Hello everyone ya as I said this the second episode….
Purab: pragya tell once more..
Pragya: bro… she is loving you alot… purab is shocked and happy.. pragya really I am fool right… I don’t see whom loving me.. I am searching the one whom accept me…
Pragya: purab you just go and meet her.. he goes.. oh god now they will turn down this mission… I must tell him.. now.. no just give him this news as surprise…
Pragya: maa.. I am going to office..

Sarla: why at this time?
Pragya: maa.. I have some important works..
Sarla: k.. take this food too..
So pragya reached abhis office.. as she enters staff started to give her flowers.. pragya was too surprised…
Anjlai came…
Anjali: pragya.. I am too happy for you both.. congrats.. are you searching for abhi…
Pragya: where is he?
Anjali: he is at conference hall..
Pragya; is in any important conference..
Anjali: no pragya.. I don’t knew what he is doing there.. as we all don’t have any permission to enter there.. as he informed me that tell pragya too came there..
Pragya: ( so he is making some surprise for me.. ) pragya is too happy.. she slowly get into conference hall.. it’s too dark there.. as pragya step in a light on.. the path to reach at centre were full of rose petals.. pragya slowly walk through.. and she reached at place where a big love shape is made on which abhigya is written.. abhigya..
Suddenly abhigya.. abhi+ pragya= abhigya..

Pragya: abhishek is this your important work here..
Abhi: yes..
What are you hiding in your hand show me..
Abhi: this is for you… abhi gives the gift.. it’s anklet…
Abhi takes it and make it wear to pragya…
Abhi: now it’s look good…
Pragya blushes..
Abhi: pragya… don’t blush this much.. as I can’t control myself…
Pragya: really.. abhishek.. I have one happy news for you..
Abhi: what is that?

Pragya: what do you think about purab and bulbul..
Abhi: if you going to make them married…
Pragya: how do you knew that..
Abhi: fuggi.. bulbul is my sister.. I already knew that she loves him.. but your idiotic brother don’t knew that..
Pragya: abhishek… don’t call him like that.. now he also knew it..
Abhi: what?
Pragya: haa.. bhudhus… now he realise it…
Abhi: how…???

Pragya explained everything… he started to laugh…
Pragya; no need of this laugh bhudhus.. do you knew that.. if this not happen… then what will happen they will continue with mission..
Abhi: mission… what mission…?
Pragya: mission gift…
Abhi: oh I see….
Pragya: and what all this on working time.. you were doing all these things…
Abhi: haa… what to do.. to tune a lover a person need all this..
Pragya: what.. tune…???
Abhi: haa…
Pragya: so you have tuned many of them like this..
Abhi: haa…
Pragya: what?
Abhi: it’s just…

Pragya goes angrily…
Abhi: abhi.. today also you need purabs help…
Pragya: hllo this is food for u… maa has given this..
Abhi: then what about you?
Pragya: MD asking to his staff..
Abhi: not MD lover…
Pragya blushes. They have their food..
Pragya: now I am entering to my work… see you after office hour..
Abhi: k..
They both engaged in work..

Scene shifted to house…
Purab coming to see bulbul..
Purab: bulbul is what I am heard is true.. do you love me..?.
Bulbul blushes..
Purab: oh are you blushing.. I don’t see such a bulbul…
Bulbul: haa… I loves you idiot..
Purab: tum bi.. I have a doubt is I am really an idiot…
Bulbul: no you are a sweet idiot and kissed on his cheek.. purab get shocked..
Aliya: so there is an another drama going on here right..
Purab: alu tum..
Bulbul: aliya don’t tell this to anyone…

Aliya: no..
Purab: alu.. from today onwards I don’t call you alu..
Aliya: k as per your request I will try but I am sure.. but you may obey me.. you must done somefavour for me..
Purab looks at bulbul..
Purab: k..
At evening as all reached home..
Abhinav: abhi… we are thinking that.. we can do your engagement… next week.. what is ur opinion..
Abhi: as per your wish baba..
Purab: what a Question baba.. how will he disapprove it… abhi and pragya look at each other and admires..

Bulbul: look at them.. they are not in this world all started to laugh.. abhi and pragya came to sense..
Abhinav: so we can do their engagement next Sunday itself..
Purab: so Bhai… you are going to become my jiju.. you are getting promotion from Bhai to jiju..
Abhi: but purab.. I have hear something else..
Purab: what?
Abhi; as some new love story.. purab get shy..
Purab: hllo ya. If u can love my sister then why not I am..
Abhi: I am so happy for you purab they hugs each other..

Ya days goes away.. and today is that engagement day.. ( this time I will show you malayalee style engagement )..
It’s morning all are busy.. abhi is getting ready with help of purab… pragya with help bulbul and aliya…
The house is decorated..
The function is taking place on their living room.. guest were reached there… long mat is placed on floor.. there is some many fruits.. lamp ( nilavilak) is placed at the centre…
Abhinav: preethu it’s time now..
First groom and their party came and sit at one side… abhi comes there.. wearing dhothi and cream shirt… bride party came and sit opposite… pragya was in green kacheepuram saree…
Pragya sit opposite to abhi… they both look at each other..

Episode ends..

guys.. there is some twist going to happen so let’s wait for that…. expect unexpected from me.. and I am on leave tomorrow.. as in this days.. I have no classes but tomorrow I need to go for that.. so no updates tomorrow.. but I will surely come on Tuesday… and I knew this episode is not so good.. please forgive me.. while writing my cousin reached house.. as you knew all cousins . And how they will be.. meet you at next one..

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  4. Roli

    Hi haritha, that’s okay. And the episode was superb. Waiting for the unexpected twists ?? . Is purab’s engagement also going to be fixed on the same day???

  5. Hai haritha…r u from Kerala…and epi was awesome.. Abhi already knows abt his sisters love wow that’s so cute.. Waiting for the twist…

    1. HARITHA

      Ya I am a malayalee

  6. Superb episode??

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    Awesome super di i am eagerly waiting for next episode di. I loved it to the core keep rocking…… Love you so much di lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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