about we are made for each other..
bul:just to say truth.. i will get someone better than you..
pura:ohoo rally..bulbul goes..purab holds her hands…and make her leanto wall..purab get closer bulbul..bulbul get nervous..

purab:bulbul..tell me is iam match to you..
bul:may be..
purab get closer..
bul:now tell iam match for you..bulbul hugs him and said..i will not get anyone better than you purab ..i love you purab..(itini se bath plays)
someone rings the door bell..

episode ends…

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