Hello my sweeties… I need to tell you all something… but I will tell it at the end of episode… so let’s go to story..

Abhi and pragya are puzzled and happy too..
Purab: Bhai look now there is no need of my plan A & plan B… now… oh god… I am really happy now.. as I knew that if you go and act as his lover.. they will surely make my pragya to marry that person… thank god my pragya saved..but Bhai… I don’t understand what plan happened here…
Abhi: yeh idiot… I too thinking about it.. just keep quite.. as all are looking us..
Abhinav:: purab… don’t disturb him as I will tell what plan happened here..
Preethu: purab.. so you have this much brain right..
Purab: aunty..
Sarla kick purab… so u are going to cancel your own sisters marriage right….

Purab: maa.. pragya loves Bhai.. then what will I do now…?
Bulbul: maa… how this happen?
Abhinav: bulbul… we are your parents.. we can reach to your heart… we can see whats going on your mind…
Preethu: on abhis birthday function itself we came to knew something between abhi and pragya…
Sarla: on that night… when catch you from pragyas room.. it’s clear..
Abhinav: we are just trying to find out truth by this drama.. but you both didn’t tell us truth… as I knew because you did this for not hurting your parents right.. abhi.. pragya… our wish is just to keep you happy.. if you get happy by living together.. then we both don’t have any problem..
Pragya: really.. they both hug abhinav… take blessings from sarla and preethu..
Purab: what a family yaar… I am really happy now..
Aliya: why you too happy..
Purab; look alu. My parents are not against love.. so now I can love a girl without fear right.. hey na. Bulbul..
Bulbul look in anger…
Sarla: ohoo. Beta.. and beat him.
Purab: maa.. why are you beating me..
Sarla; in your case.. we will not accept easily..
Purab; why?
Abhi: because you are an idiot..
Pragya: adios don’t call my brother an idiot… he is my sweet lovely brother…
Purab: love you pragya… pragya… someone is looking you for long time just look at him… otherwise he will be sad… hey na.. jiju…
Abhi: purab tum.. They started to chase like tom and jerry…
Pragya: dadi… thanks a lot I am so happy..

Dadi: why are you thanking me.
Pragya: dadi I knew… you are the reason behind all.. you convince everyone and plan this drama.. too love you dadi..
Aliya: dadi… some one is buttering you don’t fall in that trap…
Pragya: alu.. you they also started tom and jerry chase… but soon the chase ends.. as abhi.. drags pragya to his room while she running… abhi close the door..
Pragya: abhishek what are you doing… just leave me.. I need to go..
Abhi: no fuggi.. I will not leave you today.. as I am too happy now..
Pragya: k you are happy today.. then for what you are not allowing me to go..
Abhi:because it’s you for me to share my happiness right.. my fiancee…
Pragya: oh fiancee.. look Mr. Our engagement is not done.. just family talk about it.. if I wish I can drop this proposal..
Abhi: ohoo.. so you will drop this proposal right.. abhi holds her by her waist.. tell me do you really wish to drop this.
Pragya: if I wish so..
Abhi: hey fuggi… look at my eyes and reply..
Pragya look at his eyes.. ( Sanam re female version plays).. I.. wish to.. I wish to… l love u bhudhus… I wish to live with you.. and hugs him ( tu meri jaan plays)
Abhi; fuggi.. but you are too bad..
Pragya: why?
Abhi; when baba ask you get ready.. you go and ready like a princess.. if anyone come and sees you like this.. they will surely likes you…
Pragya: ohoo really.. then what you did… you get ready to bring them home.. right..
Abhi: haa.. because there was plan there.
Pragya: plan…
Abhi: tell her about purabs plan.. she started to laugh aloud..
Abhi: now you understand na.. your brother is an idiot…
Pragya: ya I understand one thing too you also an idiot.. pragya continue his laugh.. abhishek.. you just imagine you are acting before.. what a joke hey na..
Abhi: haa that’s joke.. But fuggi… I will do anything to get because.. I love you that much.. ( tereliye khudko badal song plays)
Abhi: fuggi………
Pragya; no need of this long fuggi… I knew when you call me like this..
Abhi: ohoo.. so you knew that then give me… please.. give me fast as I need to go office as anjali calls me..
Pragya: ohoo.. you are going office that for anjali… then ask her give it..
Abhi: I will ask her.. it’s sure she will give it to me.. if you have no problem.. then I have no problem… it’s really pleasure..
Pragya: what you have no problem.. she starts to beat him.. abhi forcefully hold her both hands and he lean towards her and give her liplock… pragya get stunned..
Abhi: now you can go… abhi leaves..

