Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all your comments… I am little busy in these that’s why I am replying you all.. so roli … you think this nikhil as villian.. and you are waiting for his games right.. ok…let’s see what happens at the end… so let’s go to our story.. engagement function ends… all guest leaves… everyone we’re gathered at living room..
Abhinav: with God’s grace function take place without any disturbance..
Purab: but there is one disturbance still exist that nikhil takur..
Abhinav: purab I have already told you to don’t interfere in it..
Abhi: baba… I don’t knew why you always says this.. and you always keep quiet about them.. when they do anything against us..
Abhinav: abhi…
Abhi: baba.. today I need An answer from you..
Preethu: abhi… I will tell you..why his silence in this…
Abhinav: preethu..
Preethu: how can we hide some fact from him.. I think now it’s to knew him the truth.. I am sure now he can bear all that..
Abhi: what are you talking about…? Preethu started to cry… abhi.. you just give me promise that u never go away from us… be with us..
Abhi: preethu… what are you telling.. how can I go away from my mom..
Preethu: because I am not your maa..
Abhi get shocked and look at abhinav..
Preethu: haa… abhi.. we are not your parents… yes abhi… we are not your parents that’s the truth… we are your servants abhi.. and started to cry..
Abhi: maa.. what are you telling?

Abhinav: that’s the truth abhi… we are servants of your dad… when you was one year old they died in a road accident… but that was not an accident.. it’s planned one.. before your dad’s death he give me power to look after all his properties.. and at your 26 th birthday… I must give all the powers to you…. it was your dad’s last wish that I must look after you as your own father that’s why I hide all this facts from you… and the nikhil is the one whose your own relation.. he knew all this fact… he is your dad’s brothers child… he is not like his dad… his dad liked your family…but nikhil is not like that.. he is true hearted man.. he never tried to kill me.. or stand against us.he always acts like this for his father as he knew that he will go to any end.. even kill you abhi.. he wish to participate in his brother’s engagement function.. that’s why he came here…

Abhi goes from there..
Abhinav: abhi….
Preethu cries badly… and sarla consoles her… bulbul is crying too.. purab and pragya goes after abhi… abhi goes in bike… purab and pragya follows him.. abhi stop his bike and sit near the pond… purab and pragya too comes there..
Abhi is sitting there.. and he is crying too.. pragya and purab sits on the two sides besides him.. and put their hands on his shoulder.. they re mail silent for sometime looking into pond.. as both pragya and purab knew he need some time..
Abhi look at pragya..
Abhi: fuggi….. what I believe that was wrong…
Purab: Bhai don’t think so..
Abhi: u both are thinking that I am really so sad right.. haa I am sad that’s right.. but I am happy and feels blessed to have such a baba and my preethu too… do you knew they are not my real parents but they loves me more than their own child.. then what is the need of I am getting sad… I don’t knew and I even don’t see my dad and mom.. but I have see them in my baba and preethu… they are my mom and dad… bulbul is my sister that’s true… but my tears are for nikhil..I think that he is bad.. he is always against my baba.. I always fight with him..
Pragya: abhishek.. now I am relaxed.. I was in tension that how will I convince you..
Purab:Bhai you are great.. I too thought..
Abhi: I knew that… purab… fuggi.. if you all are with me.. then how can I be sad…
Abhi purab and pragya hugs together..

Purab: Bhai… we need to go home.. as all are upset there..
Abhi: I knew purab… when I heard I was in shock that’s why I did so.. because of me all are sad.. purab you just go and inform them.. me and pragya will come after sometime as we need an another work..
Purab; k Bhai.. he goes..
Pragya : abhishek… she holds his hand and kissed in it.. she make him lie on his lap.. she moves through his hairs..
Pragya: I knew what all things are going through your mind now.. I knew if you hide your pain too… I can feel it… now u are trying to convince yourself… but you feel sad about your own mom and dad…
Abhi hugs pragya tightly..
Abhi: fuggi.. ya.. I feel pain.. that I lost my family because of that takur… I am proud of my dad.. as he gives me to safe hands.. in the hands of a person who loves me… a lot. Fuggi.. I need to meet nikhil now.. will you…?

Pragya calls nikhil to come this place..
Nikhil reached there…
Nikhil: so what was your plan now? Why did you call me… here.. are you feel tensed by hearing my words that I will snatch your happiness… and pragya… I was too surprised to see your call.. I feel if you go against him..
Abhi and pragya are smiling..
Nikhil: why you are smiling…?
Abhi; Nikhil you acts well..
Nikhil: act? He get tensed…
Pragya: haa.. nikhil you are too good actor.. I think you get Oscar for best villain..
Nikhil: you call me to make jokes with me..
Abhi hugs nikhil..
Abhi: stop this acting my brother.. as I knew now who you are..
Tears rolled down from nikhils eyes.. abhi wipes his tears..

