As per your request I am doing this episode today itself… as I am not planned so.. it must be up to the level as you all wish.. anyways I am doing it..

Episode starts with abhi is looking so tensed..
Abhi: purab.. I can’t restrict my baba.. I can’t lose my pragya.. what will I do..
Purab: bro.. keep cool yaar.. you knew na this is yo yo generation.. so be cool..
Abhi: stop this idiotic talk idiot then talk about your plan..
Purab: plan which plan.
Abhi: the plan you told..
Purab: I don’t have any plan.. and you knew its my sister’s future.. I knew that baba will find someone who is more good than you.. look dashing than you.. abhi is upset.. hey bro just kidding yaar..

Scene shifter to pragyas room..
Aliya: di.. look at this Saree.. or this..? Why are you not telling anything.. choose anyone..
Bulbul: aliya please be quite for sometime.. pragya.. look here I knew you are little upset.. do you believe me.. just look at me.. now you just get ready and go in front of him just once.. if maa asks about him.. you just tell that you don’t like him..
Aliya: what are you telling bulbul ?
Bulbul: aliya you just shut up as you don’t knew Bhai and pragyas relations..
Aliya: what di and Bhai.. wow.. di is it true?
Pragya: haa..
Aliya: then we talk to maa directly..
Pragya: no I can’t hurt her any more..
Bulbul: pragya do what I said..

Scene shifted to purab..
Purab: if baba tells us to help them to reach here.. then we can do a drama.. as we can act as you loves her.. if you not get her.. you will do suicide so they will go without seeing pragya..
Abhi: but If they identify us.. then?
Purab: stupid bhaiyya.. we will do fancy dress..
Abhi: if we got that chance then what will do..
Purab: you just go and talk to baba directly..
Abhi: no purab that’s not possible..
Purab: we can create some drama.. such as their family is bad.. or the character of that person is bad.. or pragya Dont like him..
Abhi: if that too fails..
Purab: wow Bhai why you always think negative.. as I am with you na. I will not allow anyone to marry my sister expect you.. it’s my promise.
Abhi: that’s my real problem..
Purab: what do you mean I am ur real problem.. ohoo..
Abhi: nothing purab.. you please help me..
Suddenly abhinav calls them..

Abhinav: abhi you just get ready as you need to pick them… so they must get impressed by seeing you.. this is the dress..
Purab: wow.. baba… I have one doubt is they are coming see him or my sister..
Sarla: stupid joke.. go and get ready..
Purab also go along with abhi..
Purab: Bhai.. so plan A.. you need to act like pragyas love.oh no really your are that just do like what I say..
So they are coming in car.. you must jump in front of the car..
So they will stop.. so the person will comes out.. you must tell like this. Are you going to see a girl in abhinvas house.. so they will answer yes.. they will ask who are you? You must reply like this.. how are me.. it’s Better to ask who I am for her.. do you knew we are in love.. we both love for 5 years.. if you wish to do marry her.. then look this bottle this is poison I will drink this and die after writting letter that you are the reason of death.. so they will surely go..
Abhi: purab don’t you feel this in priyadarsans movie..
Purab: oh god.. what I do.. this stupid directors are telecasting my own creativity..
Abhi: not like that.. you are stolen theirs..
Purab: what ever it may be its important now.. Bhai you just act like this.. abhi acts.. purab did improvisation…
Purab: now prefect.. keep this vig… after getting out from here place the big on face.. so they don’t identify you..
Abhi: purab if this plan works..
Purab: sure Bhai.. it’s purabs plan.. it will not flop.. don’t you knew don ko pakadna muskil Hei na..
Abhi: may be..
Abhinav: oh.. at last you get ready right… you both just sit here as there is time for their arrival.. abhinav make them sit… abhi and purab are in too tensed.. suddenly.. they saw some Saree.. they both raised their heads.. it’s pragya who is holding a tray with tea..Pragya didn’t see them.. abhi and purab are in shock as they don’t knew what is happening..

Pragya slowly raise her head to see person.. it’s abhi.. she too shocked.. bulbul and aliya are like statue…
Pragya looks at sarla
Sarla: give them tea..
Abhinav: take tea abhi.. all are looking at preethu sarla and abhinav.. they started to laugh loud..
Sarla: why all are in shock..
Preethu: holding abhi.. this is the groom..
Sarla:this is the bride holding pragya.. scene freeze on abhis and pragyas happy face..

I knew it short.. but as you all requested I do so.. please.. hope you all liked the surprise.. and from your comments one thing is clear that you like purab character more right

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  1. Amazing story loved it

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      thanks alot elinor….

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      thanks vishu….thanks alot for your love..and you need two episodes today right …k i have already uploaded the next part…and one more part is on work…its soecially for you..are you happy now

  3. LakshmiSiva

    ya haritha purab character is very nice… and not just like i love ur surprise… both families know abt their relations. understanding parents.

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  4. LakshmiSiva

    ya haritha purab character is very nice… and not just like i love ur surprise… both families know abt their relations. understanding parents.

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    I’ve expected it bt didnt comment bcoz i was busy nw i gt time nice Epi yaar….. ur ffs n 1shts r soo gud yaar ……..

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        No yaar actually marriage is on 24th aug nw preparations r gng on…….

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      wow..thanks alot ammu…iam too happy by reading your comment…i accept your standing oviation yaar…loves you lot…

  9. Really nice episode ya. You know one thing my bro always say like this as purup told (nan eluthuna dialouge enakae theriyama thirudidan). I really like purup charracter in real kkb too, amazing episode keep rocking sis.

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      thanks kalai…thanks alot….iwhich means your brother is tpp cute and lovely…convey my regards to him…thanks alot for commenting

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      ya prathi iam a malayaliee…how do you knew it….thanks alot dear

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        That Priyadarshan dialogue from that! Btw I am also a Malayalee.

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