Purab sees pragya..
Purab: pragya.. why are you in shock.. what happened to you.. she doesn’t respond…
Purab: hey what happened to this pragya.. if is this her shock as family accept her marriage.. let me check it from Bhai… Bhai.. why pragya going in shock..
Abhi: nothing purab.. I just give her a gift that shocks her..
Purab: gift… Bhai.. what gift did you give to her which really make her this stage..
Abhi:just ask about it with your sister… I have leave to office now.. and inform pragya to join at office at noon.. abhi leaves..
Pragya is in kitchen all girls were there..
Purab: pragya… what was the gift that Bhai gives to you.. as I think it’s something special that make In shock.. ( pragya remember that liplock)
Aliya: Bhai.. gifted you..
Bulbul: tell pragya.. what was his gift..
Sarla: ya pragya show me that gift…
Preethu: usually abhi have no sense in this things.. show us beti.. pragya is looking tensed.. she goes from there.. oh god I forget to give medicine to dadi..
Bulbul: look purab… pragya is hiding that gift..
Purab: ya bulbul let’s find.. it.. so from this time onwards we are going to start mission gift..
Bulbul: ya..
Aliya; maa.. don’t you feel something special in between these two..
Preethu: what special..
Aliya: maa.. in balarama there is a character kuttosan and dakini… they are just like this.. always start some mission and fails..
They all laughs..
Pragya: oh god how can I tell them about his gift.. this all because of that kadooss.. pragya calls him..
Abhi: hllo sweet heart.. are you missing me..
Pragya: I will kill you kadoos..
Abhi: what happened fuggi..
Pragya; don’t you knew that idiot purab is asking for that gift which you gives..
Abhi: ( smilingly) which gift fuggi..
Pragya: that gift..
Abhi: what are you talking…
Pragya: abhishek.. don’t try to behave that you don’t knew it about.. that gift that you give me on your room..
Abhi laughs.. haa you tell to him na.. that gift…
Pragya; abhishek… you.. how can I tell him about it..
Abhi: why so…
Pragya blushes and cuts the call.. suddenly she hears someone crying.. she turned its purab…
Pragya: purab.. what happened to you..
Purab: don’t touch me.. pragya… so u all make also call me idiot. So you too go to his side.. I think in this house.. you have only love for me.. but you too.. purab cries..
Pragya: purab.. meri Pyari brother.. I just tell it in anger..
Bulbul: but pragya.. it’s bad.. it’s purab who always keep in your side. Then now..
Pragya: wait.. wait a minute.. I am also watching that you are supporting purab alot.. now tell me.. what’s going on between you both..
Purab: what do you mean pragya.. what’s between us..
Pragya: purab you just keep quite… bulbul tell me.. what’s all this..
Bulbul: what.. actually.. actually I don’t like anyone hurting my purab and she goes..
Pragya: ohoo.. so track is going that way..
Purab: pragya what are you saying.. hey idiot don’t you hear what she tells… purab.. you roam around girls.. but nobody minds you.. but you don’t see someone who is loving you and that too staying close to you..
Purab: which means..
My idiot brother… bulbul loves you…
Screen freezes on purab face… I knew this update is small don’t worry I will upload one part today itself…

Thanks a lot dear for your comments.. I read all your comments.. it’s make me really happy… I got so many friends sister through my ffs… I really glad to see all your comments… I am so happy which I can’t express in my words.. it’s you all making me to write more.. thanks everyone.. and loves you all this is my 15th episode.. thanks for supporting me in all these episode… and vishu… today I am writing two episode specially for you.. hope you all enjoyed it.. loves you all.. ❤❤❤❤???????

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