Abhi: sorry nikhil… I don’t knew anything.. I always fight with you..I think that you are against us.. on that day.. I rudely behaves with you.. when you tired to..
Nikhil: how you get to knew all this?
Pragya: uncle tell us everything..
Nikhil: sorry bhabi… sorry for trying to behave with you like that.. I did that because of my dad.. I knew that you meet with uncle and gives him the information about what my dad going to do with them.. I remain silent because I wish to do so.. and on that day.. my dad calls me and he too came too knew that fact and he is trying to do something with you.. I have no other option than this.. as I so abhi.. coming to office that day.. I am sure he will reach to rescue you from me…
Pragya: thanks nikhil..
Nikhil: Bhai… ya I really hates you.. but when the moment I came to knew about my dad’s evil side and truth about I started to love you respect you.. but I can’t stand with you.. If I do so.. then it’s danger for u..
Abhi: I knew that nikhil… abhi hugs him once more..
Nikhil:Bhai.. we can continue this drama.. as that’s good for us.. and I am leaving now.. we can meet on another day.. he goes..

Abhi: how nice he is.. it’s all my fault..
Pragya: it’s k abhishek… lets go home now..
Abhi and pragya reached home.. they both get into abhinavs room where abhinav and preethu are sitting sadly..
Abhi: baba… preethu.. who told you that I am not your son.. I am your son.. and you both are my mom and dad.. I don’t knew if they are with me.. they can give me such a love that you all have given to me.. preethu stop this crying… smile… smile.. you knew if anyone see your smile they will fall in love with u.. preethu beats abhi.. abhi hugs baba and preethu..
Abhinav calls pragya near to them..
Abhinav: pragya.. I knew that it’s you behind all this.. as nowadays I have seen an another abhi.. who is more lovely.. who studied to control his anger thank you beta.. for coming to his life..
Pragya: uncle.. what are you telling..
Preethu: I need to see you both like this.. and bless pragya and abhi..
Preethu: you both go and take rest now..
They leaves..

Abhi: fuggi..baba mistaken you.. as he thinks that’s its you make me low temper.. he don’t knew its you make me anger every time without any reason.. he don’t knew how irritating are you..?
Pragya: what I am an irritation for you…
Abhi; haa..
Pragya started to beat him..
Purab comes there..
Purab: oh god.. they starts their fight.. Bhai.. pragya.. can I ask you one thing.. if you both can spend a day without fighting…
Abhi: haa.. why not.. are you challenging us..
Purab: Haa.. you can take that as a challenge too.. as I am sure that you both can’t..
Pragya: purab.. who told you that we can’t.. we can prove you that.. Purab; k then show me.
Abhi: ohoo.. then your challenge accepted we will prove u.. fuggi come with me..
Purab: hllo.. pragya you go to your room and Bhai you get into yours as it’s too night now.. and you too are not married only engagement take place now..
Abhi: purab…
Purab: haa.. it’s a brother’s duty to take care of his sister from some danger..
Abhi: danger.. which means..
Pragya you leave now.. as pragya goes.. purab too..
Abhi: nowadays this purab is trying to order me.. you just wait kanna.. I will show you who is this abhishek mehra..

Episode ends.. sorry guys as you all don’t like this episode as I said that I am giving you some scene of abhigya and purbul… but I have planned it.. and will make it happens in coming episodes..

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  1. nice twist

    1. HARITHA

      thanks di

  2. Di… fabulous…. I loved this episode… it was really so nice… and an unexpected twist di… superb di

    1. HARITHA

      thanks vishu…i am happy that you like this twist

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      thanks nirmal

  4. Unexpected twist… I thought some bad things could happened in abhigya’s life… But u had done amazing twist…nikkil abhi’s brother It’s really awesome… U rocked yaar????

    1. HARITHA

      yaa ..i knew all of you thought like that…i feel that in this story no need of villian and bad twist…

  5. nice

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      thanks priyanka

  6. Wow di!lovely episode…..awesome twist???love u???

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      thanks alot my sweet sis

  7. Roli

    Who said epi was not nice???? It was awesome haritha….. I didn’t expect that Nikhil will be a positive character. And in the end purab says it’s a brother’s duty to take care of his sister from some danger.. was also good…it was a funny moments in emotional times. You did well….

    1. HARITHA

      thanks roli…thanks alot for your comments..its from your comments the get such an idea

  8. nice planned story

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  11. Asmithaa

    Superb Di… I loved it to the core????????

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    Wow Superb Haritha !!..The episode was really nice !!..Keep rocking

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  14. Really superb n shocking n unexpected twist yaar…

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  15. Monesha

    How dare you di saying that you all don’t like. You are imagining good things as well as bad also sometimes. Don’t do this again. Now coming to the story what a episode di? I didn’t expect this. I think god gave you some extra no no more extra brain. You proved that you are unique. Such a amazing writer. Proud to say i am your crazy fan. Love you a lotttttt di keep rocking….. sorry for not commenting you properly. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ princess di.

    1. HARITHA

      sorry my sweet little princess..i will not think bad from today onwards….love you dear.. and remember on ething…after this dont tell me sorry….

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        I am ……… for using sorry di here after i won’t use that. Love you a lotttttt my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari…..princess di

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