Hello  everyone.. as I read all your comments… I have don't get time to reply to you all.. maha.. I see your comments… dear.. I have no problem by telling about me here. As so many of you al ready knew about me. Anyways I will introduce myself once more.. my name is.. already you knew it.. I am  now at sweet 20's.. I am doing my degree now.. ( 3rd year).. I am taking degree in physics.. and I am a malayalee … from Kerala.. that too from thrissur district.. and I have sister.. Amma.. ( mummy) and achan ( papa)… is anything to knew about me more.. if you want to anything further.. just tell it in your comments… so my self introduction get completed now.. so let's move to our story.. as all are waiting for that twist..
Abhi and pragya  are sitting on their engagement function
Abhi look at pragya pragya too they both are lost in each other…
Fb shows…

One day as pragya and abhi were in market.. while moving through they both collide each other..
Pragya  and abhi turn to say sorry.. but seeing each other they got anger..
Pragya;  you again… I knew what is your intention… you are always following me.. hey I am not like any others as just fall in love with you by this pranks.. I am pragya..
Abhi : hey chashmish.. don't  you look you self in a mirror… are you thinking that you look like Aiswarya rai….. he started to laugh.. hey chashmish I can't control  myself  by thinking the plight of the person whom going to be your husband… unlucky man.. may be he have done something that's why he is going to   get sin.. and you think that I will fall in love with you.. that too you.. chee.. is I am looking that much bad.. he laughs again.. I don't knew how he will control all this non-stop bak bak.. so this is a small gift from me… give this to your fiance.. ( it was some cotton balls.. ) give it to him.. so he can get some rest to ears.. he goes..
Pragya: you…she fumes…

Fb ends..
Pragya: so now what happens… she has some cotton balls with her.. and gives to him…
Abhi  admires her…
( karam  khudayana plays)
Preethu: now you both exachange  your rings.. for that abhi and pragya  sits beside each other.. sarla gives ring to pragya.. and preethu gives ring to abhi..
 Abhi and pragya lost in themselves..

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun kahi
Vaapas kinare pe aana
Main bhool na jaun kahi

Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khwabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahaara bano

Aliya: is your eyelock finish can we exchange rings…
They both exchange their rings.. and looked on it.. there happened a lovely smile.. do you knew that too what.. as in engagement rings.. name of bride and groom where written.. the ring at abhis hand have named fuggi… and the one at abhis hand have kadoos… ??
Aliya: it's for the first time in history where such names where written..
Bulbul: haa.. alu… sorry aliya.. it's just like them..
Sarla: now it's bulbuls turn.. ( don't think that it's purbuls engagement.. as in our custom… groom's sister would make to wear jasmine flowers to brides hair) bulbul  does it..
Purab: congrats my jiju and pragya..
They smiles… all are engaged in taking photos with bride and groom.. abhi signs purab.. purab did the same..
Bulbul  take pragya somewhere and purab take abhi somewhere…
As pragya comes abhi hugs pragya from her back..
Pragya: kadoos  what are you doing.. if someone see then..
Abhi: no problem. As now I have full freedom to do whatever I want..
Pragya:who gives you that freedom.

Abhi shows that ring..
Pragya;  look Mr. Abhishek it's just engagement rings..
Abhi: what Mr. Abhishek… fuggi.. in kerala style.. bride calls groom as chetta.. Etta.. echayan.. ettayi.. after marriage..
Pragya: but I will call you kadoos.. kanjus… bhudhus.. I will make our children to do so..
Abhi: what children? Abhi gets close to her.. suddenly they feel someone coming to room.. abhi and pragya hides under bed.. abhi admires pragya who is so tensed.. ( allah  warriyan plays)..
As the person come close to bed.. pragya hold abhi so tightly.. she place her head at his chest.. abhi really enjoyed it.. as that person goes out. Pragya tried to get out.. but abhi is hugging her.. so she can't came out from it..
Pragya;  bhudhus.. what are you doing.. leave me.. they all were searching us..
As pragya abhi… just continued to do their drama there.. aliya came to room when she enters she sees the bed is moving it's down was covered by blanket she can't see them.. aliya get tensed.. when she slowly tried to look what it is.. suddenly bed move towards her.. she runs from there…
Aliya: bulbul… bulbul..

Bulbul : what happened aliya why are you too tensed…
Aliya: bulbul  on that room.. which room..
Aliya brings bulbul to the same room.. when they searched all there they couldn't find anything…
Bulbul: where… there is nothing here.. stupid aliya.. she goes..
Aliya: but here is something she goes..
Abhi and pragya were hiding just behind the door..
Pragya: oh.. she relax… now let's go now..
Abhi : fuggi….

Pragya: no abhishek.. she goes…
When they both were standing and talking with friends relatives one guest arrived… the guest without any invitation.. it's nikhil takur..
Nikhil: congrats Mr. Abhishek mehra and pragya  arora…. and forward his hands to abhishek and pragya… but they both looked in anger… nikhil  whispered in abhis ears… enjoy yourself.. stay happy.. as this happiness need not exist too long dear… he evily  smiles and goes..
Pragya: abhishek.. what was he telling…
Abhi: nothing to much pragya… as just tried frightening me… but.. you knew that.. Don no harana muskil hei na…
Pragya smiles..

Purab: tum… why are you here? What’s your new plan now?
Nikhil: purab… purab… just calm down man.. I just came to be part of your happiness.. as because after that I can’t see you all like this..
Purab holds his collar.. you..
Abhinav comes there..
Abhinav: purab just leave him… nikhil evily smiles..and goes…
Purab : bulbul you look too good today…
Bulbul: oh god at last you just give me some consideration.. as you were too happy with your sis..
Purab; oh sweetie…
Bulbul: don’t call me as sweetie as it’s really my fault to love you…
Abhi comes there..

Abhi: ya bulbul.. it’s your fault to love this idiot..
Pragya: abhishek.. it’s your sisters luck to get someone like my purab..
Abhi laughs..
Purab: hllo.. me and bulbul don’t need your help Now.. because you always make complications… bulbul come with me…
Episode ends..

Sorry I make some delay to that twist.. as I wish to add some purbul abhigya scenes…

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