Sorry for this delay… I knew yesterday I miss to upload.. I thought I have done it.. but sorry for that… let’s go directly to story…
Lights on.. abhi and purab gets up.. their face were covered with blanket..
Abhi: oh God.. what will I do… if..
Purab: I am trapped…
Suddenly someone takes blankets from their face..
Abhi: purab tum yaham…
Purab: what are you doing here…
Sarla :what you both were doing here..
Suddenly pragya gets up and sees abhi.. abhi shocked as whom he was talking is not pragya that is bulbul
Pragya: hey kadoos.. why are you here..

Abhi: pragya… I win give me money.. hey na purab.. abhi signs..
Purab; haa pragya.. he wins.. and you lose..
Pragya: what money.. what win.. abhi signs pragya maa..
Bulbul: ya.. pragya my Bhai wins.. hey na.. in teasing tone..
Sarla: actually what’s happening here…
Abhi: maa.. we are telling will surely come here.. to see pragya… she said no..
Purab: haa maa.. we knew that as you got your daughter back.. you always want to see her… and will miss her even in sleep..
Abhi; k… now we are leaving they goes.. pragya got puzzled..
Sarla: what all things u are telling anyway goodnight beta…
Abhi and purab reached room..
Abhi: purab.. why are you following me..
Purab; haa.. because you are going like a cat.. and I am brother so I must take of my sister na..
Abhi; what do you mean by that..
Purab: what you think that’s it.. because of you I need to tell a lie to maa..
Abhi: me… accha.. which means you never told lie to her… then what about teena..
Purab: don’t talk about teena here..
Suddenly pragya messages

Pragya: why kadoos.. what are you saying..
Purab tries to read.. abhi hides
Abhi: because of you all happens.
Pragya; me..
Abhi: haa.. I thought you will not slept you too feels to spent some time with me to share your happiness.. but you are simply sleeping.. and I thought you were sleeping there and talk to bulbul… may be she also got some link about our relation..
Purab message pragya
Purab: pragya… I think we can make a group so I can always save you like this.. what will I do.. it’s my fate to save you both.. as I am become your Bhai na..
Pragya : that’s good idea..
Abhi: haa that’s nice..
They create group..
Purab: in these group.. you can also share your love too in this group.. so I can watch romance also..
Purab: one thing… if you need to give any institutions.. or any help.. text me.. then I will come there as saviour.. and pragya… actually what I am doing.. is not suppose to be done by a brother… I knew you will get someone better than abhi… but if you wish so.. then how can I.. may be that must be your fate..
Pragya: k now let’s sleep.. goodnight purab… good night and sweet dreams kanjoos..
Purab: what. Kanjoos.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.. pragya why are you not wishing me sweet dreams..
Pragya: sorry purab.. sweet dreams.. I wish.. may be an angel.. come in your dream..
Next morning…

Pragya is getting coffee for everyone… she enters abhis room.. she already gave coffee to purab.. abhi is still sleeping.. pragya goes to him.. he was in a smiling sleep.. she keep coffee there and sit beside him.. and stares.. ( Allah warriyan plays)
After some time purab comes…
Pragya.. you don’t give him coffees.. purab hits abhi…
Abhi: purab…
Purab: look.. pragya.. she is still in a dream.. do you knew its been like this for 15 minutes.. abhi too admire her…
Purab: wah.. kya bath Hein? Tum bi.. Ya.. is it like that in love na..
He leaves..
Scene shifted to dining table.. all are sitting there..
They start having breakfast with talks..
Abhi look at pragya and smiles.. abhi slowly move his leg towards pragyas leg.. he touched on it.. he looks at pragya there is no reaction in her face.. abhi continue his work.. slowly pragya too.. abhi enjoyed it.. purab feels something from abhis face.. but by looking pragya he got confused… at that time he noticed bulbul… ya.. it’s bulbul.. abhi is thinking it’s pragyas leg.. but it’s bulbuls.. purab Signs abhi…
Suddenly abhi withdrews.. after breakfast…
Bulbul: Bhai.. what happening between you too..
Abhi: with me and purab.. what’s..
Bulbul: no between you and pragya….

Abhi: me and pragya..
Bulbul: hllo don’t over act.. I knew you loves her..
Abhi: me with that chashmish.. no way..
Bulbul: then k.. I will talk to sarlamaa to proceed
Abhi: proceed what?
Bulbul: actually yesterday maa talks about pragyas marriage.. I thought you loves her.. so I told her to wait I will talk to pragya and will inform.. so I must tell her proceed.
Abhi: what is the need of this much hurry.. abhi get tensed..
Bulbul: meri bhudhus.. bhaiyya.. from your face itself it’s clear you are in love with chashmish right..
Abhi: smiles.. haa.. bulbul hugs abhi… bhaiyya I am too happy.. as pragya is going to become my bhabhi… so there will be no fight with bhabhi or bahan..
Abhi: for that you are happy..
Bulbul: haa..
Abhinav: dadi.. now there is no need of staying here.. we all can stay at my house..
Dadi: but..
Abhi: dadi.. please
Dadi : agrees.. so all shifts to abhis house..
After sometime.
Abhi messages purab.. start action.

Pragya; maa I am going for job.. purab will you drop me..
Abhi: I am going for office..
Purab: Bhai.. if you are going to same place.. then why I.. Bhai.. will you drop pragya there…
Abhi: if she has no objection.. then..
Purab: will you go with him..
Pragya: if you wish so..
They both leaves..
They reached at office.. abhi calls pragya to cabin..
Abhi: what an acting yaar.. if you wishes so you will come right..
Pragya: ohoo.. then you said.. if I have no objection then you will drop right..
Abhi: fuggi.. I loves to fight with you.. because at that moment you look so beautiful..
Pragya: don’t butter me..
Abhi: butter you.. that too me.. don’t you knew.. how much girl’s follows me during my college days to have a date with me.. and three was a girl named reena.. wow what a girl yaar.. I don’t met someone like her. What a shape.. what a size.. her style.. her talk..
Pragya: if you have anything other to talk with me.. if not I can leave now as I have a lot of works..
Abhi: really… he gets up from seat and go towards pragya.. really.
Pragya: haa.. pragya gets up and goes.. abhi holds her hand and pulls her towards him..
Abhi: fuggi.. do you feel jealous..
Pragya: don’t joke.. why I need to jealous..
Abhi: ohoo.. which means you have no problem.. if I talk or spend time with girls..
Pragya: why not?
Abhi: which means.. you don’t feel jealous..
Pragya: why I am getting jealous..
Abhi: challenge..

Pragya: challenge..
She goes..
Abhi: fuggi.. now I will show you.. that if you are jealous or not..





      actually sasti..some times while writting ff..i may get disturbed…if that happen …icant write any more…sorry…i will try to wrote as long as possible..sometimes it happens




    ya suha..really purab is good real kkb also i like him alot…in this love story it is him which make it possible…

  2. Roli


    |Registered Member

    Hi haritha, sorry for commenting last, just now had time to….
    By the way episode was gud in dining table, I like purab character too.
    And waiting for the jealousy track…since i always love jealousy tracks in a story πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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